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Introducing the Lynny Lens System, an artistic selective focusing camera lens for artistic photography! Tilt it/Push it/Pull it!
Introducing the Lynny Lens System, an artistic selective focusing camera lens for artistic photography! Tilt it/Push it/Pull it!
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Progress Update + New Lenses

Hi! It's been a while since I posted an update. Due to reasons mentioned in the last update, I've been posting updates on an external website and some of you have accessed it, and some have not.

I believe I owe it to you all to send an update that everyone can see. :)

Ok so progress, things are going well. Designing of the new lenses is completed, well initially, meaning it's done and everything seems fine, but as all designers have to deal with, you never know how it will work until you have the model assembled in your hands and you literally try it out. Digital models can only tell you so much.

It seems that everything will work fine. But no one can know until the parts are assembled and it's tested.

So about prototyping, I've sent in the order, split parts between 2 companies for 3d printing. I found a cheaper source with a better material and faster turnaround time, but by that time most of the parts had already been sent in the printers to be manufactured so I wasn't able to get most of the money back. But regardless I sent in the order to the other source, and I should be getting the parts in the coming days.

It turns out I figured out I could actually easily have 3 models of the Lynny Lenses right away, at the same time.

So far there is Lynny Rota, and Lynny Verta. Rotas main feature is that it tilts and spins, Verta doesn't tilt but it spins and it's designed for quick and easy shooting. So to make things better, I'll actually have a Verta Pro model, which will have a longer focusing system so you can focus from infinity to extreme macro without adding accessories, it's all built in, and Rota will not have this, unless I can make a Rota Pro, but that may or may not be possible because with a longer the focusing system, as it's tilted, the lenses are further at the top, so I am assuming it will be harder to get all the light through the lenses onto the sensor because it could be at such an angle. But I'll find out more soon. Verta Pro won't have that issue because it doesn't tilt. And Rota shouldn't have an issue by itself, only Rota Pro could possibly have that issue.

So once I get the parts in I'll assemble them, test them, and then see what needs to be done if anything does need to be done.

After I get a fully functional prototype then I'll be making a video to show it.

And will then start taking in preorders of the actual lenses and once the money is raised, full production should be quick and easy.

It's no good to run a business, or live life, if you don't learn from past mistakes. So I'm absolutely certain this time will go much smoother.

Last time with this project, I didn't have a prototype of the final design, just a drawing. Though the final product was a success, it still went slow and had some bumps along the way. All of which were my fault. I have corrected the mistakes and learned from them this time around.

The design of the lenses is extremely easy to assemble. It can just as easily be disassembled and reassembled by any one of you. You can even take the lenses out and clean them too. If it gets wet, everything will be 100% fine, it won't get ruined. Just let it dry.

The build is a lot easier for me to do, the last lenses took a HUGE amount of work and it was very messy to build them. Impossible to find a glue which held things together. But the new lenses are assembled by screwing parts on and sliding parts in. Everything is simple, and it will go much smoother.

Also there won't be any legal issues with these new ones. If there was anything that would be potentially risky, it would be the tilting mechanism, but first I avoided it by redesigning it from the ground up, separating it in 2 completely unique parts, not like tilt shifts. And tilt shift lenses are old technology and patents expired years ago.

So to show some photos, see below. Here are photos of Lynny Rota

And here are some photos of Lynny Verta

You can read more about Rota at and you can read more about Verta at

These will be great. I am positive you will be much happier with one of these instead of with the last one.

I am hoping to have them released in Summer and ship them out to you all then. Things are looking that way. It shouldn't be an issue to do it that early. But I won't rush so things mess up. I'll do things right this time. :)

I hope you all love the new lenses.

Also in the works are 2 new brands of lenses, Lenkir and Leinx, so keep an eye out for those too. They aren't like Lynny Lenses.

Have a nice day ok? I will make you all happy, trust me. It's the least I owe.


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    1. Michael Grafton on July 16, 2015

      It's 2015 and I still have never received my lens.

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott on December 6, 2013

      Unfortunately there are many like Cameron who see Kickstarter as an easy way to scam people as there is literally no way of getting funds back.

      I also note that Kickstarter does not allow you to report scam projects now. It seems you can only report a project if it isn't formatted correctly....LOL

    3. Man Roy on August 16, 2013

      Cameron has demonstrated no intention to deliver on the KS project. Nobody who backed on Kickstarter will get anything. I hope that nobody has also been stupid enough to pay money directly to Cameron directly through another website.

    4. Pascual Vidal González on July 28, 2013

      hello. I'm from Spain and I don't speak English too well, so I hope you apologize my poor use of language.
      I am really annoyed and bored of waiting so long.
      In his day, so long ago now, I give money to a specific project which would not only fails to materialize but it continuously changes.
      You are going from one project to another and we do not see more than web page designs and computer graphics models increasingly ugly and insecure. we have already paid and that should be your priority.
      Some people paid one thing and chose a bidding option and others have chosen other in the past. Even some of us have paid additional expenses for living outside the U.S.!
      Our patience is running out.

    5. Man Roy on May 31, 2013

      Your response is disingenuous. Nobody could order a Lynny 6 from Kickstarter, only from your external site. What will people who pledged on Kickstarter get? Please state unequivocally what you say you will ship for each Kickstarter pledge level. If you won't state that, then people will likely conclude what all those of us who aren't in denial already know: you will deliver NOTHING to those of us foolish enough to have pledged on Kickstarter.

    6. Cameron Texter 5-time creator on May 30, 2013

      @David and @Andrea - Everyone will be getting what they paid for. If they got just the Lynny 6, then they will get their choice of just the Lynny Rota or just Lynny Verta. If they ordered the Lynny 6 with wide angle lens, then they will get the Rota or Verta with wide angle lens, and so on. David since you ordered 2 lenses you can get both the Rota and Verta, along with the accessories the Advent came with. And thank you so much for helping to make this happen. I will make you all happy. I won't give up. I haven't yet and won't.

      @James - I'm sorry you feel that way. But you will get your reward and it's something that will have to be proven when it's at your door. Which that day will come and I won't stop until it does.

      And the only reason I didn't have a prototype of the Lynny 6 is because there was no way to prototype unless I actually paid for the rubber mold, which is why I started the project. With these new products the parts have already been made and they will be on the way to me in the coming days. They will be prototyped and have a functional model before I start mass production.

    7. Man Roy on May 30, 2013

      Or a clear statement that nobody will be getting anything from the money you already have, which is the interpretation I put on the most recent updates

      Also, I'd like to offer a warning that any time a project just has renderings of a product (like the new "products") people might want to take that as a red flag.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrea Cuda on May 30, 2013

      I agree with david, an outline of what people who have already pledged will be getting would be appreciated.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on May 30, 2013

      Can you tell us what we'll be getting? I donated for an Advent and an Original (plus extra money to make the project happen).