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Introducing The “Futurama” Series
Injecting NEW into the already OLD & OLD into the already NEW
A line of 25 custom vehicles by JEREMY DEAN

The first custom hybrid car cart designed by award-winning Jeremy Dean is set to unveil March 4th, 2010 at Volta New York. A contemporary and truly innovative design that combines the best of modern car features with the gas mileage and driving experience of a lifetime - the “Futurama” series is destined to be a collector favorite. Custom made by Jeremy Dean himself, these one of a kind vehicles are a piece of automotive history and true works of art.

As the first “Futurama” prepares to roll into Volta NY, the bulk of the manufacturing is done and Jeremy Dean is ready to get the wheels to turn, lights to flash, horsepower needed and driver behind the reigns.

Manufacturer & Dealer Incentives
The kickstater offers listed end Jan 16, 2009:
It would be really dreamy if a catchy song and dance number with a black clad greaser was all that was needed to get this car completed... But life is not always so systematic. We're gathering the best gang out there through kickstarter to pull off the final restorations. In kickstarter-land, its all or nothing so we're hoping to raise at least $5000 before this page expires.

About “Futurama”:
The concept for the “Futurama” series combines the traditional focus on function and horsepower in early modes of transport with the car industries’ advancements since. Part car - part carriage, this line of vehicles juxtaposes the history of the automobile, developments of the car industry, current moment of automotive market crisis and the individual’s ability to be driven to create in order to meet means. Dean’s vehicles reference horse drawn carriages which are no longer primary transport for aristocratic elite, the once glorious now gratuitous SUV culture of recent past, and the jalopies that were a bi-product of the Depression.

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About Jeremy Dean:
Dean’s built a reputation for exploring the American dream and human progress through art. Deconstructing and re-contextualizing iconic symbols of power and wealth, his work addresses social, political, economic and cultural issues. Spanning making documentaries, animation, drawing, installation and product design- Dean’s recent feature film “Dare Not Walk Alone” received Official Selection in over a dozen film festivals from San Francisco to New York City and was in The New York Times, the Village Voice, The L.A. Times, The Independent Film Magazine and Variety among others. His films have screened in theaters across the country as well as at The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and The Queens Museum.


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    Receive your Lifetime Warranty by Email! That’s right… You will receive a document signed by Jeremy Dean of a list of things that you won’t be responsible for ever! What other car manufacturer would offer a Lifetime Warranty, let alone one for the cost of a budget pizza!

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    Receive your Title by Email! Jeremy Dean will email you a unique Title that he drafts just for you! “Queen Backseat Annie” may already be taken but it is so cliché anyway. Titles to post on twitter, facebook or to otherwise make it into the text of social history forever are yours for the cost of a hoodie at h&m that will only last one season before looking like a carwash rag.

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    Receive your Registration by Postal Mail! It may not get you out of a speeding ticket - having your registration handy never does - but the cop’s face would be priceless. Signed and numbered by Jeremy Dean.

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    Receive your Glove Compartment Trifecta by Postal Mail! Registration, Title, Lifetime Warranty all signed by the artist, stamped and delivered to your home on medium weight paper which will refrain from fading or tearing at the creases if kept in the depths of a safe, dry, lightless glove compartment. Only here folks will you get the Trifecta for less than the DMV gets for one.

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    Receive the Dealership Drawer Prize by Postal Mail! What’s in the drawer besides a post it note with a secret offer just for you? There’s a pen, a Futurama calendar and the Glove Compartment Trifecta! Wowzeers- if that doesn‘t finance cars, what will?

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    Receive the link to the Manufacturer’s Private Video Cam! Don’t ever tell what you see. We’re shopping it around: “Weekly segments take you on a magnificent journey as an artist sacrifices it all, picks up and moves to Florida to build the car of his dreams which by season end carries him back thru the streets of Manhattan as King of the Carcart. Dealership Drawer Prize also mailed to you with the secret link “slipped in“ among the rest of the goods.

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    Become a key holder! It’s the spare and won’t start the horse but it comes with privileges and is a token status symbol. One Futurama key cut and stamped with an edition number and Jeremy Dean’s initials, attached to a lucky keychain will be mailed to you with a special thank you note from the artist. Dealership Drawer Prize included to accent the shimmer of the key.

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    Take Home a Collector’s Edition Futurama! Not all of us need a car to drive. Some don’t have driveways, others don’t have that far to go, many commute via public transportation. Jeremey Dean gets this. Just like the car manufactures predeceasing him, Jeremey Dean has come out with a Limited Edition line of models. Each of these cars ( measuring approx ?” x ?” ) is one of a kind, built by hand by the artist as a true “model“ for one of the actual vehicles in the Futurama lined. Signed and escorted with a COA into your mailbox.

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    Take the Test Ride Of A Lifetime… Without any pressure to buy! Take a momentous 30 min spin thru part of NYC in “Futurama” and get credit as a sponsor with logo placement on all materials/ promotional campaigns in print/online thru Dec 2010. Be one of the first to test ride the Futurama EVER. Sip wine and take in the experience. Open your parting bag full of Futurama mementos in the levels below at home.

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