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Let's write a book that shows the world how sharing can be good for business.
Let's write a book that shows the world how sharing can be good for business.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Erik3495 on May 18, 2017

      A big congratulations for pulling this off! Amazing job!

    2. Mario Lurig
      on April 26, 2017

      @George De Bruin
      A completely reworked ePub has been created and given to the authors that resolves every issue as it was designed from the ground up in Sigil. Everyone should receive it soon.

    3. Missing avatar

      George De Bruin on April 23, 2017

      As I wrote in an email response to the notice of availability of the eBooks, I am severely disappointed in them Below is a reproduction of my email:

      I've downloaded the ePub and PDF versions of the book tonight, and I
      have to comment on a few disappointing points.

      (1) The PDF file being formatted with two collumns: this is difficult
      to read on-screen. It means frequently scrolling down while reading
      the left column, then scrolling back to the top of the page to read the
      right column.

      (2) There isn't an embedded table of contents that PDF readers can
      produce. And the printed table of contents in the PDF doesn't provide
      links to any of the chapters or sections. This is another nightmare
      for navigation as it means scrolling through a whole lot of extra
      content to get to a specific section. (Yes, I can look at the TOC and
      try to go to the page by number, but there is still a difference
      between the PDF page numbers and the TOC page numbers since the
      numbering style changes between the introductions and the main body of
      the text.)

      (3) I'm also disappointed that the chapters and sections aren't link
      targets, which means that any cross-references between chapters will
      require manually navigating the book to look up references.

      (4) I'm also disappointed that the footnotes (or end notes) are not
      linked, once again meaning more manual navigation.

      And things get worse when I turn to the ePub:

      (1) The Table of Contents embedded in the ePub file is just a list of
      page numbers, as if the whole text of the book is just a set of
      page-sized images.

      (2) I am unable to read the ePub book at all. Neither my local ePub
      reader (EpubReader:, nor Google
      Books is able to display the contents of the ePub file.

      When considering these issues, I have to wonder about the tools used to
      produce your eBook versions of "Made With Creative Commons". I wonder
      why you appear to have used some proprietary tools that don't produce a
      truely open eBooks, instead of a tool like pandoc (
      which is more than capable of producing files with all of the qualities
      that these books are missing?

      I'm lost on why it seems that the eBook version(s) were not designed to
      be native eBooks, instead of just mirror images of what the printed
      version is likely to be?

      I'm most lost on the choice of a two-column layout. Multi-column
      layouts seem most appropriate for newspapers and pamphlets / flyers.
      It doesn't seem appropriate for a 175+ page book which requires deep
      concentration and reading.

      Overall, the content is (thus far) very good. However the
      layout issues are disappointing and quite confusing.

      Another point to consider: I don't see how any of these layout choices
      make for accessible books. Anyone that needs to use a screen-reader or
      other assistive technology is likely to have a difficult time with
      reading this book in it's eBook formats.

    4. Missing avatar

      George De Bruin on April 23, 2017

      I'm rading through the draft and am stunned that no one corrected the egregious error on page 10: The Digital Revolution. You quote the Four Freedoms, aka the Free Software Definition, from Richard Stallman ( and then go on to attribute it to the OSI. This is definitely incorrect.

      The OSI is a derivative organization that is not associated (directly) with the Free Software Foundation. OSI uses their own definition, which itself is a derivative of the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

      I'm just stunned that this is going to press.

    5. Tommaso De Benetti on April 22, 2017

      Trying to get it on my kindle and the epub doesn't convert properly :(

    6. Creative Commons Creator on April 21, 2017

      Yes, I forgot to mention in my message to backers with the links that because of some of the features of the design, we had to make it an epub3 with a fixed layout. That means the epub version we sent to backers today unfortunately will not work with older e-readers.

    7. Mario Lurig
      on April 21, 2017

      So, if you are using an older e-reader, don't bother trying to open this book's ePub file. It is epub3 and breaks pretty hard. If they don't offer a simplified version, I'll have to manually try and reflow the entire book for epub2.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Stanford
      on January 18, 2017

      wow, a year of no comments.

    9. Missing avatar

      Erik3495 on January 14, 2016

      Hi, I am co-creator and have been providing reviews and comments from the start. However, I increasingly get the feeling that you are having your private party without any interaction with your community, or at least with me. Where is the dialogue? Where is at least some reply to the questions, comments and remarks? Are you honestly looking for feedback?

    10. Missing avatar

      aerror on September 23, 2015

      "The form "Made with Creative Commons: A Book about Open Business Models" is no longer accepting responses."
      Damn, it seems that I missed the nominations :(

    11. Buzz Technology Limited on September 17, 2015

      Thank you for the latest update.

      Your 'rules' state that nominations should utilise existing Creative Commons licences. I was just wondering - in addition to showcasing best of breed examples - whether we're going to include thoughts on how Creative Commons might be improved and/or superceded by a simpler solution.

      My comment (5th from the start) mentioned the Compopoly - a solution to enabling and encouraging incremental creation and innovation using a consumer owned and operated point of sale to give value creators a fair share of the value that they generate. This would focus creative efforts on the cutting edge to push the barriers, minimise the duplication of effort and significantly ramp up the rate of innovation - something that humanity desperately needs to face the challenges ahead - environment, becoming a spacefaring species etc.

      Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Williams on September 14, 2015

      I nominate this project:
      Based on the public domain game Celebrities, new artwork and nicely printed cards, all under Creative Commons licenses. And crowd-funded to boot!

    13. Joe Moross on September 13, 2015

      First, congratulations on your success!

      Is there a list somewhere of nominations that have met your criteria as candidates?

      And since you seem to still be soliciting nominations, I'd like you to consider a project I'm connected to: Safecast. ( Safecast has created the largest open database of environmental radiation measurements and is expanding into other areas like air quality. All the data is published under a CC0 license. The visualizations, software, designs, and reports use CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.

      It's hard to put the project in a "business model" category as there is no commercialization intended. Still, it's arguably one of the most successful "citizen science" projects ever. Much of that success is due to Creative Commons having been "baked in" from the very start.

    14. Péter Fankhauser on September 10, 2015

      All my 5 votes go to the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF), They are working on and maintaining the most popular robotics software. Their contributions accelerate robot develop tremendously and allow for roboticists to collaborate easily.

    15. Missing avatar

      Anatoly Volynets on August 28, 2015

      My nominations:
      1. "Culture vs. Copyright," by myself with help of a many and co-thinkers. It is a philosophy work, in large part comprised of discussions among five 7 year old wonder kids.
      2. Universe University,, a web based educational environment, offering a large set of unique tools to create and study educational units.

    16. Sebastiaan ter Burg on August 28, 2015

      Is it still possible to leave nominations? I'd like to see a couple of independent creatives, for example:
      1. Josh Woodward,
      2. Beeple,
      3. Brad Sucks, and
      4. The Noun Project (not that small anymore though),
      5. Myself, Sebastiaan ter Burg, also see… (sorry, but if you know another full time photographer that uses CC like me I'd love to hear about her/him!)

    17. Missing avatar

      aerror on August 20, 2015

      Hey guys,
      First of all: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
      I almost forgot my votes so here we go:
      - Cory Doctorow -
      - Mutable Instruments -
      - Sonic Squirrel -
      - FreeSound -
      - Wikipedia

    18. Liz Berg on August 19, 2015

      WFMU is starting up an open-source software service called Audience Engine -

    19. Craig Maloney on August 18, 2015

      I have a podcast ( that features nothing but CC-licensed metal music. I'm sure most of the bands on the podcast would be more than happy to be featured, including Cloudkicker and Neurotech.

    20. Missing avatar

      Candace Robertson on August 18, 2015

      Sharing is caring and we need more people to share and hence care!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Samuel Oliveira Cersosimo on August 14, 2015

      Congratulations!!! I'm so glad to be part of this!
      My 5 votes are:

      1) Colivre - brazilian cooperative enterprise based on open source-

      2) Noosfero - social web platform used in the 2010 election campaign of the then presidential candidate Dilma Roussef - | |

      3) Calibre - ebook management open source software -

      4) Audacity - Audio editing open source software -

      5) Ubuntu - GNU/Linux distribution -

      The 2 first ones are avant-garde initiatives here from Brazil and I am willing to help with any translation needed.


    22. Missing avatar

      Samuel Oliveira Cersosimo on August 14, 2015

      Congratulations!!! I'm so glad to be part of this!
      My 5 votes are:

      1) Colivre - brazilian cooperative enterprise based on open source-

      2) Noosfero - social web platform used in the 2010 election campaign of the then presidential candidate Dilma Roussef - | |

      3) Calibre - ebook management open source software -

      4) Audacity - Audio editing open source software -

      5) Ubuntu - GNU/Linux distribution -

      The 2 first ones are avant-garde initiatives here from Brazil and I am willing to help with any translation needed.


    23. Missing avatar

      Rita Wood on August 14, 2015

      Totally love this idea! Collaboration is the wave of the future.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joachim von Goetz on August 14, 2015

      Congratulations! Looking forward to the collaboration!

    25. Missing avatar

      CHRISTOPHER OPIAH on August 14, 2015

      Congrats! Expecting xtionball chart game taken to a fulfilled level!

    26. Sarah Smith on August 13, 2015

      Congratulations! Looking forward to the eBook and the process.

    27. VIGA Manufacture on August 13, 2015

      Congrats CC, I can't wait for the ebook. ヘ(^_^ヘ)

    28. Captain Mark Gray on August 13, 2015

      You can use my congrats freely via CC :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Govindarajan Umakanthan on August 13, 2015

      Congratulations. Very happy to be a supporter.

    30. Missing avatar

      Matias on August 13, 2015

      Congratulations CC! I think the future in the industry is related to your work. I'm proud to back you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Bob Stuart on August 13, 2015

      When I had a popular product in appropriate tech, I had The Briarpatch Book well thumbed, along with several others on business and on sustainable communities. Somehow, the investment money followed the easiest path in the short term, and that wasn't it, in the legal climes of the times.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marino Hernandez on August 13, 2015

      woo-hoo success! great timing for this! predicting that open companies will quadruple every year.

      I'll broadcast my contributions to this book as I make them, and license them CC licensed. this strategy will become an app named Freedcast -- and you'll see it develop from its first line of code.

      you'll also see the company, Openplex, a company dedicated to to making open models easier, as it develops into a company from planning stage, to startup, to launch and beyond!

    33. Isaiah Tanenbaum
      on August 13, 2015

      also the list of nominated projects already is amazing and inspiring!

    34. Isaiah Tanenbaum
      on August 13, 2015

      I'd like to nominate Flux Theatre Ensemble, a NY-based independent theatre company whose Open Source Theatre initiative pairs radical budgetary and programmatic transparency with a transaction-free ticket reservation model.

      That's a lot of words but it boils down to "you can see everything we do for free, and we're happy to have you. If after seeing how we spend our money, line by line, you want to support that work, here's how. Also, if you like what you see and want to do it yourself, here's everything you need, and our blessing, to copy and adapt our style."

      It's kind of been a huge hit. Flux isn't the first theater company to embrace this model, but it is the only one in NY doing it right now, and the only one that pairs it with an ensemble-based collaborative structure.

      (full disclosure, I am a part of that ensemble)

    35. Maik Schmalstich on August 12, 2015

      Adding 2 more projects: arduino ( and fritzing (

    36. Maik Schmalstich on August 12, 2015

      Great project, I am happy to support!

      Although I'm entitled for 10 votes, I'd like to focus on:
      - Soundcloud
      - Michael Seemann's book "ctrl-Verlust"
      - "Journalism in the Age of Data" by Geoff McGhee
      - MIT Open Course Ware
      - obviously: Wikipedia

      All the best to you and for the project, looking forward to it!

      I once or twice thought about the 2 day workshop perk, but it's too early at this stage, because I am not yet there. So maybe we will get in touch afterwards.

    37. Missing avatar

      Clayton Dewey on August 11, 2015

      I nominate Aleph Objects, Inc. the maker of the open hardware 3D printers LulzBot Mini and LulzBot TAZ. Not only are all of their products completely open source, their website is open source and all of the operations of their business is open. Their level of commitment to free and open principles is one I haven't seen rivaled by any other business.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lin on August 11, 2015

      I'd like to nominate pays authors (funds collected from readers & users of the website who nominate a particular book or work to be "unglued") to share their works into the creative commons.

    39. Bryan Mock on August 10, 2015

      OW OW! Stretch Goal Reached. Congrats guys!

    40. Missing avatar

      Diane Trout on August 8, 2015

      I'd like to nominate either Posthuman Studios or Evil Hat Productions both have at least part of their product lines under a CC-NC-BY license, and I've seen books from both companies in my local game store.

      It'll probably be interesting to look at entities trying to make a living in different industries.

    41. thatraja
      on August 7, 2015

      My nominations
      GIMP, Krita, Synfig, Inkscape, VLC, Audacity & more

    42. VIGA Manufacture on August 7, 2015

      Hello CC team, I just made a pledge since CC content is the future. I saved a bit of time creating some graphics for my campaign. A couple of those came from CC content. I went ahead and made a graphic that links to this campaign. I hope this ebook happens. :)

      The nominations I would like to be bring up are:

      The 4 four may not be companies, but I think those sites deserve a spot on the book.

    43. WHK on August 5, 2015

      My nomination would be DTNS ( which makes use of CC generated content, active community building and a patron value for value model which depends on those who find ongoing benefit in the content to support funding it. It would be interesting (if numbers were available) to compare the TWiT advertising model with DTNS patron model from total revenue, stability of revenue, editorial freedom and management overhead perspectives.

    44. Buzz Technology Limited on July 30, 2015

      Based on my own experiences and those of others in the open hardware space, I have (badly) written a book entitled 'Compopoly' - available on Amazon for £2.39. This advocates the formation of a consumer owned and operated BUYING monopoly. Consumers list their needs, wants and dreams on a platform (part built) and these are then made anonymously available to anyone with an interest in fulfilling these requirements. Individuals, groups and organisations can then bid to fulfil these requirements. Innovation takes place at a well defined cutting edge greatly reducing the duplication of efforts. Revenues are distributed by the platform to those that fulfil the requirements including the innovators who contributed to a product. If the best products and prices could be delivered via the platform, then open incremental innovation would become more efficient than patents...

    45. Missing avatar

      Erwin on July 27, 2015

      I would like to nominate the Blender Foundation. They make a 3D modelling / animation / game production tool and produce animations to show off the capabilities of the tool.

      I suggest to make sure differentiation in the kind of businesses that are selected for the book, making sure it doesn't have a clear focus on for example music but equally covers film, animation, games and other media / businesses.

    46. Creative Commons Creator on July 24, 2015

      Keep the nominations coming, folks! Thanks very much.

      As for a print version of the book, I absolutely agree. I'm definitely a fan of paper books over digital. To keep costs down, we chose to aim for ebook only. If we get there, we will have a print run of the book as a stretch goal. There is some further incentive to keep spreading the word about this project! :)


    47. Missing avatar

      Saul Gasca on July 24, 2015

      I agree with Dacian. To me its easier to grab a book and read it rather than have it on electronic.
      But this doesn't mean that I don´t like the project!! I believe it can become a great success with the support of everyone.

      Great job "!"

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