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Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
2,661 backers pledged $351,753 to help bring this project to life.

Deluxe Raptors Shipping Soon From China! But a few aren't ready to leave just yet...

Posted by David Silva (Creator)

As many of you know, there has been no shortage of challenges throughout this journey to make the best dinosaur action figures on the market. And now as the end of production finally begins to take shape for the inaugural run of the Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series, a new development has recently been brought to my attention that will unfortunately cause the fulfillment period to once again be extended a little longer. To the point- 11 of the deluxe raptors will be available in March, while 6 will have to be delayed until May. Please read on for all of the details.

Deluxe Raptors- Now in Two Waves

'We wait... for now.'
'We wait... for now.'

The Chinese New Year will be upon us soon officially beginning on Feb. 16th and at that time the factories will close for about three weeks in observance of the holiday. The plan all along was to have the entire Beasts of the Mesozoic line finished before this observance period, but due to the amount of time required for the deco revisions that I have requested throughout production, only 11 of the 17 Deluxe Raptor SKU's will be ready to ship before the factory closes for the break. 

I apologize for my part in this delay, but I felt it best to wait a little longer and allow the factory to give us their best effort instead of putting undue pressure on them and receiving  just 'acceptable' figures that were likely rushed. In this case, as throughout this project, quality has priority over time.That being said, here's how the remaining fulfillment breaks down. 

Deluxe Raptors- Wave 1 (March)


These raptors are scheduled to ship from the factory on Feb. 2nd and are expected to arrive to the US in early March. Included are: 

Velociraptor mongoliensis, Atrociraptor marshalli , Balaur bondoc, Dromaeosaurus albertensis, Zhenyuanlong suni, Pyroraptor olympus, Linheraptor exquisitus, Velociraptor osmolskae (red), FC Dromaeosaurus albertensis, FC Pyroraptor olympus, FC Zhenyuanlong suni 

(click the name to see the production sample)


Deluxe Raptors Wave 2 (April/ May)


These raptors are expected to ship from the factory no later than the end of March and arriving to the states in late April or early May. In the end, these figures will be about 6-8 weeks behind wave 1.

 Included in wave 2 are:

Tsaagan mangas, Velociraptor Osmolskae (blue), Sauronitholestes sullivani , Adasaurus mongoliensis , Acheroraptor temertyorum , FC Saurornitholestes langstoni


 Now, I know what you're thinking... 'By the time all of these items ship, it will have been two years since the Kickstarter campaign happened! Geeze!'  

This reaction is totally understandable and I'm probably having this thought more than anyone these days. It's a long time to wait, but I try to remind myself of these three things to help keep perspective:  

- production actually began in late Nov. of 2016. Because of the many unlocked stretch goals during the Kickstarter, an additional six months was needed to finish all of the new sculpting. That outcome was completely unexpected, but of course I'm grateful for the opportunity.  

- this concept hasn't been attempted before. This is likely the main reason for the success of the Kickstarter campaign. Action figure production is tricky enough, but creating a new type of action figure line brings additional obstacles to overcome, making set backs harder to predict than usual.  

- diverse product range and total figures. Beginning the Kickstarter with only three figures, the original estimated ship date of May 2017 was very much within reach. However by the time the campaign ended, there was a total of 25 different items spanning 4 different product types which of course changed the production schedule completely. The upside though is that we'll end up with a complete collection of figures as opposed to a small sampling. What better way to impact the dinosaur toy market right out of the gate?

Keeping all of that in mind, I want everyone to know that I'm waiting along with you and I am confident that this will be worth it.


Updated Shipping Plan

Despite the deluxe raptor delay, I am happy to report that the Accessory Packs, Nestlings, and Build-a-Raptors have been shipping for the past several weeks and the feedback has been very positive! I will be posting a separate update soon with more on that, but for now here is the updated shipping schedule. 

(As always, if anyone needs to change their shipping address, please contact me.)

Split Shipping

For those with orders containing any of the Wave 2 deluxe raptors, your orders will be shipped once all items are in-stock. However these orders can be split by request so that the in-stock portion of the order ships sooner. To help cover the extra shipping expense involved in this case, I am asking for an additional payment of the base shipping charge, $11 for US, $22 for international, to split an order. ( Note: in regards to the split shipping for the Accessory Packs, Nestlings, and Build-a-Raptors to US backers, this was done as a courtesy since the additional expense was still within the project budget.) 

If you would like to have your order split, please message me here on Kickstarter or email me at

And now that the serious business is out of the way, lets have some fun...


Deluxe Raptors Spotted in China

Recently, my good friend and contact in China, Stefan Folkins, did a random inspection of the deluxe raptor figures being prepped to ship soon. He took pics of what he considered to be the 'worst' of each case he looked at. Take a look!

















And this was the last photo Stefan took- I haven't heard from him since... 



Deluxe Raptor Wave 2 Production 

Stefan was also able to send these photos recently showing progress on the wave 2 Deluxe Raptors. Glad to see that they're already well underway!






For the full gallery, click here



Accessory Packs, Nestlings, and Build-a-Raptors Leaving BackerKit 

 Now that the Accessory Packs, Nestlings, and Build-a-Raptors are in-stock and making their way into the world, it's almost time to take them from the BackerKit and move them to their permanent home on my newly designed website, set to launch the week of Feb. 5th. Until then, they will remain available at the BackerKit pre-order store. shop preview shop preview

The main difference is that the prices will reflect the regular MSRP pricing as opposed to the special BackerKit pre-order prices.The MSRP prices are already being used at bigbadtoystore as well as Dan's Dinosaurs and are expected to be the same on Everything Dinosaur. The chart below shows a comparison of the prices for both BackerKit pre-order and MSRP. 

As each wave becomes available, the items will be moved off of BackerKit to my website at the normal MSRP pricing. 


Well that'll be all for now. As always thank you all for your support and please keep an eye on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all of the latest project developments. 

Take care everyone!




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    1. David Silva Creator on

      @Sim- since you'd prefer to continue our discussion here, please allow me to begin by saying that I do understand why you are frustrated and given the perspective you have of the situation, I would be as well. I apologize if I wasn't able to give you a clear interpretation of how the events have unfolded lately, but unfortunately we did not get that far into our private messaging conversation. That being said, please allow me to further explain where we are in regards to segmented international shipping.

      It would be easy to go back into older news and elaborate more on any given point, but these updates usually run very long as they are. When I had made the statement 'For those that ordered Accessory Packs and Nestlings along with Deluxe Raptors, your order will be shipped in two separate segments at no additional cost. ' back in update #69 on Sept. 17, 2017, I had every intention of doing this. Throughout the weeks following that update, I received emails and messages from many international backers around the world expressing concern about having multiple customs charges and asking to not separate their orders. So as I'd stated in update #70 (Nov. 5th 2017) , the decision was made to not segment in order to avoid any additional issues from those not seeing the updates, as I know that many backers do not.. Fast forward to January 15th, fulfillment of the Accessory Packs, Nestlings and Build-a-Raptors begins and within the first two days, hundreds of orders are shipped. On Jan. 17th you private messaged me about 'splitting' your order and everything you've stated here is accurate as far as the outcome of that exchange. I in-turn explained that there was a misunderstanding and described the difference of 'splitting' vs. 'segmenting' , and I did ask you at that point to send an additional $22 to cover the base shipping fee in order to segment your order- to which you did not reply.
      I realize that what this comes down to is that I had originally said the reason for not automatically segmenting the international orders was to save people customs fees and this is completely true. By the time I had began fulfillment and you then asked about it (four months later) and I had only just seen the cost of segmenting for the US, and knowing that international shipping costs 2-3 times more than the US shipping costs, this initial promise seemed very foolish on my part as the additional expense to this project would have been too great to justify. One topic that I prefer not to comment on too much within my updates is on all of the additional and unanticipated expenses I've encountered throughout. I could make a whole update just about that! But I don't consider this information interesting nor is it relevant to production or fulfillment, so I exclude it.
      Does this recent information effect anything that is currently going on now? No, I don't see how it does, but I do have a lot of important and interesting news to share so that is what the focus is always on. If the expectation for how the Accessory Packs, Nestlings and Build-a-Raptors will be shipped has already been set, then why go back and re-state to everyone an additional reason why it wasn't done? If given the opportunity, I would have shared this information with you in our message conversation and perhaps we could have worked out an agreeable arrangement, but you did not give me that opportunity. I realize and understand that you are upset and no longer want to be a backer and I'm very sorry that has happened. So while removing Kickstarter backers at this point goes against my policy since the funding money was already invested into the project over a year ago, I would be willing to make an exception in your case.
      Sim, I truly thank you for the times you've been supportive and helpful. I am very sorry that this didn't work out and I wish you all the best. Take care.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sim on

      Taya Castillo and dlipkowitz have said David has already paid to have the first wave (accessory packs, nestlings, build-a-raptors) sent out. This is not entirely true. This was done for those in the US only. It wasn’t done for those with international orders. It was originally going to be done for international orders too “to get product out to backers as soon as possible” “at no additional cost”. In a Kickstarter update almost two months later, David said international orders would no longer be split to avoid international customers having to pay customs fees twice.

      I spent some time checking, and it appeared if my order was split so the accessory packs shipped before the deluxe raptors, as was originally going to be done for international orders, both parts of the order would not have a value that would cause a customs fee charge. I sent David a message explaining this and asked if it would be possible to have my order split as originally planned and as was done for those in the US. David told me in order to do that, I would need to make another payment for shipping.

      Those in the US didn’t have to make an additional payment to have accessory packs/nestlings/build-a-raptors shipped ahead of the deluxe raptors, and this would’ve been true for those with international orders too before David said he wouldn’t split international orders to avoid backers having to pay a customs fee twice. So unlike what David has said, the reason my order hasn’t been split isn’t so I don’t pay customs twice, it’s because I would’ve needed to pay for additional shipping to have it split. I feel deceived, and it’s a very unpleasant feeling.

      It’s doesn’t feel very nice or fair to see those in the US receive the accessory packs/nestlings/build-a-raptors, while I (and anyone else who would like their international order split) have to wait around two more months to receive the same figures, unless a payment for additional shipping is made which was not originally needed and that those receiving these figures in the US didn’t have to pay. What makes it worse is that David has done nothing to make me (or other international backers) feel better about this. He’s actually made me feel worse, by making it appear like my order wasn’t being split so I don’t pay customs duty twice, and then telling me I need to make a previously unneeded payment if I’d like it split. I’m taken aback by how David has dealt with shipping the accessory packs/nestlings/build-a-raptors before the deluxe raptors.

      I’ve been patient and supportive throughout this Kickstarter such as with regards to delays, telling others about Beasts of the Mesozoic and how it’s good, and sharing information that could be helpful for the figures. In principle, I would be willing to wait for my order to ship when it’s all ready, that’s what I paid for. However, after seeing the preferential treatment those in the US received with having the first wave sent free of additional charge, this not being done for international backers even if the only given reason of avoiding paying a customs fee twice wouldn’t happen, initially saying international orders would be split at no additional cost but when this is requested a payment being requested, and the general attitude around all this, I feel I can no longer take this.

      At this point, I’m a little sad to say my interest in Beasts of the Mesozoic is almost all gone. After considering it, I’d like to ask if I could have my order cancelled and be refunded. The alternative is waiting for figures I now have almost no interest in and which remind me of the unpleasant experience I’ve described in this comment, needing to be available to collect them when they arrive in perhaps a month, and having to pay a customs fee when they arrive. Funnily enough, if my order was split so the accessory packs shipped before the deluxe raptors, I wouldn’t have to pay any customs fees, but if it isn’t split I do have to pay a customs fee due to its value. So, splitting it as was originally going to be done for international orders and was done for those in the US would’ve been nice for me due to not causing any customs fee as well as allowing me to receive the non-delayed figures. The reason for splitting these orders in the first place was to do something nice for backers, wasn’t it? It looks like in the end it was only those in the US that warrant this nice thing.

    3. David Silva Creator on

      @Cory- I agree that there would be a market for a large 1/6 scale ceratospisan action figure (albeit a small one) and I'd love to do it someday, but at this stage in Creative Beast Studio's development, seeking a wider audience with the product is essential thus a smaller scale works better for now as far as larger species go. Perhaps down the road as I become more established, I can see about producing a few 'giant-sized' dinosaur figures.

      @Alyssa- thank you for asking as I completely forgot to address this. To confirm: yes Accessory Packs, Nestlings and/or Build-a-Raptors (essentially all 'in-stock product') will ship with Wave 1 for international orders.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alyssa on

      Sorry, no issues at all, just for clarification: for international backers opting for the split shipping, will the accessory packs and build a raptors be sent with the first wave of deluxe? Or with the second?

    5. Missing avatar

      cory zielinski on

      about other series and their scale, such as the ceratopsians or tyrannosaurs, i understand what you're saying about the larger scale being cost prohibitive for most fans. But i have a feeling there would be huge support for possibly a special/one off in scale edition at a high price. Maybe like one species out of the bunch getting a variant large-in-scale. Not that I know any of the production logistics, but speaking only for myself i'd easliy pay upwards of 150 for a large tyrannosaurus or triceratops. People, myself included, exist that pay for sideshow dinosauria statues and would gladly love a large articulated dinosaur.

    6. David Silva Creator on

      Thank you all for the comments , support and feedback everyone! I very much appreciate your patience and understanding with this new development. I will be addressing all of your questions below.

      @Raul- since your order is international and also contains deluxe raptors, the Build-a-Raptor set will not ship automatically with the first product wave. Please contact me if you'd like to make any adjustments to your order- thanks.

      @King Bowser- the protoceratopsian portion of the Ceratopsian series will be in 1/6th scale to go withe the raptors. Having larger species at that scale would likely be too expensive for most fans so the main ceratopsians will be in 1/18th scale similar to the Jurassic Park dinosaur toys.

      @Joseph Flood- according to tracking, your order was scheduled to arrive yesterday. If it didn't, then it should show up today.

      @Katherine Green- message me if you're interested in the split shipping and I'll get that set up for you. ;)

      @TheTopRaptor - there's no set deadline for order splitting. Obviously you'd want to do it before deluxe raptor Wave 2 hits though.

      @Reed Jackson - great question and I'm sure others are wondering the same. Since all of the figures were supposed to be ready and shipped out by Chinese New Year, I allowed the factory to prioritize the paintwork as would best suit their process. They likely prefer to keep raptors together that share some similar paint colors so somehow it worked for them to do Tsaagan later in the production process. Once I received the news that part of my order would not be ready by CNY, I immediately requested that Tsaagan be made priority in order to attempt making the next shipment, but they were not far enough along to achieve this unfortunately.

      @Michael O'Sullivan- thank you for the feedback Michael, and your concerns are noted. After much consideration, I decided that the split shipping option was the best solution for negotiating a compromise between the needs of the backers and the needs of Creative Beast Studio. Moving forward, I will of course be going into the next series with much more knowledge and experience which will help streamline this process in the future. In retrospect, I should have hired a second production factory to handle the Accessory Packs and Nestlings, while another could simply focus on the deluxe raptors.

      @Chris H- I appreciate your feedback, but I can't think of a response that dlipkowitz or Taya didn't already state (thank you both for the assistance). Also, an anonymous backer has generously donated $22 on your behalf so as to have your shipping split. I hope this helps.

    7. Taya Castillo

      Those who are jumping ahead to get the first wave of raptors are paying to have it. It's no different for them. Backers have been put first and project money was used to send the nestlings, etc. before the rest of the product. This decision is also putting the backers first in allowing the option to have parts of orders shipped early. If you don't think it's worth it, you don't have to pay for it. If it's important to get the raptors as soon as possible, you have the option to do so, instead of being forced to wait til May; while also making sure there's still a business around to make us some sweet Ceratopsians.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris H on

      If your worried about the projects bottom line, then the whole delivery date should be pushed back till May. None of this you get half now then half later - it means backers like myself (International) have to wait another 3 months longer than people who are jumping ahead to get the first wave. I have just as much right to sample the figures as anyone else has when they first come out.

    9. Missing avatar

      dlipkowitz on

      He's already absorbed the cost of shipping in two waves. You're not being forced or even asked to pay extra now that it's going to be three waves -- there's just an additional production delay and you just have the option, if you choose, to pay extra to get some of your order earlier than you would otherwise. It's not an optimal situation for anyone, but I think it's better than hurting the project's bottom line by pulling thousands of dollars in unexpected shipping costs out of its budget this late in the game.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris H on

      David, usually the way this works is you absorb the extra shipping cost for shipping in two waves - you don't go asking the customer who has already paid WAY in advance to pay extra because you can't make the ship date for some of the orders. I don't mind receiving the raptors in 2 waves - its the gall of asking for more money that I find slightly annoying.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Sullivan on

      While I of course understand that delays are both expected and really fairly unavoidable, I have to admit to being pretty discouraged. As an international buyer, it's very likely I will not be seeing the deluxes before June, which will mean not only a more than half a year delay but also my having accessories for a number of months with no function. Added onto that, as a person who has purchased several figures and with only 1 in wave 2, if I want to get 99% of my order in a timely fashion I'll have to pay further shipping charges on top of what I've already paid. A part of me simply wants the figures as soon as possible but also finds it slightly galling. I'm still in love with this project but I hope that this serves as a learning experience when this project moves onto Ceratopsians. If the rumoured tyrannosaur/megacarnivore line follows I'm simply not sure I'm a customer prepared to invest over a perhaps 7+ years in a line with, in that time frame, a relatively low yield. Again, I adore this project and what it's doing and I could not be more excited to eventually get hold of the figures but I think it's important to voice some of the negative effects of these delays.

      All the best, and genuinely looking forward to one day having my shelves covered in raptors.

    12. Missing avatar

      Reed Jackson on

      Why is Tsaagan wave 2 if it was one of the original trio?

    13. TheTopRaptor on

      When is the deadline for splitting orders?

    14. Missing avatar

      Faelrin on

      Thanks for such an in-depth update on how this stuff is progressing. Looks like half of my order will be ready by March and the other half by May or whenever it will be, shipping fee paid of course. Time and time again I agree that I can wait for these to be as best they can be, and I think the things I have already received show that.

      Thanks again for all the transparency with this process, and the delays that happen. I really appreciate it.

    15. Katherine Green on

      Personally, I'm cool with this. I'm waiting for something highly customized that I can't buy in stores, and I value the transparency, especially as regards manufacture-- it's great folks get a break for their New Year, I couldn't be mad about that.

      My nestlings arrived and are presently clustered around a tiny statue of St. Francis, so they've got a buddy until the whole gang arrives.

      Thanks for the update! I'll take a split if you can work it out, but if not, I was hoping to introduce these guys at the library in a Summer Reading program, so they'll still make it in time.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Flood on

      when should I get worried that I haven't received the nestlings and accessory packs?

    17. Stefan "Sastrei" Garcia on

      The level of communication keeping us all up to date on this project has been fantastic. This is the first Kickstarter I've ever participated in and I couldn't be happier. After seeing the Nestlings and Accessory packs, the quality is gobsmackingly good, and I know the full figures will be well worth the wait.

    18. Rhiannon Short on

      Oh well, most of mine are Wave 2 anyway 😹 No worries!

    19. Missing avatar

      King Bowser on

      Wow, 2 years. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed to wake up to this announcement, but I can wait.

      I was really looking forward to these coming out soon. Especially after the recent reviews of the nestlings and build a raptor. It's going to be bitter sweet to watch others get their figures early (whether they happened to only order from the first batch, or were willing to pay the extra fee).

      You can make it up to us by making a 6" scaled Ceratops. You have to know a lot of us would opt for the larger scale. At least one... please. ;-)

    20. Raul on

      Big delay, but is Ok, is not like this is a first necessity item. I'm happy that it exists, so waiting a little more is fine. For what I can understand the BAR are already shipped, but I have no received notification of that. Any way to check? Or since is part of the Raptor pledge, all will go together? No problem, just asking.

    21. Taya Castillo

      Delays are always disappointing, but if it means a better figure, I can be patient. Shipping packages to thousands of people around the world is a huge expense, let alone doing it three times for one project. That is a lot of pesos for one person to cover. David's already eaten this cost once to ship the first wave on time. It's understandable to ask for a little help when it happens again. Especially when you're working your ass off to make a product deserving of the money people paid for it.

    22. David Silva Creator on

      I just want to let everyone know that I've already received many requests to split orders. Please allow me the next 24 hrs to get caught up and I'll be following up with everyone as soon as possible. Thanks!

    23. Thrumugnyr on

      @Benjamin Jernigan: If you're living outside the US, that's how it was decided earlier, because of customs etc (I and others prefer to just pay it once rather than twice or three times). If you want them shipped separately, I'm sure you can ask them to be shipped in two waves.

    24. David Silva Creator on

      @Benjamin- totally understandable. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

    25. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Jernigan on

      Wait, so not only are some raptors delayed till May, but if my order contains one of them, the ones that aren't delayed won't ship until May unless I pay extra shipping? That doesn't sit well.