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Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
2,661 backers pledged $351,753 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping status, Production Photos, Preview Videos and more!

Posted by David Silva (Creator)

Happy holidays everyone! How is it nearly Christmas already? 

As many of you may remember in last month's Kickstarter update, I showed the first part of the package design process with the intention of a 'Part 2' follow up. However, a lot has been happening since then, so I'll be postponing that segment for now to focus on more current news. First up...

Current Production and Shipping status

'my precious...'
'my precious...'

Deluxe Raptors

Let's get right to it.

When will the raptors ship to backers?

Short answer-  the deluxe raptor figures, including Fans Choice raptors, are now estimated to begin shipping to backers in mid to late February and fulfillment will continue through March. 

Long answer-  When I wrote the previous KS production update, I'd been told that production would be completed by the end of this year meaning that the raptors would begin to ship to backers sometime in the latter part of January. Unfortunately based on the time required for the first several batches of raptors, the schedule had to be adjusted to allow for a few more weeks. They are now expecting production on the raptors to be completed in mid-January which means fulfillment will begin about 4-6 weeks after that in February. 

The factory is right in the thick of raptor production now producing thousands of  figures each week. My contacts in China have been keeping me informed with regular photo updates and any other relevant news. Here are some recent production highlights for the raptor figures over the past several weeks. 







  For more production photos, check out the full galleries here, here, and here.

The first batch of production samples are in as well, with more on  the way- click the names below for additional images:

Zhenyuanlong suni

Velociraptor mongoliensis

Linheraptor exquisitus

Dromaeosaurus albertensis

Atrociraptor marshalli

Balaur bondoc


Accessory Packs, Nestlings, and Build-a-Raptors 

All Accessory Packs, Nestlings, and Build-a-Raptors have been completed and are currently en route to the US from China as of this writing. That's right, the Build-a-Raptor sets will be shipping earlier than expected! Production and safety testing were finished in time to include them with the recent boat shipment and they will be fulfilled along with Accessory Pack and Nestling orders. The cargo is set to land in California by the end of this month and will then be trucked to New Jersey to the Fulfillrite warehouse in Lakewood. Estimated New Jersey arrival is Jan. 2nd, which puts us about a week or so behind recent projections. I've been in touch with Fulfillrite and have the account set up to begin the fulfillment process as soon as possible once the product is received. I expect to begin fulfillment of these items within the first half of January. 

Before the product was shipped from the factory, the items were randomly inspected and photographed. From what I can tell, these final versions look consistent with the samples I was sent previously. 















Now that we know more about what to expect in terms of production and shipping, here is a breakdown of the current fulfillment shipping plan according to location and items. As noted in the previous KS update, the international orders will not be separated in order to minimize customs fees to backers. 

 (note: these dates are only meant to represent the beginning of fulfillment which will likely last into the following month due to the large number of orders. Kickstarter rewards will have priority. )

So that'll about do it for production and shipping news. 

On to other business then...


Accessory Pack Preview Videos

In an effort to give you all an early look at some of the product, here are a couple of video previews I made recently showing the contents and features of the Accessory Pack sets. 

Desert Accessory Pack Preview video


Forest Accessory Pack Preview video

 Be sure to keep an eye on my social media for more preview videos coming soon! 


Beasts of the Mesozoic in Newsweek article

Hey, Beasts of the Mesozoic made the News(week)! Click on the image below to see a recent Newsweek article highlighting scientifically accurate dinosaur gifts, and be sure to read through for brief interview I did at the end.

Click the image to see the Newsweek write-up!
Click the image to see the Newsweek write-up!



Everything Dinosaur (UK) will be stocking Beasts of the Mesozoic line in 2018

Some great news for our friends in the UK and Europe! Click the image below for the full story.

Click the image to see the full Everything Dinosaur press release
Click the image to see the full Everything Dinosaur press release

 (NOTE: Everything Dinosaur will not be stocking the blue Velociraptor)


Random Raptor Test Shot Giveaway is going on now!


In case anyone missed this on my social media, the Test Shot Giveaway has begun and if you have backed or pre-ordered at least one of the seventeen main raptor figures or a Build-a-Raptor set, your name is automatically entered into the giveaway. Not on social? No problem as I will be contacting each winner directly via email to confirm their mailing address before shipping. 

Congrats so far go to: Jeffrey Curtis Cecil, Tommy Neace, Yuhe Zou, Benjamin Yu, Wayne Barlowe, Sarah Stotler, Daniel Bilodeau, and Joel Goggin!

Stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more winner announcements and best of luck to all the participants!


Farewell 2017...

In closing, I would like to thank you all so much for you encouragement and patience this year as this was the most exciting and challenging twelve months I've ever experienced. The only way 2017 could have been better is if I were able to ship all of your raptor figures to you in time for Christmas, but alas, these raptors ended up needing a little more time to make them what they were meant to be- amazing.

It's been a crazy ride so far, but we're almost there now. And once we get 'there', we'll do it all again. Bigger and better than before. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Happy Holidays Everyone!


I wish you all the happiest of holidays and a fantastic year in 2018. 

Until next time everyone!


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    1. David Silva Creator on

      As always- thanks for the comments and kind words everyone! :)

      @arc170- this may be possible for those in China. I will follow up with the factory about this and get back to you.

      @Haroulis- please send me a private message here and I'll send you a personal link to your order where you can edit your address. ;)

      @Sanli - yes you can still add to an existing order. Please message me with the details of what you would like and I'll get it sorted for you. Thanks!

    2. Sanli on

      Hi David, would it still be possible to add an additional raptor set to my pledge? Sorry but I can’t quite figure out if it’s too late or how I need to go able adding to my pledge.

    3. Missing avatar

      Faelrin on

      Thanks for the update on shipping. I really appreciate all this transparency (which I probably mentioned several times before). The videos are interesting too. I'm eager to see more of them. I also really like the look of those final accessory packs, and nestlings. The raptors look like they are coming along good, and of course the Dromaeosaurus is my favorite of those. I can't believe those sweet little nestlings, Mononykus, and Troodon will be in my hands very soon.

    4. Missing avatar

      Haroulis on

      Hi David,

      Want to ask you something, probably in the later part of Januar I'm moving house (only somewhere 15 minutes away from where I am now) and I live in the UK. I'm worried the figures might go to the wrong address?

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Hammack on

      Everything looks great, David! (And I expected the delay... these things take time... unforeseen time... and it is great how you provide such detailed updates. The entertainment factor of the updates themselves has been part of the experience!)

    6. Missing avatar

      arc170 on

      Hi David!So I read that international backers will have to wait until feb to receive the combined shipment of accessory packs, nestlings, build-a-raptors set and the main raptors.Now as I mailed before.I was wondering if you can send the first wave of figures(accessory packs, nestlings etc minus the main line raptors)to us chinese backers a little earlier. Like in Jan? Just curious, wont mind to wait for a combined Feb shipment personally.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mugsy on

      Very excited! I ordered one for my sister and one for myself. I was hoping they would arrive by Feb 12th, since that's her birthday, but I'm glad to see it won't be too late after that.

    8. David Silva Creator on

      @Mollie- no worries, I just messaged you. ;)

    9. Mollie Bee on

      Sorry, I'm kinda...awful at Kickstarter. Can you walk me through this? I can't find a place to message outside of public comments.

      sorry everyone

    10. David Silva Creator on

      @Mollie- absolutely. Please message me here so I can send you a private link to edit your address. Thanks!

    11. Mollie Bee on

      Hi! I'm wondering if I could change my shipping address? Moving...