Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series Action Figures

by David Silva

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    1. Casey Shiray on

      I have to tell you again, this Kickstarter has been the most enjoyable project I’ve ever followed.

      Your updates are always so informative and interesting. I really look forward to learning more about the toy production process with every post.

      I cannot wait for the next project! Although it looks like you put many hours of hard work into running one of these, please don’t keep us waiting too long for the next series !

    2. Rebecca Grackle on

      Fantastic and very entertaining update. Seeing all the sketches was really exciting!

      Thank you also for the info regarding the combined shipping for international backers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Faelrin on

      Thanks for another in depth update. I really liked seeing what went into the package art and such. I think using modern birds for these creature figures was a wonderful idea. It definitely led to somethings that were unique in a sense. I'm also glad that the snowy mountain idea was kept for the Dromaeosaurus. It's not often you see non-avian dinosaurs depicted in snowy areas.

      Thanks for keeping in touch about the shipping dates as well. That's always appreciated, though I'm glad some revisions were made (I really prefer the revised Troodon there if I'm being honest), regardless if it sets things back a few. Also nice video too. It's quite a collection you have there.

    4. Amélie Hutt on

      Whoever posed these grey nestlings together is adorable. Loving these updates.

    5. David Silva Creator on

      Thank you all so much for the comments. :)

      @Casey-Thanks! BTW, the first series of Ceratopsians is planned for next year.

      @Amélie- thanks-( that was me. LOL)