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Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
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    1. David Silva Creator on

      @Darth- sorry I forgot mention, yes each shipment will have a tracking number.

    2. David Silva Creator on

      @Darth- the regular raptors (including the exclusive) are estimated to begin shipping around the end of this year. The Accessory Packs and Nestlings will ship sooner.

      @Haroulis- for the Accessory Pack I would say late next month, for the Atrociraptor it will likely be in January. However if you would prefer to have your order sent all at once, please let me know. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Haroulis on

      Hi David, I live in the UK so when do you expect I'll be receiving my Atrociraptor and accessory pack? Thanks

    4. Darth Biomech on

      So do I understand it correctly that the regular raptors will be sent ASAP around these next few weeks, and exclusives for backers will be sent later in December?

      Also, will the shipments be provided with a tracking number?

    5. David Silva Creator on

      @Thrumugnyr- no worries, that will do- I have put a note on your order for you.

      @Ruth- Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ruth on

      They all look so great in the pictures, I don't really mind waiting. I'm treating it like a happy surprise as to whenever they arrive. Thanks for keeping us in the loop the whole way through.

    7. Thrumugnyr on

      @David Silva I'd love to get my shipment in one batch - is it enough to just say this here or do I have to send an email? And if so which email exactly?

    8. David Silva Creator on

      @Daniel- yes, please feel free to contact me directly and I'll help you with whatever you need.

      @Sean- no problem at all, I've just made a note on your order.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sean Thomas

      You can send my whole pledge at one time and save on shipping. I don't need my order anytime soon.

    10. Daniel Pazmino on

      I just had the time to read this, not bad news at all if the reason is a refinement in the process :)
      So Nestlings and Accessory packs are first, hmmm...
      Remember I had a value / weight limit per shipping to my country? This means that now I have more room for Deluxe raptors, right?
      Can I still work out new shipping arrangements and additions directly with you? or should I contact Backerkit CS for that issue? I'm so excited. Thanks for the update!

    11. David Silva Creator on

      Thanks for the additional comments guys! :)

      @Tim- shouldn't be a problem. Please send me a message about it and I'll show you how you can edit your address.

    12. TheTopRaptor on

      Can't wait for them..

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Sosa on

      Thanks for the update! It looks like I will be moving in between the first and second shipments; will there be any difficulty with changing my shipping address in the interim?

    14. Missing avatar

      Dominic Lindus on

      Thanks so much for the update David, these are my favorite production photos so far! That pile of protoceratops skulls is an amazing image. It's one thing to see a pile of mismatched Styrofoam bones in a Hollywood movie, but when you see a pile of accurately sculpted (albeit miniature) dinosaur skulls, it really inspires the imagination. You have been working so hard on all of the BOTM stuff and as much as I am excited for my raptors and looking forward to progress on the ceratopsians, I hope you have been able to find time for yourself. Awesome work as always, cheers!

    15. Missing avatar

      Alyssa on

      I'm really digging that matte paint. It gives them that velvety bird feather feel... most figures I see come out with a plasticky sheen, intended or otherwise, so this is a nice change.

    16. David Silva Creator on

      Wow- thanks for the comments so far everyone! I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement. :)

      @Ben- I can't say yet if the grey they use on the Build-a-Raptors will be usable as a primer, but that is the idea. Still awaiting some final product samples for those.

      @Taya- thanks! Always happy to hear from you. :)

      @Faelrin- on the blue Velcoiraptor, the green is actually more of a turquoise in-person and was indeed on the prototype. It's just one of those colors that can appear a little different depending on the lighting.

      @Miriam- thanks so much for the kind feedback.

      @Thrumugnyr- no worries. I neglected to mention that everyone has the option to ship their items all at once as I can see how this may be in issue for international backers. Just send me a message telling me to ship your items all at once and I'll add a note to your order for the fulfillment service.

      @Stefan- good question. Leaving them unpainted will make the figures more difficult to paint as the paint they use at the factory to paint PVC plastic is very a specific, durable paint that most won't have access to. Also, I'm keeping in mind those that don't want any paint and want to display them for the sculpted detail. The casted white material is somewhat translucent and makes details hard to see, but light grey is perfect for catching light and shadows.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stefan Findlay on

      I'm cool with the delays! You've kept us all up to speed through the whole thing, and from everything you've shared with us about how the production process works, it makes sense that there would be a bit more of a wait. Just gives me more time to figure out how I'm going to display them! (And now I suddenly hope I end up with one of those test-shots! Best of luck to everyone!)

      I have a completely random question: You mentioned that the build-a-raptor figures will be Painted gray. Is there a reason they'll be painted rather than just cast in gray plastic/rubber? I didn't order a build-a-raptor set, and I'm not complaining, I just continue to find the production details interesting, so I was curious about this. Is it a material cost issue, or is this like a primer coat to make it easier on customizers?

      Thanks again for all the fantastic updates! What a great ride!

    18. Thrumugnyr on

      Oh man I do want one of those test shot raptors :D *crosses fingers* It's a fair give away, so that's nice!

      And oh boy the deluxe raptors look SO nice I can't wait! Although I'm not sure I really like the fact of having to pay for customs TWICE. That really sucks.

    19. Miriam Alexander on

      Thank you for this detailed update, David! It's unfortunate that we can't have our raptors as soon as we all hoped, but there's only so much you can do from afar and we know that.
      It's rather telling that your campaign is the best example of how to strengthen rather than lose your backers' trust when delays become necessary.

    20. Missing avatar

      Faelrin on

      So close and yet so far. Thank you so much for all the transparency throughout this process. I really appreciate it. I cannot say I am surprised to hear it pushed back, but it is all for the better, for these to be the very best they can be. At least I still have the amber nestling pack and desert and mountain accessory packs to look forward too, sooner then later. I suppose on the plus side (for me personally), hopefully I'll receive my physical rewards (raptor claw and field guide) from the Saurian kickstarter around the same time, or before I'll receive my deluxe raptors. I really want to have that claw on display next to my raptors. Also on the plus side, this gives me more time to decide (and save up) for any figures I might want (although as of now I'm pretty happy with the selection I've ordered so far). Nonetheless it is very exciting to see how all this process progresses. The pictures with the nestlings in particular are super adorable as well (and they are looking great).

      One more thing after looking at the deco samples from above, and in particular about the exclusive blue one. Are those green-blue feathers on the wings a trick of the lighting? Or have they always been intended to be that way and I've just never realized? I don't mind either way though, just curious.

      In any case, thanks for everything so far.

    21. Taya Castillo

      The deco samples really look great! Thanks for taking pride enough in your work to make these the best figures they can be. And thanks for another awesome update! You put time and effort into these same as your figs and it really shows. Always look forward to reading them.

    22. Ben Chilcoat

      Much rather have a superior product later than an inferior one today. Thanks for your hard work.

      Will the light-grey matte on the BYO be a sufficient primer?

    23. Rachel Brennan

      Oh the revisions do make them look nicer!

    24. Gnob Ojois on

      Wow. We're almost there. It's so beautiful. Can't wait to display these babies.