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Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
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First Test Shots- Video Preview from China


Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series First Test Shots video

In the last update you all got a look at some of the Raptor test shot figures- the first ones to be injected in plastic as the tooling molds are tested and refined. Now, thanks to my good friend Stefan Folkins (you may remember him mentioned as the artist behind the diorama backgrounds I shot on a while back), we have an even better look at the new figures. Stefan has been kind enough to make a video for us to view some of the first test shot figures direct from the tooling factory.

Tuxedo Raptors?
Tuxedo Raptors?

A few things to note before watching the video. These figures are currently going through a process called 'debugging' which means that the articulation is being tested and refined, so these figures here are not necessarily representative of the final product, aside from the obvious lack of paint.

Some of the flaws I've noticed from this video are: no tongues, some loose parts (you'll know when you see them), collars are too low on necks, some of the tails may be upside down, and Adsaurus' back feathers need to be glued into place.

Now that that's out of the way, there are also some strong positives as well: wires in tails work well, small raptors also have tail wires (woo-hoo), jaw gape is much improved over prototypes, secondary feathers (forearms) will be interchangeable, jaw interchangeability is very simple, great range of motion on necks.

Without further ado, here is the video:

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So that's a look at where the figures are so far. The others are being worked on as well, and all test shots are planned to be completed by next week. Once they are finished, they will be sent to me for review and I will give notes on improvements. The tooling molds are planned to ship to the production factory by April 22nd and from there the final versions of the figures will begin to take shape with paint and packaging. In fact, I am planning to visit the production factory myself in early May to oversee the beginning stages of production and make sure everything is on the right track. That being said, it's time to address the elephant in the room...

How can I possibly begin shipping product in May?

Well, unfortunately, the shipping dates will have to be delayed a few months, very sorry everyone. I sincerely apologize but I will not be able to hit my original estimated ship date of May 2017. I wanted to have more info before mentioning anything officially, but as the year continues to roll forward, I'm sure it's become obvious that this project is a bit behind. Between all the additional time I needed last year to sculpt the new pieces and now with all of parts and figures that the factory has to account for, it's no surprise that the production process is taking longer than expected.

Nothing to see here
Nothing to see here


On the plus side, the tooling factory is committed to doing the best job they can with these figures and I'd much prefer that they take the time they need to get everything right instead of trying to push everything through to meet a deadline. They've all been very communicative and helpful throughout and I have no doubt that these figures will turn out great- we'll just have to wait a little longer than expected. Once the production factory gets the tooling and finalizes the paint and packaging, I will be able to get an accurate timeline of what to expect. Shipping this Summer could still be a possibility however, but it's too early to know for sure. I will keep you all posted on the production schedule as more information becomes available.

Well that's all for now. Before I go though, I want to update you all on the BackerKit status. There are still 46 Kickstarter backers left who have not submitted their survey info (please check your spam folder if you think this may be you.) And there are 8 people with declined credit cards. Please be sure to fix these issues as soon as possible to guarantee your order. If you have any questions or if you wold like to add to your existing order, feel free to contact me via message or email me at .

And please be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all of the latest news and updates on this project and more. Also, don't forget tell your friends about the Backerkit Preorder store if you haven't already.

Until next time- later!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Johana Jelínková on April 28, 2017

      I hope my card & survey are fine too, I remember sending it but I hope it went through ><

      It's so nice to see the entire process, from the original sculpting back on fb page to the preparations for production. I personally don't mind waiting no matter how long it takes, it's very apparent that you put in incredible effort and care to get them right and that's well worth waiting for. c:

    2. Jonathan Crocetti on April 20, 2017

      I can imagine the process is pretty time consuming especially because all the parts are being manufactured in china as well as the number of backers, must be extremely huge. However I totally understand the delay in the project, and eagerly await to see the final products. David I also really appreciate how much you've been updating us on the project, so that reassures me that this will go through and we'll be getting some kickass toys in the near future! I'm also really excited to see future lines of dinosaur toys from you, keep up the great work and keep updating us on your project!!!! Have a great one

    3. Miriam Alexander on April 6, 2017

      Oh cool! I love that you're not just letting us be a part of your own process, but the factory's as well. Looking forward to that next update!

    4. David Silva Creator on April 6, 2017

      @Carly- Thanks. I'm interested in them as well which is why I will visit the factory at the end of this month to work with them at the beginning of mass production and to make sure everything is off to good start. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos!

    5. Carly Sorge on April 2, 2017

      I look forward to the finished product however long it takes! I'd rather wait for a good thing than get a bad thing quickly.

      Also I'm interested in learning about the people at the production factory, I'd love to see who's making the raptors. I hope they're having fun with them!

    6. David Silva Creator on March 31, 2017

      @Jade- thank you :)
      @Mary- not to worry, the post cards are still being sent out. I send about 25-30 orders each week, but it's taking a while to get through them all since there are so many. You won't receive a notification, but rest assured it shouldn't be too much longer. And I don't see you on the list for declined cards so you're all good.

    7. Mary on March 30, 2017

      Love seeing all the progress made ! And wait times are to be expected, so I don't think anyone will hold any grudges. Just like Darth I am a bit paranoid about my card being rejected. Are the postcards still being sent out ? Because I did not get any shipping notification and I don't see them being mentionned anymore, but I just assumed they were not all shipped out yet. Thanks for keeping us updated !

    8. Jade Lui on March 30, 2017

      I'd much rather wait a bit longer for a quality product than get something just decent in a shorter amount of time! Thanks for keeping us updated through all this!

    9. David Silva Creator on March 30, 2017

      Thanks for comments and feedback everyone- always happy to hear from you all. :)

      @Daniel- paint shouldn't be an issue on the tails. I've seen several NECA figures with poseable tails and paint apps hold well.

      @Paulo- yup, everything looks good!

      @Darth Biomech- yours looks good- no worries!

      @Thrumugnyr- My initial ship date of May was conservative and allowed for delays. But with all the additional items being added to the line-up by the end of the Kickstarter, it just ended up being too much to do in that amount of time. I'm hoping to ship by August, but won't really know until we get further along.

      @Alyssa- while the interchangeable forearms does mean you can change them between the Build-a-Raptors figures, no additional parts can be added to those sets at this time.

      @Sim- please don't worry about the interchangeable forearms effecting the durability of the figure. It's simply a bonus of not having a pin in that point. I will be sure that it has a sturdy fit.

    10. Rhiannon Short on March 30, 2017

      I thought they weren't shipping until at least July, anyway! � No worries! This series is an amazing achievement, huge respect to you for the sheer amount of work and dedication you've put into it. Whenever they arrive, it'll be better than Xmas!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sim on March 29, 2017

      "secondary feathers (forearms) will be interchangeable, jaw interchangeability is very simple"

      I don't know if that's referring to the completed painted figures or only to when building the build-a-raptor sets... I personally don't wish to interchange any parts on the completed painted figures I'm getting, and I'd like them to be durable rather than flimsy. That's why now I'm wondering if that interchangeability you mentioned will make those parts fall out if one isn't careful.

    12. Emi Brady on March 29, 2017

      Take the time you need for production. These are amazing.

      My husband told me I can't buy any more articulated dinosaurs, but I won't need any more after I get these bad boys in the mail!

    13. Miriam Alexander on March 29, 2017

      No worries, David. We'll wait as long as it takes!

    14. QuoteStar
      on March 29, 2017

      Wow, these look great. I'm really surprised to see the range of motion on that tail wire. No worries about late shipping. Quality is definitely worth waiting for.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alyssa on March 29, 2017

      Ditto for better to have high quality figures and a longer wait than lesser rushed ones. Full support! Does interchangeable forearms mean the build kits can have options on the secondaries? Longer secondaries to match the large primaries in kit A would be ideal...

    16. Thrumugnyr on March 29, 2017

      To be fair, I thought 'how the heck does he think he can ship in May' the moment you added all the stretch goals and had to prolong the kickstarter itself haha. Don't worry, a few more months wont kill any of us. Maybe I can add another one or two in the mean time heh...

      That said, do you have an idea about when you /think/ you can start shipping? August perhaps?

    17. Missing avatar

      Rosario Attard on March 29, 2017

      Don't worry David, take all the time that you need. Everyone who backed this project wants top quality dinosaur figures, and to have such awesome figures it takes a lot of time. :).

    18. Stuart Denyer on March 29, 2017

      Looks great!

      The trick with wires seems to be finding a balance between flexibility and not snapping. Touch wood, none of the other figures I've got that use them have done the latter so far.

      Would just like to join the others in saying 'no rush' and take the time you need to perfect. :)

    19. Darth Biomech on March 29, 2017

      How can one check if he's credit card is not rejected and if he's doned the survey? I think I did it and the payment went through too, but I tend to get paranoid about such things.

    20. Missing avatar

      Faelrin on March 29, 2017

      First Saurian and now these getting a delay. However I too agree that it would be best for the time to be taken to ensure the best product possible then rushing it. I mean, I've waited how long for something like these to happen? I can wait longer still. In the mean time, I'm sure there will be more updates for me to look forward too (for these and also those ceratopsians). On the plus this should mean I'll have more time to purchase what I haven't gotten around to yet for this series.

    21. Missing avatar

      Paulo Leite on March 29, 2017

      Thanks for the video, David. Everything looks awesome.
      Also, could you check if everything is okay with my survey? On the backerkit page it says it's okay, but here, when I look at my pledge, it says "No surveys sent"

    22. Daniel Pazmino on March 29, 2017

      Wow, everything is looking awesome so far, I'm very excited to see this part of the process. Thanks for sharing that video, David.
      BTW, those tails look so amazingly pliable, I wonder, how durable is the paint and materials for those parts?

    23. Missing avatar

      dlipkowitz on March 29, 2017

      Thanks for the video, David. They're looking amazing!

      And don't worry about the delay. Perfect dinosaur action figures are worth waiting for.