Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series Action Figures

by David Silva

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    1. Missing avatar

      Owen Brownell on

      That's beautiful.

      I may just hafta pledge for another one.

    2. Alexx on

      AW YES. Glad I went for that! Freakin' cool, man.

    3. Mateo Ryan Gonzalez on

      Yeah... That's a must. Can't split up the family XD

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Purvis on

      That's gonna be an awesome bookend to the Atrociraptor! :D

    5. Agata Stachowiak on

      Looking awesome!
      Just pledged for all the raptors that were announced so far. Can't wait to see more prototypes :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Teba Laborde on

      Hope that the paint job of the finished figures will look as awesome as the prototypes!

    7. Egg Embry

      Another amazing raptor!

    8. jlplummer on

      Holy cow...snagging this as soon as it's up!!

    9. David Silva Creator on

      Thanks guys- glad you all like it!

    10. Legna on

      This is gorgeous....

    11. Mercedes Yrayzoz on

      How do I get this one added to my pledge of one of each international? It's gorgeous!!!

    12. David Silva Creator on

      @Mercedes- simply add on $32 to your existing pledge. It will get sorted out with the BackerKit survey later. ;)

    13. Anastasia Babbage on

      updated my pledge to add on the $32 for this fantastic beast.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Pittman

      Ok, I'm a total amateur with Kickstarter; how do I add $32 to my pledge for this beastie?

    15. QuoteStar

      @Kevin Go to "Manage Your Pledge". You'll be able to change the amount, or even change your base pledge from there. What you want to do is only change the amount, so add the $32 to the base amount you're already paying, then confirm.
      For example, I'm in for the int'l raptor pack, so that's base $145, plus the KSE raptor, bringing my total to $177 pledged.

    16. Heather Curtiss

      I love this one!!! At some point, will we get a picture of them all side by side? (Unless I've missed it)

    17. Ivy Horng on

      Updated my pledge and added $30 US for this beauty :D Love the blue!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Campbell-Smith on

      Having fun identifying the bird species the colors are based on. Love that this one is a scrub jay!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      when you add the $30 to your pledge.. how will they know which one you're adding for? aren't there going to be more potential add-ons?.. or will those be different prices?

      i added $30 to my pledge bringing it to $100 ($112 after shipping)

      oh well.. we'll see how it goes. i'm so in love with this project. it's things like these that make me wish i was rich.