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MUNCHKIN® BRICKS - Accessories for your miniature figures's video poster

All your favorite Munchkin® Card Game weapons made real for your favorite miniature BRICK figures! Dragons, Cthulhu and Zombies! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 24, 2014.

All your favorite Munchkin® Card Game weapons made real for your favorite miniature BRICK figures! Dragons, Cthulhu and Zombies!

Are you a Snowflake? Employee of the Month


Hello Munchkins!

Some of you have already started to get wonderful things in your mailboxes of a Munchkinish nature.

More are coming! 

If you are a 'Snowflake' then yours takes longer to ship.  What is a Snowflake you might ask?  I will be happy to tell you.  Many of the numerous pledges have a common shipping manifest/list.  I.E. a group of you all pledged for a Crate and sets in Sparkly Pink and Purple let's say.  My shipping software says "Hey here are 30 packages all the same!  Pack away and slap some labels on them!".     Easy to pack, easy to ship.

But you Snowflakes are a different matter entirely.  Your fulfillment needs have unique and special one-off delivery and fulfillment specs that take a few days longer to pack and recheck.  Do not be glum little Snowflakes - you are all the more special and precious in your unique-ness and your packages are just getting a little more care than those 'conformists' and copy cats out there!

: )

Employee of the Month

's video poster

Meet CrazyBricks 'Employee of the Month'

His name is the Zebra GC420d Thermal Printer and he is GLORIOUS!  If any of you are considering a Kickstarter project in you future, I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these for your shipping arsenal.  There is a bit of a learning curve, but once mastered Glory shall follow.

Thanks everyone, let me know all about your bricks!   If there are any issues message me privately, don't do it in the comments section, I can't readily track things there.

Best Wishes,

Guy @ CrazyBricks

Munchkin Bricks are here! Shipping to you begins next week!


                              Boxes of Goodies!

                              Fulfillment Bins!

                   The tub of Random Wonderfulness!

 Munchkin Bricks arrived from the factory a few days ago and I have been busily packaging and repackaging them all for shipping readiness.  

I will ship the "I Can't Wait" and other premium tiers this weekend with the balance of pledges starting to ship on Monday-Friday of next week.    We have some 1,200+ packages to manage so I'll keep you posted how quickly things move along.

We unlocked SO MANY bonuses and add-ons and goodies you can imagine how involved each package is to pack and make sure it arrives to you safely.

Thanks for your patience and support of Munchkin Bricks, they will be with you soon!


Guy @ CrazyBricks

Munchkin Bricks shipping update



Looks like Munchkin Bricks will be shipping from the factory on the 30th 31st!

Once it arrives to me I can start to get it prepped for fulfillment and shipping, WHOO HOO!

"I Can't Wait" and upper tier pledges will be the first to ship, followed by Domestic and then Foreign

Will keep you as updated as possible as packages start their journey to the CrazyBricks warehouse!

Thanks for you patience and support,


Is your shipping address correct? Please make sure we have your correct address!


Hello Munchkins!

In anticipation of printing all of the project's shipping labels and paperwork this weekend, ( this will result in about 3,000 print-outs ) I want you to take the time to make sure your shipping info is correct.

Whatever you have registered with at BackerKit is the address your Munchkin Bricks goodies will be sent to.  If you are unsure, or your address has changed then all you have to do is update your BackerKit info

: )

You have until Friday PM to make any needed changes.  IF, you have emailed me with any address update info, it doesn't COUNT!  Make sure you BackerKit address is the one you want to send your items to!

Thanks for your attention, I hope we will have an official shipping date shortly.



PICTURES!!! - Some quick shots of the Munchkin Bricks Color samples in action!


 I have approved the color samples and the factory it busily 'chugging' away running our sets!

Next week I will make a request for you to make any address changes to your shipping info so I can print the final address labels and shippers in anticipation of packaging your orders up

We are in the home stretch!

Thanks everyone!