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All your favorite Munchkin® Card Game weapons made real for your favorite miniature BRICK figures! Dragons, Cthulhu and Zombies!
All your favorite Munchkin® Card Game weapons made real for your favorite miniature BRICK figures! Dragons, Cthulhu and Zombies!
1,241 backers pledged $58,796 to help bring this project to life.

Crazy Arms coming to Kickstarter on Friday!


Coming to Kickstarter on Friday!

 Stay tuned!

Fulfillment Closed / See you at BrickWorld? / Play Munchkin with Steve and Guy!

Hello Mouse Guard and Munchkin Bricks supporters!  

Fulfillment has officially CLOSED on these two projects.

What does this mean?

If you haven't made me aware of any fulfillment or shipping issues then I shall assume your rewards have arrived. So contact me directly if you have any outstanding issues, as of today fulfillment will officially close on these two projects.  

Again, thanks for all your support!  

Munchkin Bricks and Mouse Guard at Chicago Bricksworld this weekend!

 For the first time, Mouse Guard and Munchkin Bricks sets will be formally available for purchase! Going to be at BrickWorld? Get some awesome CrazyBricks goodies!

 Many of the special colors will sell out and never again become available! 

I have a few extra Munchkin Cards and Bookmarks that I will give to the first few folks who ask for them with a Munchkin purchase.  

Play Munchkin on the LEGO Munchkin game board and meet Steve Jackson!  

That's right! I wlll bringing this awesome gameboard to BrickWorld! PLUS, you have take part in the Brickworld raffle/auction and win a chance to play with Munchkin creator, Steve Jackson and Munchkin Bricks Kickstarter, Guy Himber! The winner will get plenty of special Munchkin and CrazyBricks loot! Bring a Sharpie and get autographs on all your stuff!

Hello Munchkins! Updates! Shipping! FAQs about stuff!


Hello Munchkins!

 To begin, thank you so much for your support of Munchkin Bricks! 

Fulfilling this Kickstarter has been a satisfying, challenging, exciting adventure and has forced my to "up my game" as far as my shipping and tracking systems and should result in even easier and more efficient fulfillment for all my future projects at CrazyBricks.

 By now, most of you have already gotten your various goodies to share and hoard and play with - and some of you are patiently waiting by your mail boxes. 

 This week marks the last of the shipment/postage labels printed out, and as you read this 99% of the packages have been labeled, stuffed, inventoried and delivered to the post office for delivery. 

 There are two small exceptions to this rule...

 #1 About 8 of your didn't get your Zombie Gingerbread Men and have a note within your package ( along with a little surprise ) letting you know that your Zombie friend should ship to you next month in a separate shipment.

#2 About 25-30 of you have packages that are fully packed and ready to ship with the exception of one printed item that I came up short on in my production estimate. Not to worry, these items are being printed and should be in my hands by middle of the week and out the door with your shipment. 

 Sorry for the wait, I didn't catch the shortage until the week before last and I immediately set about getting more for our fulfillment supply. 

 Can I order more Munchkin Bricks? 

 The priority has been in fulfillment of Kickstarter supporters to the exception of all other concerns. You guys come first! 

 There will be a special 'Smokey Translucent' Color edition ( you may have even been one of the lucky folks who got a few examples of these in your freebies.. )  of Munchkin Bricks available at Warehouse23 (

Soon some over-run sets of Munchkin Bricks from the Kickstarter campaign will show up at the official CrazyBricks site ( ). I'll contact everyone when this goes live.

 I am also pursuing future sales distribution with a number of distribution companies and these should be available towards the 3rd Quarter of 2015. 

Hey, How Does that Dragon work? 

Our dragon is RIGHT-handed only! Remove your minifig's Right hand, put the cap perfectly flush with the figure's wrist and GENTLY push the dragon's 'cap' on to the forearm of your figure - sometimes it helps to spin the dragon a tiny bit clockwise - and then let your dragon seat fully upon the end of the arm before you replace the hand. Just be patient and non-Incredible Hulk and it will got on just right. 

NOTE - Some minifigs appear to have minutely larger forearms than standard, these might take a tad more patience to seat properly.

 Hey, these rubber horns don't let me stab myself! One even popped out! 

Our stretch-goal Spyke helmet is an very safe and a very awesome thing. You guys voted on it and it won as our stretch goal reward.   It is an extreme design that probably no one else would be mad enough to realize at this scale with rubber horns, but that is what makes it special!

I am currenttly describing the helmet as a KIT in that I encourage you to add a very small dash of crazy glue (it doesn't take much) if you want the horns to remain in permanently for high-handling use such as a game pawn accessory. If you are just putting it on display then you needn't worry. 

 BRICK FIESTA! - Come visit me! 

Brick Fiesta 2015 - the premier LEGO® fan event in Texas - is being held in Austin, Texas with public hours on July 25 from 10 AM to 4 PM and July 26 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

I will be there as the Guest Speaker!   We will talk about Steampunk and Iron Builder and CrazyBricks and all kinds of neat stuff!

I'll also have a CrazyBricks table so come by and grab a copy of Steampunk LEGO and I'll be happy to sign it.

LEGO Munchkin Game Board! (work-in-progress...)

 Yep, I am making one! It should be ready by the time of BrickFiesta in Austin and I am going to see if we can work out some opportunities for some folks to play on it at the event!  It is minifig scale and will be populated with all kinds of fantastic creatures and Munchkin-y details.


 I can't say it enough, thank you guys for all of your encouragement, patience and support with this project. Last year was full of some terrible personal losses for me and projects like this one were the little beacons of light that helped shine the way past my challenges. I thank you all for giving me your trust and support and the opportunity to work so hard for you. 

 You Munchkins are an awesome group, but I wouldn't turn my back on ANY of you with a sharp dagger in your hands..... hey, here's an idea,, why don't you pick up that Duck over there? 

 Best Wishes Guy

Are you a Snowflake? Employee of the Month


Hello Munchkins!

Some of you have already started to get wonderful things in your mailboxes of a Munchkinish nature.

More are coming! 

If you are a 'Snowflake' then yours takes longer to ship.  What is a Snowflake you might ask?  I will be happy to tell you.  Many of the numerous pledges have a common shipping manifest/list.  I.E. a group of you all pledged for a Crate and sets in Sparkly Pink and Purple let's say.  My shipping software says "Hey here are 30 packages all the same!  Pack away and slap some labels on them!".     Easy to pack, easy to ship.

But you Snowflakes are a different matter entirely.  Your fulfillment needs have unique and special one-off delivery and fulfillment specs that take a few days longer to pack and recheck.  Do not be glum little Snowflakes - you are all the more special and precious in your unique-ness and your packages are just getting a little more care than those 'conformists' and copy cats out there!

: )

Employee of the Month

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Play with

Meet CrazyBricks 'Employee of the Month'

His name is the Zebra GC420d Thermal Printer and he is GLORIOUS!  If any of you are considering a Kickstarter project in you future, I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these for your shipping arsenal.  There is a bit of a learning curve, but once mastered Glory shall follow.

Thanks everyone, let me know all about your bricks!   If there are any issues message me privately, don't do it in the comments section, I can't readily track things there.

Best Wishes,

Guy @ CrazyBricks

Munchkin Bricks are here! Shipping to you begins next week!


                              Boxes of Goodies!

                              Fulfillment Bins!

                   The tub of Random Wonderfulness!

 Munchkin Bricks arrived from the factory a few days ago and I have been busily packaging and repackaging them all for shipping readiness.  

I will ship the "I Can't Wait" and other premium tiers this weekend with the balance of pledges starting to ship on Monday-Friday of next week.    We have some 1,200+ packages to manage so I'll keep you posted how quickly things move along.

We unlocked SO MANY bonuses and add-ons and goodies you can imagine how involved each package is to pack and make sure it arrives to you safely.

Thanks for your patience and support of Munchkin Bricks, they will be with you soon!


Guy @ CrazyBricks