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Craze Maze will someday be a game enjoyable by all ages. The game incorporates magic, action, adventure, and quick thinking.

CRAZE MAZE - an iOS game.

Game Story: It revolves around a main character who has been abducted by aliens and transported to a world of mazes. The character must fight for his freedom. 

Gameplay: One is given 30 seconds to view a 2D maze from the aerial viewpoint. After the 30 seconds is elapsed, one is dropped into the starting point of the maze. Then the game switches to 3D, a third person roleplaying game. Multiple camera angles allow one to navigate through the maze, as well as the ability to drop coins for tracked area. One can not refer back to the map of the Maze after the 30 seconds. One must complete the maze in 3D.

Don't think the gameplay ends there!

You will be hunted while you try to finish the maze. In Craze Maze, you are not alone! The level contains monsters, Minotaurs to be exact. The minotaurs are looking for you randomly as you go through the maze. The longer it takes you to finish the maze, the higher number of minotaurs are released. 

Don't be worried!

You can fight back! You have a list of abilities that you obtain through various levels, as the Artificial Intelligence becomes stronger so does the power of the character. One can use these powers to distract or kill the Minotaurs. The powers are derived from Magic. Upon killing a Minotaur, the character gets a health boost. This game is not meant to be gory what so ever. It is a game to appeal to the masses.

Want even more power!

There will be in-app purchases that allow you to buy ridiculous amounts of power, lives, health, potions and so on. But, you can always unlock these abilities by progressing through the levels.

The goal of the game.

The goal of the game is simple, one must complete the maze in the fastest time possible with out dying. Each level becomes more and more difficult, and the surroundings change.

Want to see how many Minotaurs you can handle!

We have a survival mode, you are locked in a labyrinth where Minotaurs spawn randomly and try to track you down. There is no way out. One must see how long they can survive in this environment. Fiend off the monsters at your own risk!

In survival mode, one must try to survive the longest, and highest scores will be set on the global leader boards. In Maze mode, one must try to complete the mazes as quickly as possible. Once again, highest scores will be posted on a global leader board.

Game Controls:

There will be a joystick on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. The Joystick enables the player to move around, giving him/her a greater sense of world interaction. There will be a button to switch between abilities. Last but not least tapping anywhere on the screen will allow one to engage in combat. But use it wisely Mana (magic) is limited and regenerates over time.

A little background:

I am a college student that likes to think of games. Currently I am working with a team of developers to make this game a reality. I have had this idea for years, but unfortunately with rising costs of tuition and the busy college life, I have been unsuccessful. Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated. 

Here is a little clip of the Main Character, created by the developers. The final product will look 40 to 60 percent better. This is just a rough rendering. Unfortunately due to budget constraints we are unable to continue the project.


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