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This modern poster series explores and documents our tangled universe. Illustrating space as we know it - as a sophisticated diagram.
This modern poster series explores and documents our tangled universe. Illustrating space as we know it - as a sophisticated diagram.
This modern poster series explores and documents our tangled universe. Illustrating space as we know it - as a sophisticated diagram.
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Deep Space: The Print Series



 Our Mission.

For thousands of years, we've contemplated space. We're not talking about the everyday "personal space", but the deep space that exists between us and the unknown. The dark abyss that holds our lives at it's mercy. We wanted to show more than just the typical Sun to Pluto jaunt. This project is about documenting all that's happening out there. We're not just talking about the 8/9 planets we all grew up with. This print includes the Inner and Outer Solar System, as well as the stuff that's way out past Neptune (aka the Trans-Neptunian objects). It even addresses the both controversial and hypothetical Oort Cloud. 

Why Space?

First of all, who really knows what's going on our there? We all remember growing up with the beloved planet, "Pluto" (Since 1930). Not long after, we hear about planets outside of Pluto. Then in 2006, it all changes...they take back Pluto (made it a Dwarf Planet, along with the others masses floating around way out there). The fact is there's a lot more happening in space, it's not just the 8 Planets we all know and love. We have made it our mission to explore and document all that we could find about Deep Space. 

"Our modern map of space will rock your World." - Crate Style

The Print.

Our mission is to fabricate a diagram that will unite passionate people. From the world's brightest scientists to the avid art connoisseur. Space is something that all of us can now enjoy together. There is a lot that goes into making something with so many facets. The process of creating something that is accurate and sexy is not to be taken lightly. We will be using beautiful heavyweight matte-finished paper to bring the quality this project deserves. We've been working on this project for awhile now. Help us to fund the initial production costs and bring this project from space to reality.

The diagram starts from the bottom center, with the mass nearest the Sun (Mercury). From there you move clockwise, each mass in the diagram represents a major piece in space. As you continue clockwise, you move farther from the Sun. 

Standard Size Print: 

Full Bleed 18 x 24" (457.2 x 609.6mm) on Super Heavyweight Matte-Finish Paper.

The Process.

We documented the ever-changing design in Illustrator, as we added and removed planets, comets, rings, astroids, etc. You can follow the process and see how this masterpiece came to life.

 This final enlarged image shows a closeup of Saturn, so that you may fully understand how the diagram works. If you start with the title of Saturn (bottom left) you'll learn just how large it is and how quickly it's moving through space. From there, follow the line up to the large mass where you'll find Saturn. The circles around it are the masses that orbit Saturn. Each mass is labeled (top center) and rendered in proportion to it's counter masses.

Risks and challenges

Over the past few years, we've built relationships with some of the best printing and logistics companies around. In addition, we've been able to source the highest quality materials. We are excited to get this project off the ground.

As with all Kickstarter projects (and space) there is the unknown. With that being said, we are confident that we will be able to provide exceptional prints that we will all be proud to hang up and enjoy with fellow space fans.

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