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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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Full Release Feb 25th and the Journey Continues


Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are finally nearing the end of the first and longest leg of this epic journey. Thinking of all the support we received from backers on KS to help make this possible, I felt this would be the most fitting place to first announce the release date. Grim Dawn will be officially released from Early Access this Thursday February 25th!

Additionally, Build 31 with it's monumental change log, just went live and you can experience the full game right now as it prepares to disembark from Early Access forever. It’s been almost seven years of my life completing this game and it’s rather surreal that it’s finally here. I’m not sure I believe it.

My routine for so long as been to wake up and go work on Grim Dawn until it’s time to go to bed. I started this single and childless and now I’m married with two kids (I guess Jeff Goldblum was right – life finds a way). The project waxed and waned and waxed again as early volunteers joined up but then drifted off, I found myself working alone some days and things ground to a crawl, then KS gave it a kick in the ass and we were off again with new team members. This went from a crazy dream I knew was against the odds to the current reality of a 10-person team. I struggled through PayPal freezing our first crowd-funding account, lead poisoning, the passing of family members, all manner of technical and hiring challenges. It’s almost hard to believe looking back on it all.

We’ve delivered a lot of content beyond the promise of our Kickstarter, including an extra Act, a sixth class, major gameplay systems such as devotion and many more hours of gameplay than we originally talked about. Thanks to the success of Grim Dawn in Early Access, we’ve also been able to add VO for main quest dialog and an animated intro trailer, which are included in the new build.

I say this journey is only nearing the end because, even with the completion of Grim Dawn, we still have some work ahead of us. Shortly after the full release or maybe even along with it, if we can manage it, we will release the DRM-free build and virtual rewards. I’m currently emailing with the folks at Humble Store to figure out how to set that up. They have a nice system for facilitating the distribution of KS rewards now… unfortunately, we were one of their first pre-existing clients to run a KS, so our data / configuration on their system is a bit convoluted and we’re trying to figure out the best way to release things. I’m hoping we’ll have that set up within a week though.The virtual goods have all been finished and are also just waiting for us to set up the distribution for them. Basically, we have a bunch of logistical stuff to sort though.

We’ve also began producing physical rewards, beginning with the map and poster. We’ve prepared the final art for that and are currently talking to a print shop. The Boxed copies will come later since we’ll need to take the final build and master discs from it. We also need to find someone to produce the box. That and omg, I need to write the Crate Story… that’s going to be quite a tale. ATTENTION: Don't worry, we will send out surveys for mailing addresses just before we are ready to ship.

Following release and whatever bug-fixing and polish work we still need to do, work will begin on future updates, modding tool release, Survival Mode (actual name yet to be decided) and the expansion. I’d be sad to see the end of Grim Dawn, fortunately, this isn’t the end. There is more Grim Dawn to come and also we may see the start of new things in the coming months.

It’s fantastic to come out of this with not only a complete game that’s bigger and better than I dared imagined it would be but also a team and company on solid footing,capable to launching new projects on our own. I sincerely and heartily thank you all for the part you played in making this happen. I hope you enjoy all of the hard work and passion that went into, not only completing this game but filling it with tons of details, lore, secrets and personal touches.

Until next time – good hunting

- Arthur and the Crate Team

Grim Dawn is Content Complete!


Hail GD Backers!

At long last and with much excitement, we have released Build 29, making Grim Dawn content and feature complete! I have still not yet come to grips with the reality of this achievement...

There is still much polishing and bug fixing to go in the next month or so, leading up to the official release. We're expecting to move Grim Dawn out of Early Access sometime in February. We have a couple more exciting fit-and-finish things to announce next month that will make the game just that much better. ; )

Read more and see the complete change log on the forum!

Happy Holidays to those celebrating and see you in the new year!

- Arthur Bruno and the Crate Team

Release of Act4: Part1 and the Devotion system!


Greetings Esteemed Backers,

Today we release the first section of Act 4 and the last big gameplay feature: Devotions with Build 28!

It's taken a long time, I know, but with this additional content, I think when the game is complete, we will have gone way beyond the scope of what we originally promised with an extra Act, extra class and this expansive new character customization system, among other things. The rest of Act 4 is also nearly complete already but requires a little more polishing and finishing the final boss encounter. So we're getting pretty close to the end - for the first release at least.

We expect to release the rest of Act 4, which will make Grim Dawn content complete, around the end of the year. After that, we will continue to listen to feedback, fix bugs, optimize, polish and wrap up loose ends. Part of that will be getting all the virtual items ready for the official release, which will happen around February, so we can distance it a bit from the big holiday releases. Then we'll produce all the physical goods and get those mailed out.

While some of us handle that, others will begin laying the ground work for the expansion and survival mode. Anyone who has been following development throughout the project will have seen that, thanks to our growth from 2 to 10 full-time developers, our pace has picked up quite a bit from the early days and future work should progress at a more reasonable rate. I think the quality of our work has also increased a lot and the latest build will show even more improvement. If you missed the post, we just yesterday introduced artist Scott Duquette, who previously worked on the BioShock series as an environmental art director. Some of his upgrades to architecture and various special touches to the details of the environments appear in build 28.

It is exciting but also strange for me to be nearing the completion of something that has taken up so much of my life and I thank you all again for helping to make this possible! Follow this link to the forum for further details and the B28 change log!

The end is near...

Shaman Class and the Final Act


Greetings Esteemed Backers,

As many may already know, we've just released Build 27, which adds Shaman, as a sixth class, on top of the five originally planned. The build also includes numerous other fixes, balancing changes and improvements.

Act 4 content is well underway. The models for the final two bosses have been completed and are currently being animated. I think they're some of our creepiest, most epic bosses yet.

You will enter Act 4 through a mountain pass and descend through a series of walls and forts that originally guarded the northern frontier of the Erulan Empire. At the base of the mountains you will enter Fort Ikon, taken as a base for the Black Legion but now the scene of betrayal and slaughter. From there you will strike out to the Necropolis, where the Cult of Ch'thon seeks to resurrect the herald of Ch'thon and initiate the end of days, as was once attempted on a battlefield there long ago, now buried beneath the Necropolis. This monstrous harbinger of the end of times is the physical manifestation of the voice of Ch'thon, called the Loghorrean. It is said to speak a hundred dead tongues from a thousand screaming mouths... yeah... have fun with that.

We expect to finish Act 4 by the end of the year. Also coming is the much alluded to devotion system and higher difficulties. Further updates with details on these things will follow in the next couple months.

Hope you enjoy Shaman!

Act 3 Complete - Moving on to the Finish.


Esteemed Backers,

We've just released the final segment of Act 3 with Build 26. You may now venture beyond Homestead's north gate into the heart of the Cult of Ch'thon's territory. Fight through the Blood Grove, experience the horror of the Ashen Waste and climb your way up through Darkvale to one of the Cult's largest strongholds. Along the way, you may forge an alliance and make a foe between the Order of Death's Vigil and Kymon's Chosen. For the intrepid and observant explorer, many secrets lie hidden along the way.

Also with this build, the level cap has been raised to 50, granting access to over 70 new epic items. It includes numerous fixes, tweaks to classes and other balancing adjustments, as well as some minor updates to existing art and areas. For a complete list of the multitude of additions and improvements, check out the changelog on the forum and feel free to give us your feedback!

With Act 3 completed, we march to the final segment of the game and our targeted full release, late this year. Coming up in the next few months we will release a yet unannounced 6th class, the new skill devotion system, legendary items and Act 4, in which you will face the final confrontation with the Aetherials and Chthonians. Thanks for sticking with us on this long journey!

If you missed it, we also announced recently that thanks to Steam revenue, we've been able to expand our design team with the addition of Diablo 1 & 2 designer Eric Sexton.

As a reminder, all backers have access to the game now (and have for some time). If you still haven't played and want to know how to claim your Steam key, read about here.  (the key you receive via email is for installation of the final game without Steam, to play on Steam, you need to follow the forum instructions to claim your key).

And now back to the development mines with me!