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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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    1. Peter Olsen

      As someone who worked on an oft-delayed indie title myself in a small studio - I think we had 15 people, not counting interns - I totally understand.

      I would rather have a delayed game that's polished and makes sense, instead of cutting the head off features and half-finishing to meet a release date.

      Our game [unnamed] was pushed to release about a year early due to pressure from VC and it bombed as a result. It was a big bummer.

      Keep on truckin'. I'm playing Titan Quest with my younger sister right now - she has never played an ARPG [she's about 7 years younger than me, these poor deprived kids] and I can't wait to see what else your creative mind can come up with!

    2. Russell Symmes on

      You should consider opening the Alpha. It's really only fair to those of us that backed you. If you're concerned with treating those who backed for the beta fairly, then open the alpha to them and the beta to everyone when it is released. I understand that you need flexibility to produce a solid game but how about a little love for even the lowest of backers?

    3. Zolgar on

      I'm an Alpha backer and impatiently waiting for the next update.. however, I definitely agree you guys need to just take your time and make sure the game is perfect, and keep your lives in order too!

      Delays suck, and are a fact of Kickstarters. That you posted why there's delays is great (and .. kinda rough reasons for delays too).. how delays are handled is a big part of what separates good KS from bad... And you're handling it better than most.

      I will say, I agree it would be a good move to make Alpha access available to all backers due to the delay. (Maybe giving Beta backers a bit of a lead over the 'Retail' backers so they still get 'early access').

      The only downside to this is that with a whole slew of new players jumping on the Alpha you'd get a whole slew of rehashes of the already known bug reports and tons of requests for features and changes to wade through and further slow down development.. >.>

    4. TreadLife on

      Thanks for the info and update.

      But, no nope not impatient here. Take your time, release a great finished product.
      Don't need another game released in barely beta functional condition, and have chunks of content not ready that later has to become DLC, but should not have been.

      You're not EA or Activision, and I'm not a CoD fan. Not watching the clock on this one. Just looking forward to the day when you send an update that it is really ready to go gold!

    5. Ravenknight on

      Take your time guys. :) We're waiting.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Stave on

      Yep, What those other people said! I'd have only been concerned if this message had said "adding the real-money auction house is proving to be difficult"!

      Can't wait to see this once it's nice and done! (er... CAN wait! glad to hear it's getting closer to nicer and ... done... er.)

    7. Willem on

      Take all the time you need Arthur and crew. Make the game as awesome as it can be; do NOT rush it, I back KS games exactly for the reason that there should be no pressure on developers to rush games out the door cutting content or leaving critical bugs. That is all. /discussion closed.

    8. Missing avatar

      kapxapot on

      Arthur, we believe in you. Just do your job properly, we'll wait as long as needed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Thanks for the update and honesty Arthur.
      Take as much time as you need and best wishes :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Layton Baker on

      Thanks for the update. No complaints here, as well!

      When I pitched in money, I 'invested' with the hopes that you folks would take the time needed to make a polished game that would be the launching point for a great franchise... cause I want to play Grim Dawn 2,3,4... etc.

      I am also glad you folks are taking time to actually 'live life' and not just slave away on this game for the almighty dollar.

    11. McDrake on

      Thanks for the honest update!
      Take your time (also with your family)

    12. GoodLuck on

      P.S. Congratulations on the baby!

    13. GoodLuck on

      Wow, that was quite an overwhelming update! So, keep up the spirit!
      And you could think about a steam Early Access; although I see the problem that Alpha access was a reward for pledging $35 or more.

    14. Derrill Guilbert on

      No complaints here. Keep at it, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the release. I knew what I was paying for :)

    15. Evan Nevermore on

      I forgive you :)

      Just keep up the hard work and don't leave us in the dark (which you haven't so far!)

    16. Wahngrok on

      Congratulations on the baby. Everything else is just a game so no worries. ;)

    17. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on

      As long as you don't disappear on us and keep giving regular updates, I don't see too much problem with necessary delay. I don't think any of the projects that I've backed are actually on time, but I only start to panic if I haven't heard from the devs for awhile. An awesome game is always better than a quick one, assuming no one runs out of money in the meantime.

      That said I am looking forward to playing this as soon as I can.

    18. Missing avatar

      Pymtis on

      No problem for the delay. Gratz for the baby. Take care and don't forget to enjoy life ! :D

    19. Sgt.Knumskull on

      As being an uncle I "know" to some degree what its like being a father -or part-owner :P - of a newly hatched fledgling. I think too, that you're not making any excuses but giving the backers some Explanation. Im very fine with that. Maybe a little bit more infos more often.
      Also im with the most people here: take your time and watch your funds. But it sound like you know what you're doing. Im fine with a delay 'til next year or so. Im fed up with "under-construction" releases aka rushed games. And since ye say ye folks adding more content: Hussah!
      Btw: why not release an eraly-access/Alpha on steam? Maybe you can get some funds in to relax the situation.

      Kind regards to you Arthur, Crate, and of course to your fledgling and your Queen! XD

    20. Cooper Lee on

      Congratulations to Arthur to be a dad now. (o^_^o)
      And don't worry about the delay (at least for myself), spend more time with your family especially your wife and baby.
      And thanks for the long(est) update you have here today. Take care and keep it up!

    21. Galvin the Wanderer on

      First off - Congratulations on the little new born! I'm going to be the uncle to the first girl my family has had in the past three generations (all boys so far - 9 in a row) and while I'm not a father my brothers assure me it is a great deal of work. My sympathies to you as well due to lead issues - this is never a good thing. :(

      As for the game - I love the alpha and I've already gotten my money's worth from the hours I put into it so far. I'm more than patient enough to wait however long it takes for the rest of the game to be developed. It sounds like life is being... well... life. :) Thanks for the massive update as to where things are so far.

    22. Idlehands on

      The adage has a ring of truth to it. A delayed game will eventually be good but a rushed game is bad forever. Take your time to polish the product, I'm sure a lot of us can take the wait. Health problem comes first though, no matter what people say or may rush you, you must take care of yourself, your family and your team before you can strive to achieve anything. I'm sure most of us will understand. Take care, and we'll wait patiently! Good work and thanks for the update!

    23. Missing avatar


      I'll take a wild guess and say that most of the KS funds that you received comes from people who completely understand you and are in no rush to get this game. You're doing a good job, keep it up. Make an awesome game.

    24. Fitheach on

      Lead thats scary stuff, with an infant around infinitely more scary hope everyone stays healthy. On the plus side you must have some luck as you discovered the issue before serious sickness kicked in I imagine most aren't so lucky.

      Personally on kickstarter projects so long as your planning is sufficient that you deliver before funds run out I'm good.

    25. Pogopuschel on

      I can wait. I have enough games to be occupied. The most important thing is that you escaped your lead infused apartment. And after that that the game is properly finished when released.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dronko on

      Reading between the lines, I sense a need for more money. Do you need it?

    27. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on

      Besides the fact I totaly understand why the game is delayed and I accept that, I found disturbing the use of "a significant one" whan you talk about the delay. What's that mean ? Three months ? Six months ? A whole year ? Or you use theses terms because you have no idea yet about how long the delay will be ?

      It will be cool if you can clarify that...

    28. William

      Holy crap man, lead poisoning? Stay safe, glad you tested for it!

    29. apocraphyn on

      Keep up the good work. You can take as long as you want to finish this, pretty sure all the people here have plenty else to play other than the alpha :)

    30. AKASlaphappy

      Congratulations on the new baby! I look forward to playing the well polished ARPG you are making!

    31. mabec on

      I actually read it all for a change and it made me feel a bit sad, so much going on behind the drapers.
      Wish you best of luck!

    32. Ohad - Obsidian Order's Village Shaman on

      never tell a developer take as long as you want with a limited budget, but delays can be acceptable. what I'm missing here is a concrete new release date.

      how about opening the alpha then? even for a symbolic fee? if we decided we want to get our hands dirty with half baked games all of a sudden? I know I'd consider it

    33. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Damn that were some crazy months Arthur, thanks for all the explanation, this is one thing I love about kickstarter how the devs are open with us. Also congrats for the baby!
      And we always believed Grim Dawn to be the next big ARPG and for what I played of the alpha it's going pretty well. I didn't want to play a lot since I want to wait for the complete game. I'm a patient man.

      Best of luck Arthur and to the rest of Crate.

    34. krayzkrok on

      You have the support of everyone that matters, we're all behind you guys to make Grim Dawn amazing. Agreed with earlier comments, I'm backing this because Titan Quest was amazing and I want to support what you do next, and I understand that Kickstarter is not a pre-order system but instead a means for us to encourage great ideas. I still haven't played Immortal Throne yet, so that'll tide me over nicely. :)

    35. Mikkel Georgsen on

      Don't be like :)

      Where is my edit button :)

    36. Mikkel Georgsen on

      If any starts complaining about the delay, ignore them. The vast majority want a finished game rather than a rushed game.

      From personal experience I do however recommend you send out monthly KS updates on the progress etc. - do be like some other KS projects who delays and then stop communicating to the backers, this is were the KS community turns ugly. A steady flow of updates and info will do a lot to avoid an angry mob :)

      Note: Updates on a forum isn't as good as a regular KS update. Mostly Alpha pledgers use the forum.

    37. BrainFlush on

      I agree. Take your time. Do the game the way you wanted to and release it in Acts if that makes it easier. I have so many god damn other things to do while I wait for this. We wanted the game and you delivered Act 1 a year later. I am happy with that. I do not need to be critical or mad. I loved Titan Quest to death and I will love Grim Dawn the same way. Best wishes Arthur and to everyone else involved.

    38. Steven Kobele on

      Eh, take your time. I'm looking forward to it, but it's not like there's a dearth of other entertainment in the mean time. Keep on working hard, work well, balance your life and put together a game you're actually proud as hell (high standards!!) to put out.

      It is what it is, and it's been good so far. Take a sip from your Tri-Beer and keep on keepin' on.

    39. John Lacy

      One of the first things I ever kickstarted, and I'm a patient person, I can wait as long as I need to ^_^ So long as it is done and done well, you wont ever get a complaint from me.

      Well, and so long as we get updates ^_^ I like to know whats going on, but I'm terrible about going to message boards :(

    40. McMarius11 on

      dont rush the game! take the time!

    41. TatX45 on

      Take all the time you need to bring us a finished game. Titan Quest was a wonderful game and I know Grim Dawn will also be wonderful.

    42. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      Thank you everyone for all the kind words and understanding - you guys are awesome!

    43. Serge Tremblay on

      Take your time Arthur, and thanks for the update,



    44. Nicholas Russell on

      Honestly you guys have been on the ball a lot more than most other dev's I've backed so I wouldn't call you lazy. Good to see things are still on a realistic schedule and looking forward to this game's release.

    45. Michaviel on

      Bought this twice, once before Kickstarter was a thing (off your site) and once when kickstarter WAS a thing. Keep it going sir, i'll am waiting in anticipation.

    46. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      Just take your time and finish the game as much as you can but I hate to admit, I am quite concern of your finances though. How about giving B12 or a version shortly to the Beta backers? Then, release an early access version on Steam for all the backers for free when you think the game is feature complete.

      I am not rushing to play Grim Dawn as I have plenty of games to play in the mean time. I loved the alpha as the game feels great so far.

    47. laha4902 on

      Agree with most of the other folks. Loved TQ, take all the time you need. If Grim Dawn can exceed TQ, it would be time well spent.

    48. Sacah on

      I'll add an "all good" too, I've got plenty of games to play in the mean time (-:

    49. Jalister on

      I just want this game to be the best it can be. Take your time. All I ask is please don't run out of money. You'll earn more when this is released.

    50. William Arndt on

      Thanks for the heads up.