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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      And I think it is great that you do offer the option.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      I gotta say... I am one of the few who find Steam just horrible and tries to boycott it in every way possible but... the other additional bonuses AND the fact that from the looks of the alpha footage I'd buy it anyway mean that I probably won't ask for a refund.
      Still... I'm not happy about not being able to play the alpha and I hope you'll consider releasing at least the beta in a form that everybody who doesn't want to install this cancer called Steam on their machine can still play.

    3. Missing avatar

      hucklebarry on

      The Steam issue is disappointing, but its not a deal breaker since its only Alpha. I am also curious if Beta will be Steam exclusive? Kudos for offering to refund based on the expectations folks had on a full Steam-free release path.

    4. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Is Steam exclusivity going to apply to the beta as well? Many other publishers manage their beta programs without having to rely on proprietary distribution.

    5. Steve Haverda on

      I pledged the $78 backing but dont have any keys for me or my co-op partner... I did register via the Humble site but no keys found :-(

    6. William

      Its called an incentive to pledge more. Many kickstarters do similar things, only offer beta and/or alpha to higher levels.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      Thanks, managed to redeem the keys. I guess the game isnt out yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      ARustyFirePlace on

      Guess I didn't pledge enough to get alpha.

      Not sure why you'd give people who spent more early access to a game, but whatever.

    9. Jalister on

      With how busy I've been, this feels like it came out of nowhere. I've actually been unable to play many of the betas and alphas I have access to, but this one will definitely get played.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Erwin Orriell on

      Woot - Congrats

    12. TheChosenOne on

      Well I don´t want to have a Humble Store account... mass PM the steamkeys instead?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crystall on

      As long as the final version is also available steam-free, I don't care much - I quite understand your reasoning, although I'd *prefer* Desura.

    14. Stephen Staver on

      Yay! Finally!
      I love Steam, so I say BRING ON MORE STEAM!!! <3

    15. Brys on

      If you're confused about the Humble Store bit, visit the and either sign in or create a new account. As long as your Humble Store login matches the e-mail you used to receive the Grim Dawn key, you'll automatically have a box asking you to claim past purchases. It's that simple :)

    16. Paul on

      Thanks Gunther, nice to see Humble Bundle lets us to claim under multiple email addresses :)

    17. Sam Wright

      I'll have to see if I can find the old key email, and how and where to use it.

    18. Missing avatar

      SargeOsis on

      Luke, you have to use the same email they send the updates to. I setup a humble store account with the "wrong" email and it didn't appear. When I changed it to the correct email, it showed up under unclaimed purchases.

      Also on the humble store page it says my key has been redeemed. Is it supposed to say that? I haven't even had an account on the humble store until today to get the key. And, the key is supposed to work on steam today right?

    19. KickBanter on

      Anyone looking for the key, check your email from around 6/1/12.

      What I can't figure out is how to use the key. My humble account is bound to a different email address and no where on the humble site does there seem to be a key prompt. It does talk about using the claim link while logged in, so is there a new email that has to go out?

    20. Aterdux Entertainment on

      Congratulations on releasing alpha! That's a huge milestone indeed and good luck with making it into beta and beyond! Using Steam is a great idea, great service, I wish we could use it for our beta but we are still campaigning on Greenlight.

    21. Luke Halpin on

      Ahh I see, I still have my game key! Do I actually need to do anything in the Humble Store? Or can I just register that key with Steam and be done with it?..

    22. Missing avatar

      Erik Iwarson on

      Thanks for the help!

    23. Luke Halpin on

      I don't remeber anything about a Humble Store... I must have missed something... :/

    24. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      I was a backer before the kickstarter campaign and I did get a KS Digital Collector key when you all made the switch, but I never got anything related to the Humble store??? How do I get this?

    25. Jean-Luc Picard on

      Ooooh, I think I remember pledging to this game. Good to see it's still coming. :P

    26. Massive Awesome on

      What @Gunther Schmidl said below. I already had a Humble account that used the same email address, and Grim Dawn appeared in my library as described.

    27. Missing avatar

      Erik Iwarson on

      or do I even have to*

    28. Missing avatar

      Erik Iwarson on

      Humble Store? I must have missed an update or something, I haven't linked anything to the Humble Store, or am I even have to? How to do what I should be doing? I'm so confused!

    29. Ryan ries on

      yeah i am really confused by humble store as well. How do we even link our account here to humble store? And great job guys, excited to try it out tomorrow!!

    30. Gunther Schmidl on

      Via someone on the forums:

      Ah, found out.
      If you have a humble bundle account, do the following:
      Login using your credentials.
      The page you're at now should be your library of games.
      At the top middle there should be a button that says Claim past purchases.
      Click on the + and Grim Dawn should be there.

      This worked for me. If you've never used it you'll presumably have to sign up with the same e-mail you used for the Kickstarter

    31. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      I will wait for the final standalone realease as my backlog is to big anyway to play unfinished & unpolished games ^^.

    32. TheChosenOne on

      Using Steam for Alpha/beta's is understandle and logical. Esp for smaller/indie companies.
      People who hate on that shouldn't back indie companies in the first place.

    33. Paul on

      I don't recall receiving anything relating to the Humble Store.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eain Bankins on

      What if I don't have a humble store account?

    35. TrentJaspar on

      What @Gunther Schmidl said.

    36. Khalus on

      I don't mind games on Steam anymore! Several years ago I wasn't for it but times have changed, I've gotten older and its just really nice having all my games digitally available in one place. I don't see Steam as the evil DRM like Ubisoft used to have.

      Looking forward to playing come release. Bought the Co-op Expansion Bundle thus I have to wait awhile yet, but I'm plenty busy playing Titan Quest and other games to pass the time!

    37. TrentJaspar on

      Congrats, Crate! A huge milestone! I'm gratified to see that a couple self-identified "die-hard DRM-free" folks are reasonable enough not to have a problem with the alpha being distributed on Steam, especially since it was never promised otherwise. You have nothing to apologize for, Crate...I hope that nobody requests a refund and bites off their nose to spite their face (and Crate's).

    38. Gunther Schmidl on

      In the Humble Store? I'm not sure I understand -- I got a lengthy non-Steam key by e-mail, and never interacted with the Humble Store.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nathan Black on

      Horrah! Can't wait to try it.

    40. Nick Hanson

      Oh, is there a NDA for alpha testers or will I be able to check youtube for some let's play videos of the Alpha starting tomorrow?

    41. Nick Hanson

      I got the Co-Op Expansion Bundle which does not include Alpha and am a die-hard DRM-free (even got a refund from Shadowrun Returns because of it) but I'm 100% fine with PRE-RELEASE versions being Steam only. As long as the final game as well as all DLC is released with a DRM-Free version (in addition to steam) then you have my full support. I'm all for ease of development and if that means early builds are steam only, so be it.

    42. William C Crawford on

      I didn't back high enough for the alpha, but I have to say that even though I'm a die-hard DRM-free fan, I don't have any problem with the pre-release versions being through Steam. It's reasonable to try to protect it from piracy during that phase, and it will probably be effective enough.

      It's also great that you're willing to refund anyone who just can't agree to that. That's a great attitude.

    43. CCTom on

      WOOOO! Tomorrow!