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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

Grim Dawn passes $400k + New melee combat video!

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

5 stretch goals unlocked!

I think congratulations are in order for everyone! We now have 5 stretch goals under our figurative belts and now at $400k you get to help us select a new environment type to add to the game!

Now too far away we get 2 new monster types and then a big one just a little beyond that at $25, which provides 3, uniquely themed, end-game dungeons!

Anything is possible in these last two days.  I know people are very eager for two-handed weapons, an additional end-game boss and, the big one, a new survivor town hidden somewhere in the wilderness!  While the latter goals are still distant, other kickstarters have pulled down far more in their final days, so it isn't totally out of the realm of reality.

New melee combat video

As if things weren't exciting enough, we've just broken $400k, the hours are counting down but, the show isn't over yet!  In response to comments requesting to see more melee combat footage, we've created a rather lengthy video to satiate your melee needs.

This video shows a dual-class melee build created by mixing primarily soldier skills with a bit of demolition.  Even without changing any skills, this character could also pick up a crossbow or firearm and be rather effective that way as well as the Grim Dawn skills are designed to be even more flexible, in terms of weapon use, than those in Titan Quest.

Last but not least, new reward tiers

I know, I know, there are far too many tiers but these are the last.  It is very difficult trying to meet all of the different demands for various configurations of rewards with Kickstarters 1 pledge - 1 reward system.  However, to resolve the biggest remaining demand among fans, we've added the following single-copy + expansion tiers:

$45 Early Access Edition + Expansion is everything from the $35 tier, including beta access, plus our first expansion (which will be developed after release).

$58 Digital Collector's + Expansion is everything from the $50 tier, including alpha / beta access, plus our first expansion (which will be developed after release).

Hopefully that should satisfy a lot of people who only wanted a single, early-access copy but also wanted the expansion.  While I'm sure there are still more combinations people might want, we really have to stop here as the rewards are going off the page and people are getting confused.  I think this is as close as we're going to get on Kickstarter to making most everyone happy. ; )

After Kickstarter, probably a couple weeks after, we will work on putting up a revised pre-order system, which may better accommodate some people.  We can't promise that all the same rewards or pricing will be available though as we just haven't had time to put much thought into it yet.

I hope you enjoy the new footage!

- Arthur

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bart Najewski on

      All game look epic enemies, also weapon fx are great. I would focus more on a motion capture of the main hero

    2. theAnton on

      This looks absolutely epic, can't wait to play! :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Layton Baker on

      I played TQ a ton and somehow only recently heard about this... I put some money in.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Moore on

      Good for you Kari, glad to hear you finally found out about Titan Quest. IMO one of the best ARPGs ever made, and better than Diablo too IMO. Enjoy the Ancient World! :)

    5. Kari Koivisto on

      I had never heard of Titan Quest before until coming across Grim Dawn on the internet, but I've fixed that error now and been playing it and it's totally one of the greatest ARPGs I've ever played. Really looking forward to Grim Dawn now! Have my money!

    6. Missing avatar

      hunter martin on

      500 bucks for beer, salright

    7. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on


    8. Cerno B on

      $2.5k! Start thinking about a final stretch goal!
      Something awesome for $500k

    9. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on

      3400$ to go!

    10. Cerno B on

      Another goal reached! Now go for the last 15k!

    11. Rich Turner on

      I love how hard the hits look/sound. Might have to ditch magic and guns/bows and just hit stuff in this game.

    12. Cerno B on

      Just received an update email from the Republique team, they recommended Grim Dawn to their backers and highlight it on their Kickstarter update page (backers only unfortunately). Awesome.
      Anyway, just upped to $64, but this is the last upgrade, I swear. We can totally do the 480k!

    13. Missing avatar

      Liew Tze Nung on

      The pledged amount goes up by the minute ! O_O

    14. Missing avatar

      Liew Tze Nung on

      Wow ! $450,795 now !!!

    15. Debbie Niederst on

      I don't think outdated graphics will be a problem, from what I can see the game is looking great. Also, come on $480K! We can do this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      The only worry I have to say I have about this (but which is a major one) is that because it is still going to be in development for that long, the graphics may be outdated by then.
      Yeah yeah, I know it's quite popular these days to rant about how graphics aren't important anyway but - somewhere deep down, they hopefully know that's not true. Because if it were, people wouldn't buy new games but play all the great old ones. There sure would be more than enough to last many, many years.
      I admit it - I want both great gameplay AND eye candy. Many, many games have managed to pull this off in the past 20 years, so I don't see why all of a sudden, the eye candy should take a back seat.

    17. Thomas Johnson on

      Agreed, a motivational speech would help a ton. Look at how Shadowrun Returns did things! Tons of videos from the devs showing their enthusiasm and talking about things helped them hit almost 2 million dollars. We can totally make 480k if we try!

    18. Missing avatar

      Raúl Molina Arista on

      Can we have a dual classes hero Like Tq??. I play hours & hours.I think it's a good way to get more hours of gameplay

    19. Cerno B on

      I think it's crucial that medierra does another motivational speech within the last 24 hours of the project. A wake up call would really help getting this to $480k.

    20. Keyrock on

      @Apichat - Yes, this was discussed in the forums. If you see an enemy wield a magical weapon you will be able to loot it off its corpse. Mundane weapons may break so you won't always be able to loot those that you see monsters wielding, but magical weapons will always drop if you see an enemy wielding it.

      Also, the combat video looks great. I think we can reach 480k. I really hope it happens.

    21. Apichat Bunluesuk on

      Will the monsters have their own weapons and equipment like in Titan Quest?
      So we are very excited when we see what they are holding or wearing, and we
      can loot from them after they get killed.

    22. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on

      Woah, we might actually get to the 480k stretch goal.

    23. CosmicMeeting on

      And yeah, it looks really, really great.

    24. CosmicMeeting on

      I want to play the damn thing. Stop with the teasing already! :P

    25. TheChosenOne on

      Pfff reward list is like 4 times as long, you guys can keep going for a while. :P

    26. Christopher Todd on

      Wow really cool. You know what i've always wanted in a melee character in an ARPG? the ability to counter and redirect melee attacks, like grab the enemy's weapon and chop their head off with it or turn their blade on them, rolling out of the way. The potential for like combos and speed buffs for quick kills is really the highest hope i have for a soldier/melee class character and i hope you guys consider this too ;)

      Looks awesome, i hope the next 43 hours are huge for you!

    27. Lucas Seuren on

      This game really looks awesome. Maybe I should buy one for a friend, game should be awesome in co-op, like Titan Quest was.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      wow this looks absolutely fantastic.

    29. Cerno B on

      Now I'm in a pinch: I want to give more and was considering my options.
      I was thinking about getting Early Access + Expansion plus a second Standard edition on a separate kickstarter account for my significant other, OR getting the Collector's co-op bundle, which amounts to basically the same price. Hrm, what to do...
      Having my name in the credits should be a nice memento of this whole kickstarter affair.

    30. Viktor Davion on

      Graveyard looks really cool! Blasts and lightning make this guy kind of terminator)

    31. Kiwiblazer on

      looks real good... i'm happy that i backed this project.

    32. Magic666 on

      oh oh oh GD is gonna be a blast! I like the vid! Nice work already, and as a melee fan this is what I'm looking for :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Liew Tze Nung on

      Wow. Now this has passed the $412k mark...... ^^

    34. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Really liking it. The attacks feel like they have weight behind them.

    35. David Palmer - Member, Mutant League on

      Now that's alot of, can't wait to rock out on this game!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jove on

      Let's not get cheap now that we've gotten our future awesome game funded. Remember how it felt before it got full funding?

    37. Whatev on

      These reward tiers are getting confusing...

    38. Justice Pie on

      I'm really digging the ambient sound of the frogs and crickets. I don't think it couldn't get any better when you want to deliver a tense atmosphere.

    39. Thrakker on

      I agree with Fredrik and Wolvie above. The $85 digital deluxe level seems massively overpriced compared to the $58 collector''s plus expansion. I had originally pledged at that level for the expansion, but now that the only difference is the map and the cosmetic Willow-the-Wisp, I may drop down.

    40. When I do, you won't know. on

      Damn, now I need to upgrade, you b*st*rd! :) Seriously though the game looks good, hope that the quests and story follows through as well.

    41. Michael Riser on

      Still looks fantastic! Makes me giddy to watch all those monsters get slapped around.

    42. Jalister on

      @Wolvie - You also get the first expansion in the $85 reward.

    43. Missing avatar


      I decided not to drop money on Diablo 3 and up my pledge for Grim Dawn!

    44. Kevin Behrendt on

      Do you already heaving a female character or is it still in the works? Besides of it, I like what I see.

    45. Wolvie

      Unfortunately I think you need to add something to the $85 pledge reward as I can't really see much reason for people not to drop down to the $58 pledge now ($27 for a wallpaper map and a cosmetic pet).

    46. Missing avatar

      lee perring on

      Oh nvm, ive found it on youtube! Kickstarter embedded didnt give me an option :P. Looking epic guys, exactly how i wanted an ARPG (so far!), im glad youve taken the good parts from TQ and improved so much!.

    47. Missing avatar

      lee perring on

      Any chance of a hd upload ;)? Looks epic!

    48. Missing avatar

      Luc LeBlanc on

      I'm assuming there is an error in the estimated release dates. The pledge tiers with the alpha access say it'll be released in October 2013 and the tiers with just the beta say May 2013. Is the alpha release supposed to say released October 2012?