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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

The Grim Dawn Kickstarter ends this Friday! Check out our revised reward chart + New Music!

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

Entering this final week, some changes have been made to the rewards based on feedback from fans.  This includes the prior addition of Swashbuckler and Drunken mastery tiers and the extension of alpha / beta access, digital extras and expansions to secondary game copies in multi-copy bundles, making for quite a value! 

By popular demand, new $48 and $78 co-op bundles plus first expansion have been added.  Check out the reward chart for details!

Also, don't forget about the stretch goals!  We've already locked down the first two and the third, promising an additional end-game boss is within $10k!

Finally, attached is another great track from Dan Crislip and Steve Pardo!  This one is more of an ambient track that is sure to up the creepiness of the desolate farmlands north of Devil's Crossing.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pimpollo on

      this song is pretty phenomenal. i think you guys have your "theme song" here

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff D on

      upped to $78. Lets make that $425k goal! $450k here we come!
      I can't wait, Grim Dawn is going to be awesome!

    3. Missing avatar

      Neko Baron on

      Bugger it, upped from $35 to $48. Beta and OST not worth losing out on a 2nd copy.
      I do genuinely wished people would realize kickstarter rewards should reflect generosity instead of a good deal because it will get into the stage of people using money saving bundles just to sell them off later.

    4. StanleySteamer on

      My god. This sounds like it came out of Diablo I.

      That's Diablo 1.

      That is a compliment.

    5. Greg Bergerson on

      Thank you Crate for adding the $58 tier ($50 tier + expack!)
      Upped my support!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ben_Polecat on

      Sweet, upping

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryzuku on

      Why no just game and expansion option?

    8. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      @Ben you won't have to use Steam if you download from us

    9. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      "Dear developers, its really nice to see that you want to satisfy everyone even here, but you have to understand that it's simply impossible to achieve that, so to avoid more confusion, please stop adding more tiers."
      Yep, you're certainly right and the latest tiers are our last attempt to please at least as many people as we can since it is, as you observe, getting overly complicated and confusing. Only 3 days left though and then, in a couple weeks we'll try to get our pre-order system back online and hopefully the ability for people to select individual options will make it easier to keep everyone happy.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben_Polecat on

      Will the Installers on the Grim Dawn website be free of steam & co being required? just a plain install file that can be done on a strictly offline system?

      Deciding on upping my pledge to gift a copy but require a true offline install :/

    11. ChrisA on

      It's kind of a bummer that the only way to get the expansion past the first tier is to get the $45 tier. It would be nice if there was a standard edition + expansion tier for $28. I bet a lot of $18 backers (myself included) would kick in on that.

    12. Missing avatar

      Achim on

      @Oliver Seims
      you say you are at 35$ from the start.
      so you knew from the beginning what you're getting with those 35$. Afaik they didn't cancel anything from the 35$-Level, they just added some things to other levels or added whole new levels. So i don't get your point. There is nothing you don't get now which you thought you get in the beginning ....
      For just 10$ more you're getting the expansion.
      Take it or leave it, but don't bother about something the Developers are ADDING for us to get more content

    13. Roq on

      @Oliver Seims - The important thing is that Crate get as much funding to make this game as possible. I'm sure that you'll be able to afford the small cost of the expansion when the time comes. And talking about piracy is irresponsible - there is a reason why some games feel they need DRM and comments such as that are not going to make it any less prevalent.

    14. Missing avatar

      Neko Baron on

      The keys are for unlocking the game on steam+other sites, not to actually use to unlock the game after you download it.
      @Achim Franke
      I started backing this on the 17th of April at 35$ (and still am) from that start because that's all I can afford to, I just don't like seeing the goal posts getting moved around and more of them popping up so often.

    15. Missing avatar

      Achim on

      @Oliver Seims
      wow, you're really impudent to tell officially, where the game is not yet out, that you will pirate the OST -.-
      omg, i can't believe what some people think they are. You should be happy to get the possibility to help this game going to happen. I think and hope, that Crate Entertainment is not dependent on people like you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ben_Polecat on

      What will the key be used for if this is meant to be drm free?

    17. Cerno B on

      @Looptop: Seconded. Unless there will be 50 reward levels I believe nobody will be 100% content. All this bickering will get us nowhere.

      Please people, focus on what matters here: We want this game to be made and we want it to be great. So I will up my pledge to a symbolic $40 as I am still content with my $35 tier, so I'll donate the extra $5.

      I feel confident that we can get the final stretch goal, but not by arguing over this issue.

    18. Missing avatar

      B. Ustad on

      I just cant understand why people get so hung up on the rewards.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neko Baron on

      I just cant understand why having the expansion seems to make the prices goes completely out of sync. I'm still at the 35$ tier but in reality all I want is the game, ost, and the expansion. The beta access was just going to be a nice bonus and when I originally pledged I don't even remember there being an expansion offered as a pledge reward for any of them.
      Seeing as I really can not go any higher I really might as well drop down to get a second copy, pirate the OST and wait for the expansion in a steam sale. :/

    20. Missing avatar

      Vassilis Skoullis on

      Still no option for "1 finished game+expansion"...
      Well, I'll remain at the $18 tier and buy the expansion after its release.

    21. Zolgar on

      @Adam, the $48 tier doesn't have Beta access, no. It just includes the to-be-released expansion for both copies.

      Personally, were I in you shoes, I would downgrade to the $45, and get the first expansion when it comes around... If you want 2 copies AND beta access, you'll need the $64 tier, or the $78 tier if you want 2 copies, 2 expansion and beta access. (as per the chart in the post)

    22. Adam De Cruz on


      $45 tier doesn't sound as good as $48 tier.

      I'm paying for $48 tier and I'm considering going back to $35 UNLESS $48 gets Beta access, even if it's just one copy to get beta while the other doesn't.

    23. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on

      Tell me something, wasn't there a guy who wanted to donate 100,000? If he where to donate, would that mean the 480k stretch goal would be counted as reached?

      Or was that guy just trolling?

    24. Rohan Deshpande on

      Just need to confirm that the new $45 tier includes the soundtrack as well? Pretty sure it does since it says "Early Access Edition + Expansion is everything from the $35 tier..." but just would like to confirm this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Pappaboy on

      And here it is the $45 tier for you, Pat.

      Dear developers, its really nice to see that you want to satisfy everyone even here, but you have to understand that it's simply impossible to achieve that, so to avoid more confusion, please stop adding more tiers. :) I was on the $98 tier but I modified it to the $78 tier because I only get the digital map and the Special Will-O'-The-Wisp pet for $20 and it probably isnt worth it, but of course I dont know for sure. I want the 2 copies, early access and the expansion, so the 78$ is fine for me now. So keep up the good work and make the game as good as possible, people who want to pledge will pledge anyways, without more tiers.

    26. Pat Bellavance

      I was happy with my $35 pledge but when I made that pledge, I had considered the $32 Co-Op bundle. The chance for the soundtrack won me over. With the new expansion Co-Op bundle, I almost bumped up my pledge since the expansion was included. Then I noticed the soundtrack was not included.

      As a few people mentioned, I too would love an option to get both the expansion and soundtrack. In order for that to happen I would have to more than double my current pledge. I'm really not all that keen at doing that.

    27. Missing avatar

      mamba on

      Ok, trying to correct some wrongs ;)

      @Ryadan Jeavons : yes the $98 co-op includes alpha and beta for both copies, see chart in link of Update #13

      @Alexspeed : there is no cheaper edition than $35 with alpha or beta access.

      @Fredrik Lundgren : yeah, not sure all rewards versus money ratios still make sense after this. Instead of dropping to $78 from $85, you could also go to $98 however ;)

      @Slimcea : man, you are greedy ;) seriously, if they keep adding stuff to the cheaper versions that no longer justifies the more expensive versions, to a degree that already is the case, see e.g. Fredrik's or Michele's comments

      @Stephan H Lum : not sure what you mean, everything that is in $35 tier is also in $50 tier

      @Shawn Saiger : let's face it, you are a miniscule minority, so you should not be a priority unless Crate is being drowned in cash. I'd wager that 95% of pledgers would rather have more content than a Mac version, the priority of the Mac version is accordingly (actually it is higher than that, but still low)

    28. Shawn Saiger on

      what about mac users...i feel no matter what the end amount is this will never be a priority.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephen Boylan on

      I'd also up my pledge to $50 if it had the rewards of 35 and the expansion. However if this doesn't happen I'll still probably end up buying the expansion when its out :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Adding the first expansion in these tier now makes the Digital Deluxe Edition look too similar and less worth. I think that at least the coop version should have duplicate digital extras.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephan H Lum on

      I agree I'd raise my pledge up to $50 if it has the current rewards of 35 or if the current 50 was given the first expansion as well.

    32. Brys on

      I gotta add a vote for a game + expansion option at $50 or so.I can't afford to swing for the $85 tier, but I could be convinced to jump up into the $60 range via the expansion. The co-op bundles do nothing for me because all my friends have already been harassed into pledging themselves!

    33. Tony Nap on

      I do hope the $50 tier gets the expansion also........

    34. Missing avatar

      Raúl Molina Arista on

      +1 in $50 tier to get expansion ...or plus 10$

    35. Missing avatar

      Vassilis Skoullis on

      If the "2 games + 2 expansions" tier is at $48, then could you please add a "1 game + expansion" tier at $25 for example?
      I would surely raise my pledge to get this combination!

    36. James Cartwright on

      I'd certainly think about raising my pledge if there was a 1 game + expansion pledge available.

    37. Cerno B on

      I like the new piece. I would invite you however to do a crappy speakers test before finalizing the OST. On my notebook speakers the higher notes had a shrieking quality to them, which was unnerving in a bad way. With good headphones, everything's swell, but consider that many people might be using bad audio equipment and you wound want to avoid alienating them. To me it would destroy the mood of the piece.

      Great job overall though.

    38. Scott Devaney on

      No 1 game + expansion tier really?

    39. Missing avatar

      Slimcea on

      Personally, at the lower tiers, I would say that beta/alpha access isn't really as worth it as having another copy available. I'd suspect the vast majority of backers probably would not really play an alpha/beta.

      At the higher tiers, just having the will-o-wisp and the digital map too seems a bad choice compared to another copy of the game + expansion.

      $35 tier to get Crate Story as well.
      $50 tier to get expansion
      $85 tier to get 1 copy of base Grim Dawn + Medal + Swashbuckler's Coat + Brew
      Drop alpha access from all co-op bundles too possibly?

    40. Magic666 on

      oh... I like this track a lot!

    41. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lundgren on

      Hmm... I am not sure how to feel about this. Now my choice feels like a worse deal.. This is making me reconsidering lowering my pledge considering 78 seems like a lot better deal compared to 85 now that only get a map and a pet vs one extra game...

    42. Missing avatar

      Neko Baron on

      yeah at this rate I'm going to be better off dropping my donation down technically and get 2 copies instead of beta access at $35 since I cant afford to go higher at the moment. Why no love for the $35 and $50 backers paying more per key and the coop expansion bundles?

    43. Greg Bergerson on

      How about a $60 Tier that has everything the $50 one does + the first expansion? :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      I feel like there should be an expansion bundle for people who only want 1 copy of the game that is less than the co-op expansion bundle.

    45. Missing avatar

      Logan Zarfoss on

      How much popular demand do I have to stir up to get the expansion on the $50 tier? :P

    46. myblade on

      Just as shown in the chart: 2 keys incl. alpha + beta, splitted into one boxed and one digital copy.

    47. Michael Riser on

      Thanks for the chart! That clears things up.

      One question: at $100 for the the boxed copy, if we up $50 to the $150 tier, does that get us 2 boxed copies or one boxed copy and 2 keys? Apologies if this has been asked.

    48. Missing avatar

      John H on

      @Alexspeed, nothing cheaper than Early Access Edition has access to beta. Some of the tiers above have alpha though.

    49. Missing avatar

      Theodoros on

      @Alexspeed: U mad bro? Any pledge that is higher than the cheaper ones includes all of the content that came in the previous tiers. How can you get fewer rewards for your pledge than someone who is giving less? :O