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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

THE FINAL WEEK! Detailed Stretch Goals + New Music!

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

Wow, I can't believe almost an entire month has gone by since we started the Grim Dawn Kickstarter!  It's been such a whirlwind of constant activity and work that time has just flown by.  I don't know about you but I'm certain this is an experience I'll remember all of my life.  This last month especially but also the past few years that I've been struggling to get Crate off the ground and make Grim Dawn a reality.  

When I look back at my years at Iron Lore and other prior jobs, I remember some unique experiences but so many of the days just sort of blend together in my head.  I was just going through a daily routine and living out my life in a safe, comfortable but rather uninspired manner.  The past few years have been incredibly challenging but I feel like I've really lived them and each month has been an adventure.  I feel like things are moving in a very good direction now, thanks to everyone who backed us here and the all the early supporters of Grim Dawn.  Wherever this road takes me, I'm glad I decided to embark upon this journey.

For a long time I've personally been a little afraid to fully pull back the curtain and let people see more of the modest reality of our situation.  It can be intimidating working in the same arena with giants like Blizzard and legendary guys like Max Schaefer when you're just some guys working out of offices in your homes.  It has been an amazing experience though to be able to share this epic adventure with all of you and to see how incredibly positive and encouraging you have all been.  I really have a renewed sense of confidence as a result.

The Kickstarter leg of the journey is coming to an end though.  We're heading into the final week and I know we all want to do our best to make sure we have a strong showing before the clock runs out.  There is still so much we could do with extra funding and you've all been asking to see some more clearly defined stretchy goals.  Below are some specific things we can commit to delivering at various levels.  Along with these specific goals, we'd also be incrementally expanding the general content.  While you look through them, here's some new music for you too.  ; )


  • Dual wielding pistols (feature tech and new animation set)


  • 25 extra pieces of unique item art


  • Additional end-game boss monster (total of 2) lurking somewhere out there in the darkness for you to find...


  • 25 more pieces of unique item art


  • A new environment set that you'll get to decide on.  We'll create a thread on the Grim Dawn forums to discuss ideas with fans, then select the best ideas and create a poll for you to vote the one you want most.


  • 2 additional monster types (models and animations)


  • Three large, high-level dungeons, each with its own theme and named hero monster.  The dungeon entrances will randomly appear in the world.


  • Savage two-handed melee weapons (includes animations and all the art required to create an entirely new item type)


  • Additional end-game boss (total of 3) to encounter in some dark and dangerous corner of the world.


  • New survivor town hidden in the remote wilderness for you to discover.  Will include a new faction group and new quest-lines to unlock once you've gained their trust.
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    1. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      Hope we can reach the 480k goal vefore the end, would be kinda cool

    2. Missing avatar

      hunter martin on

      were gonna be getting 2 handers at this rate :o

    3. Missing avatar

      Draggeta on

      I really hope something amazing happens here as well. Pledged 35 at the start, but have upped it recently from 35 to 50 to 58 to 98 in matter of days. I really hope you can reach all your goals and beyond guys :)

    4. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      @Roq, 100% true.

      Republique made over $256K in its last 3 days with over 118K coming in on the last day alone. Let's hope for a similar, strong final day for Grim Dawn.

    5. Roq on

      Republique made over half it's total in the last 6 days and particularly in the last 2 days, so fingers crossed.

    6. Immortal Productions on

      Luck and praying. Praying to the god of Luck. Worshipping whomever five times a day. As long as we reach each stretch goal! Good Luck!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lex on

      I think we'll prob reach around 450K because we'll prob get 400K before the last day. Then the last day might bring in 50K if we're lucky maybe even more I don't know the name of the game but it raises 150K on the last day! hopefully we'll get that support... :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Damasooo on

      So, there won't be two-handed melee weapons unless we reach $450k?

    9. Missing avatar

      TheShadoW on

      Meanwhile, two stretch barriers down!

    10. Ropya on

      D3 looks sick. Been waiting too many longs years to continue the story.
      That said, im holding off for the time being. Game back log is long enough.

    11. Missing avatar

      TheShadoW on

      PS: I'm totally supporting Grim Dawn simply because I'm aRPG junkie, but there's also the fact that by the time GD will be hitting its release date, I'll be putting D3 "on cooldown" after spending those hundreds (or even a thousand) of hours playing it. And while D3 is cooling down, it'll be a nice opportunity to play some nice GD.

    12. Missing avatar

      TheShadoW on

      First stretch barrier down, nine more to go!

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      I'm assuming that 25 pieces of unique item art is going to be something like 1 unique 5 item set for each class, or something? Whatever it is, cool looking items are.. uh.. cool :)

    14. James Bryant on

      Holding you to Dual wielding pistols now that 350K is up :)

    15. Ghost

      Just as a hint (as you already rised your pledge several times- thanks for that): You can pledge even more but still keep selected the reward without physical stuff.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chard on

      Honestly, Grim dawn is the ARPG i'm looking forward to the most. The direction Blizzard has gone with D3 is beyond my comprehension and while Torchlight 2 looks nice i'll pick the spiritual successor to Titan Quest any, if only for another shot at that awesome skill system.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      hunter martin on

      we probably wont be seeing a lot of the stuff on this list unfortunately

    19. Robert H on

      I hope you get to do everything on that list!
      Good music as usuall. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      J Frias on

      I love the track.

    21. Booda on

      Loving the soundtrack so far. Pretty much crushes ass.

    22. Missing avatar

      ctankep on

      I honestly want to see the new town hub as the first milestone.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kai-Chung Fang on

      I just finish watching the live stream on Ustream for RÉPUBLIQUE, it was really fun, so I was wondering if you going to do something of live stream on the final few hours before the kickstarter ends and just have the team talk about the Grim Dawn and interact with the people that watch the live stream and answering question, etc. This should be FUN!

    24. Allan Wright on

      I just want the extra environment, dungeons and towns. You can keep the rest.

    25. Archon on

      Kicktraq's trending don't include end days rush. Starlight Inception and Republique were funded during the last hours, Banner's Saga and Shadowrun were largely ovefunded within the last 3 days.

      So skip trending and go straight to the 480k Goal !

    26. Missing avatar

      gdansk on

      Well, great to see that Grim Dawn has some very specific goals. I was hoping you'd reserve more content for expansions so Grim Dawn wouldn't be just another one hit wonder.

    27. Jaime R. Maldonado on

      This track is phenomenal. Reminds me of Valkyria Chronicle's title theme.

    28. Paul Dunnells on

      Hopefully you guys get royalties. I just grabbed a copy of Titan Quest to check it out via Impulse/GameStop (A shame that StarDock no longer controls this).

    29. Missing avatar

      Ortwin Tange on

      the amount of hours I'v spend on TQ+TQIT probably rivals my time spend on guild wars and perhaps even world of warcraft, definitely beats my time spent on D2
      hope you're gonna get all of the goals as I really think you deserve it for making such great games.

      @Crate, is the level design still leaving room for possible x3 mods for the carnage that TQITx3 had? or won't it be possible with the new way that the cramped spaces are designed?

    30. lordbattlefield on

      I love all the music tracks! And the goals are great! I'm definitely upping my pledge and keep my fingers crossed for the three high-level dungeons, at least! The more you show us from the game, the more amazing it looks/sounds! I can only wish that it is as inspirational to others, as it has been to me.

    31. Andrew Wooldridge

      Glad to be helping you a little on your journey! Game developers like you using kickstarter are at the cutting edge of a new way of not only getting funding, but involving your community of contributors with a depth unheard of years ago.

    32. Missing avatar

      relampago on

      @Crate, If I could make a humble suggestion: In the stretch goals, could you give something really cool to people who are at a certain high-backing level(full disclosure: I'm not shilling for extra loot, I'm at the $32 level and cannnot go higher). It just seems to me that by adding something that can ONLY be acquired through KS and at a certain donation level, you're really incentivizing (is that a word? lol) a higher backing level and rewarding those that do. We all want and sorta expect more game content. KS is a semi-magical place atm where devs can get the support they need and devs can turn around and customize a bit of the game for their backers.

      Someone have suggested gentlemanly swords and there must be tons of other things. So my suggestion: Do a quick brainstorm or poll and get the incentive(s) up there into the highest stretch goal and see what happens. One game offered a cardboard tube samurai for the 450k mark and they only had like 220k at the time with just a few days left. They reached that stretch goal!.. was it the cardboard tube samurai?

    33. Noe Ridgway on

      If you are planning on doing DLC, is it possible to get a donation level which would include all future DLC? This would definitely get me to increase my pledge. Starlight Inception did the same with theirs (though their reward system was labrynthine, to say the least), and that particular reward did very well.

    34. Dirk Schlobinski on

      Now that's some great music!

    35. Missing avatar

      Ethan on

      Great to see these goals clearly laid out. I think I might bump up my pledge a bit. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Derrick Hughes on

      If we exceed 480k, I think most people here would be ok with you guys going out to celebrate and have a good time, but just this once! :P

    37. Dominik Dalek on

      Project is trending towards ~$420k and with usual frantic finishers, $450k is very much achievable. I hope it ends up somewhere around $520k+ so we get all of the stretch goals AND guys can afford some more than just bread and water while they're working on the game. ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      Absolutely beautiful soundtrack. Its just grim, dark and atmospheric, where it fits the game's atmosphere a lot.

      Upped my pledge to $50. I think Crate are the only company on kickstarter that i actually trust.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kathy on

      Can't wait to hear the full finished soundtrack, it all sounds so good so far! These are some excellent new stretch goals, even getting to the $480k I think is possible. Good luck!

    40. Aymar on

      The extra features look kinda strange... If you get 70K extra from the original pledge you will add dual wielding? And usually you can add 25 extra unique items per 10K or monster type for 12K...
      I wouldn't focus on dual wielding then, but still, I like your project, and have been following it for a while. Good luck guys!

    41. Keyrock on

      I feel 400k and all the lower stretch goals will be reached easily with time to spare and the higher goals even up to 480k are definitely attainable. Let's make this happen!

      Also, awesome musical track!

    42. Michael Riser on

      So excited for you guys! And for all of us, really. It's nice to have a game I can really be excited about in a space that has largely outgrown what I love about gaming.

      Those extra tidbits sound amazing. I'll keep spreading the word and hope that we can get every last one of those extras in the final game. I wish I could truly afford to up my pledge, and that I had more time to bum around the forum (been working on a new MSS that's been taking most of my time and energy), but I'm always juiced up when I see these updates. Can't wait to see more!

    43. Robert Baratheon on

      @Steve, that is an awesome suggestion. The only game I've ever played that featured heavy metal that comes to mind is brütal legend. Some metal in a game like this would be awesome during especially intense sections, though I fear it would clash with the rest of the soundtrack. OH well...there is always the possibility to mod it in later ;-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      We have to reach those 480k. Ok time to sell a kidney guys, after all we can live with one

    45. Missing avatar

      Steve Potenziano on

      are Art want some death metal? I can do it for u ;)

    46. Nimue on

      Yay, dual wielding! That sounds promising :-)

    47. Zebra3 on

      Excellent list of stretch goals! I'm particularly looking forward to more end game bosses.

    48. Veav on

      A swashbuckler! With class-unique cutlasses, tricorns, and bandannas! LIGHTNING THORN BANDANNA!

    49. Gavin Emery on

      @ Veav & 343GuiltyFart: I'm with you guys all the way. a fencer/duellist dual wielding rogue type class would be awesome.