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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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New music track "Lonely Moon" posted!

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)
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Another haunting melody has been released by our sound team.  Somehow it sounds filled with despair and hope all at once.  Listen to it here or check out the developer update on the forums and leave your comments!

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    1. Chris Taran on

      I seriously can not wait to get my hands on this soundtrack!

    2. Christopher Todd on

      Beautiful piece! I'm so happy you guys decided to give kickstarter a shot, and am not surprised that it's already exceeded its' goals before i even had a chance to be a backer. I hope that, as you stated, this funding will be put to great use in hiring more artists - but at the same time, i hope that these additions don't homogenize the output at all and that Grim Dawn has a style all its' own when it arrives. All of the videos shown thus far are very nice looking, but i do think that perhaps it could be a little more stylized and unique. In any case, i voted with my dollar and am totally on board for this game - Keep us posted!

    3. Eric on

      Titan Quest rocked!!!

    4. theAnton on

      I also had a blast in the D3 beta and are greatly looking forward to release, just as I'm greatly looking forward to Grim Dawn. Must play all ARPG's, all loot must belong to me! :P

    5. Tor-Eilif Hargaut on

      Nice. Too bad you didn't enjoy the D3 Beta cjnenke, I had a blast! I'm still supporting this, and want it out there. Goal is so close now, might have to up my pledge a bit if it seems like it'll be just below the amount.

    6. cjnenke on

      Nice work guys, after a disappointing time on the D3 Beta i came across this, so stoked! Cant wait to play this looks awesome

    7. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chard on

      Oh man, this is going to make for one of those awesome relaxing moments in ARPGs. No idea how but the routine slaying of monsters becomes quite soothing after a while.

    8. Missing avatar

      DrHelvetica on

      beautiful... great work guys!

    9. carn1x on

      Makes me think of Nick Cave

    10. carn1x on

      Makes me think of Nick Cave

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      Very nostalgic theme. Love it!

    12. Missing avatar

      Anton on

      pleeease, incluse lossless version in OST.

    13. ryunp on

      Bravo. Eerie yet demands attention.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      wow awesome.

    15. Missing avatar

      james adam callahan on

      This track had me hoping that I bought a digital sound track!!! i had to go back and checK!!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      james adam callahan on

      i have literally listened to this 16 times in a row. thank you for your artistic amazingness. yes that's a word. deal with it.

    17. Missing avatar

      james adam callahan on

      gorgeous. keep it coming.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      It depends on where they use it. It would be great in town and decent enough between groups of mobs.

      That said, I would love to kill thousands while listening to calm tunes on occasion. It's like the movie scenes where they play the slow music while muting the violence.

      Either way, good stuff.

    19. Monsignor on

      Disappointing, not suitable for this kind of action game.

    20. Kyle Tamayo on

      ..... Alpha out yet?!

    21. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Damn, there has been not one throwaway track yet! Not only can I wait to play the game, I can't wait to chill out to this soundtrack. You guys are doing an amazing job on this project!

    22. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Wow, love it. Beautiful.

    23. Gábor Avadí on

      Amazing song! Very emotional.

    24. Whatev on

      No doubt, this game is already on the path of great.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Bridges on

      Lovely sound track. When it stopped it seemed to leave a void in its place. More please :)

    26. Josh Piercy on

      This is beautiful.

    27. Kyle on

      man if you guys keep making good song i might have to up my pledge to something with a sound track.

    28. Beau Hansen on

      Sent shivers down my spine, nice work.

    29. Noray1987 on

      Reminds me of Akira Yamaoke's work (from Silent Hill). This is intended as a huge compliment!

    30. eman.russ on

      Lovely track. Raising my pledge to 35.

    31. david kay on

      Everything I've seen/heard from you guys sounds so tantalizing! I cannot wait to see what the game will look like with all the layers of polish you guys intend to put on it. Keep up the excellent work.

    32. Robert Bowen on

      Very nice track, starting with an almost 'reflective melancholic' atmosphere and building up to hopefulness. Really liking the mix of instruments on this one. Great work, and looking forward to hearing more.

    33. Paul Dunnells on

      Wow, it really was haunting, yet, hopeful. Never overlook that you can have a simple melody convey a great deal. I personally thought the mix of instruments worked really well for this. Strings, with some guitar, and the tune carried by the piano. With some very nice woodwind highlighting.

    34. Davyd McColl on

      Keep up the good work!

    35. garkham

      That's totally what I expected. Be inspired. Don't hesitate with the wind-brass too ! :-)

    36. Kenneth Getz on

      If I wasn't dumping all my cash on various kickstarter projects I'd up to the $35 for the soundtrack. Still might. Great tune. Keep it up guys.

    37. Missing avatar

      Neill George on

      With this track you've inspired me to increase my pledge - nicely done!

    38. Matt Robertson on

      Wow, that was awesome. I'm really at a lack of words, you guys have so much great stuff going into this game, it makes the wait harder and harder.

      The music has REALLY been impressing me, and the amount of updates you guys are giving to the community, i'm not surprised since I've been on the GD for a while now and your constant activity is always reassuring.

      thanks for everything Crate!

    39. FloodSpectre on

      Love the vaguely post-rock guitar work :)

    40. Rakimou on

      Loved it. Your sound team means business.

    41. Steve Pardo on

      Glad you guys are enjoying the track! This one was composed mainly as a theme, for use as town music or during non-combat/desolate gameplay. No bloody baddies croaking over going on behind this. And to clarify, all the music is still kinda in "alpha". Expect mastered/final versions of everything you've heard so far. Thx again all!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ryuketsu on

      Towards the end I felt like playing Silent hill again

    43. Missing avatar

      Ryuketsu on

      Very nice. I really hope this gets the green light!

    44. Zebra3 on

      Very moody and... mournful. I'm loving this music :)

    45. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      I really, really love it. While I agree it's not so much a "Kill ALL the Things" sort of tune- it definitely has that "trekking through a desolate land" sort of feel. I'm generally not a fan of instrumentals in and of themselves because they tend to feel lacking. I love this one though. :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Lauwie0 on

      WOW!.... this is incredible.

      Totally agree with ZJAT on this too, on the minecraft thing.

    47. getoz on

      At first, it's just a beautiful sad music but it starts to pick up some spookiness. Thanks for the wonderful music!!