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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

Daddy, where do pledges come from?

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

Just a little mini-update because I thought it would be interesting to share some information with you all that Kickstarter provides us about where people who pledged arrived from.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Beau on

      WOOHOO!!!! :) Game has a pretty nice following over there. Lots of talk!

    2. Oo MaxWar Oo on

      I used to play TQ and really enjoyed the game, to me it was better than Diablo2. I discovered Grim dawn and got the kickstarter link on a "Diablo clones" thread on the forums.

    3. Missing avatar

      ctankep on

      4chan does not support hyperlinks. You have to select then copy and paste a URL on the boards then paste them yourself in the address field, that's why there are so few actual 4chan referrals. The people you see here are add-on users that enable hyperlinks for convenience which isn't something a lot of people do.
      Rather assume that the "Direct traffic (no referrer information)" are /v/ users,

    4. David Knight on

      Interesting, thanks! =)

    5. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Bullshit /v/ was pledging to this right after it went up.

      Thats how i pledged for Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2

    6. Andrew Maizels on

      Rock, Paper, Shotgun has been doing a great job covering the more interesting Kickstarter projects. In this case I found the project before I saw it on RPS, but if I hadn't, I would have been added to their stats. :)

    7. Darkside_Hero on

      wow I can't believe 80 people clicked on that link from neogaf!

    8. Damien Strunga on

      Well the 4chan pledges certainly didn't come from /v/ because /v/ hates video games.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      Maybe my stupid video works at last :D

      Congrats. 18 days and only $60,000 to go.

    10. Jan Romero on

      Team Direct Traffic!

    11. Missing avatar

      Drakengard002 on

      The problem with this breakdown is that just because I learned about it from a place doesn't mean that when I finally pledge that I'm going to use the place I found it to find the project again.

    12. Benjamin Schapiro on

      @ryan saul
      My bet is that you're getting caught in either "direct traffic", "search" or "google" depending on how you headed to the site. So your number, as an average, looks better than the numbers straight from the publication sites.

    13. Steven Kobele on

      Yay, Somethingawful! (we're so behind) . It doesn't mean we love you less, though!

    14. Ryan Saul on

      I'd like to note that usually when a publication shows me one of these projects, I mull it over for a little while before pledging. So there could be far more referrals than it seems, but it would be impossible to track.

    15. KaBaDaBrA on

      Im from South Africa, saw a post on Facebook about this "Grim Dawn" followed it and.....HEAVEN!!!! being a huge ARPG fan I felt right at home, signed up and pledged!! :D

    16. Robin Bond on

      Thats pretty interesting, would also be cool to know where donations have come from by country.

    17. Missing avatar

      Robbert Jan te Raa on

      Surprised not more comes via, as they always post a news item when there's an update. That's how I first got here.

    18. Johan Lundström on

      I'm a fan of - mailny because it has 'cheap' and 'ass' in it.

    19. Benjamin Schapiro on

      @nicholas and they turned out to be the cheapest too...
      Actually, the breakdown is surprising. It looks like most of the gaming news websites brought in the same general band of money, 31-37 average. Facebook breaks that, as do most of the direct, Grim Dawn affiliated things ( 51 buck average from the website, 111 average from the user widget). Basic moral of the story: clearly more widgets. And while the plurality of people are just preordering the game, the rewards run high enough that it really looks like everyone's preordering the beta/music or the coop package.
      1) 37.17
      2) 49.575
      3) 48.02
      4) 34.67
      5) 51.26
      6) 111.51
      7) 44.42
      8) 38.11
      9) 33.65
      10) 31.09
      11) 36.86
      12) 31.78
      13) 37.26
      14) 30.27
      15) 39.04
      16) 45.92
      17) 30.8
      18) 35.47
      19) 36.29
      20) 29
      21) 33.97
      22) 35.53
      23) 37.3
      24) 32.85
      25) 28.26

    20. Missing avatar

      Greg Malone on

      A lot of that traffic with no referrer tag is likely people using ad/script blocking extensions like noscript, notscript or something similar. Shows a pretty technical audience, though the figure is so high i would doubt it's all attributable to browser extensions.

    21. ICryCauseImemo on

      @Josh yeah shame kotaku never made an article :/ and giantbomb said "they would look into it, but they fear what posting to many kickstarters will do"

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Simpson on

      Yay, Shacknews is represented, That's where I came from. Awesome, awesome!

    23. J.R.

      It would be great if you could make an interview with RPS and get them to feature a new article about the game!

    24. Robert Baratheon on

      ...and none from either or, unless I missed it. I think I will not support their websites any longer.

    25. Gábor Avadí on

      @Steve Townsend Me too! I thought the majority of backers would be TQ fans.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Schubach on

      I found "" being the last on the list rather funny.

    27. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsend on

      I am surprised that is not on this list