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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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Sound and music creation for Grim Dawn

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

In this update, Dan Crislip and Steve Pardo give us a behind-the-scenes peek into the sound and music work being done for Grim Dawn.  They've gone to great lengths to make the sound and music for Grim Dawn unique by incorporating real instruments and venturing far and wide to record different ambient and effects sounds. 

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    1. Gonzalo Rubio on

      This sounded amazing even being compressed through youtube and via some average quality in-ears.
      Can't wait for the final game to use my AKG K702's at home :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam Adkison on

      Awesome 'behind the scenes' look into the creation of the game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Hunter on

      Very nice to see 'agents in the field', conducting their covert sampling activities...

    4. Corrodias on

      Sounds pretty cool. Make sure to you use plenty of dynamic range. Make us turn up our speakers and let the highs stand out!

    5. Rohan Deshpande on

      Didn't know before but there's already quite a few pieces to listen to on the website

    6. Virsalus - Prime Sorcerer of the OO on

      This preview really gets my hopes up for the soundtrack!

    7. Rohan Deshpande on

      As a music producer myself, this was really interesting and the music for the game is shaping up to be a huge highlight so far. Excellent work guys!

    8. Missing avatar

      Svend Andersen

      Have you guys considered using e.g. ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lundgren on

      By the way. I do like how the music has a sort of grim more earth sound to it then the rather blend epic music score one usually get in RPGs. (Though I do like some Epic classical style pieces. Total Annihilation has one of the best scores ever and is very epic.)
      The music should fit the game and with it dark grim post apocalyptic tone it works well with music like this rather then something that is very bombastic.

    10. Missing avatar

      Caleb on

      Loved that final track, keep up the great work!

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen McManus on

      Hey, that looks like Somerville to me :)

    12. Mark Clarke on

      Does anybody pine for these guys to make a spiritually baldur's gate-like 100hour RPG game!
      I would come over to the US and work just to provide funds so that you guys can have a place to work and live and not worry about paying the property bills if you were to make the said game I mention in the future.

    13. Michael Riser on

      I always love to see sound guys at work. Enjoyed the music clips a great deal, dig the direction you're going with it. Awesome!

    14. garkham

      Just awesome. The final music is especially why I always listening OST even when I don't play. I'm reaaaally impatient having this OST in my computer.

    15. Nicholas Russell on

      Impressive work. Though I was wondering what you used to produce the combat effects. Sounds intruiging and really loving the soundtrack so far

    16. Thomas Kulik Jr on

      I sounds really good so far. Thanks for the update!

    17. Missing avatar

      Dobster on

      Great video, I never really thought about what was involved in creating game sounds before.
      Very satisfying combat sounds and the music gave me chills.
      I just wish I earned more money so I could afford to pledge more :)

    18. Dirk Schlobinski on

      Sounds great (pun intended).
      Will make sure I've pledged enough to upgrade my preorder enough to get the OST.

    19. Robert Baratheon on

      I'll offer my constructive criticism, previously voiced by TheChosenOne, and somewhat addressed by Dan Crislip. The hitting sounds in this video did sound rather dull, but it's unclear whether that was a "final" effect sound, or something which was before processing and so forth. As far as the music goes...I can only voice my own opinion about it, but I was pleased :-).....Needs more cowbell though.

    20. Anthony Baird on

      Those combat sounds are really nice.. very crunchy and satisfying.

    21. Kyle Tamayo on

      And if you can't find a washing machines, get your sounds by recording you beating the haters who are gonna hate.... with clubs.

    22. ICryCauseImemo on

      @eNTi so making their own music is sacrilege? Are you one of those people who just listen to the same band for 20 years because everything else sounds like x,y,z. If anything it's a compliment to that style of music.

    23. Missing avatar

      Snyper Elite on

      I can't believe you guys... this sounds just like other music, it's got beats and instruments and everything. I demand you only use a stick in a washing machine to generate your sound...its the only way to be original

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Gawrys on

      Haters gonna hate.

    25. Missing avatar

      eNTi on

      please move away from the matt uelmen themed songs... it sounds like you've almost copied his style and tried to mix it with overly invasive percussions. the music should be much more like background noise rather than all out orchestral to mask your blunt tries to a 1:1 copy from diablo 1. that's just cheap. find your own style. i love uelmen. what you are doing is sacrilege.

    26. Zebra3 on

      Sounding really great! Can't wait for more :)

    27. Missing avatar

      JS on

      It is great to see the behind the scenes sound effects generation. Really nice to see that your team is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of the game.

    28. Ryan Saul on

      Would like to hear more of the soundtrack, especially that guitar-riff score.

    29. GrandAdmiralThrawn on

      Sounds impressive and like a good fit for Grim Dawn! Good audio is sometimes more important than good graphics in my opinion, and it seems like Grim Dawn is gonna have very good audio! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lundgren on

      I am looking forward to hearing the music. It sounds different from what is usually in games which I like.

    31. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Hah! I think that's amazingly awesome. It had to be pretty fun too. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chard on

      Oh wow, that all sounds awesome. I'll be happy as long as you replace the blunt weapon sound that was in Titan quest. "BONK BONK BONK BONK CACHINK BONK BONK" That thing did not sound right.

    33. Koovan on

      Great work from the sound guys and thanks for taking the time to share your work with us - really interesting and only sorry that the video isn't longer. Your work is very much appreciated.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gaither on

      I like the direction of the music and sound fx that you have going with Grim Dawn. Thanks for the video!

    35. theAnton on

      Excellent! Love the sounds and the awesome music.

    36. Trond Solberg on

      This is awesome!
      I am really looking forward to this game!

    37. TheChosenOne on

      Is what shown at ~1:06 'before' then?

    38. Missing avatar

      Nubcakes on

      I glad you guys are NOT just using premade sound bites we hear in every other game dating back to Doom. The sounds are excellent so far!

    39. ICryCauseImemo on

      YES! Lament that track is seriously magical. Great to see you guys you are both doing some amazing work here.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ivan Soto on

      This is amazing. Keep up the good work!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ithilien on

      Great update! Let us see the whole team :)

    42. Dan Crislip on

      Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

      @TheChosenOne The challenge of Foley and field recording is that the full-frequency sounds you perceive are never recorded that way. I wanted to reference the before/after that we showed here, which is the true test of a sound designer: taking the real-world recorded samples and turning them into the beefy, powerful in-game sounds, which we have shown here and in many of our previous gameplay videos.

    43. Chris on

      Wow. You guys are awesome. I love the real sound effects. Can I come and work for you - looks like a great time :)

    44. TheChosenOne on

      Those hitting sounds sound pretty dull and don't convey a lot of impact tbh.
      Music is acceptable though. :)

    45. Keyrock on

      Awesome update, really brought some good insight into how the audio is made.

    46. Missing avatar

      AquaAnima on

      Nice work!
      I can't wait to play the game and listen to all those sounds and music you have made!
      It's gonna be EPIC! :D

    47. Jesse Klug

      Seeing more of your actual process and sill at work is a huge confidence builder! Thanks!

    48. Robert Baratheon on

      I WANT GAME NAOW!!!!!

    49. Nori on

      Great update. Always wondered how some of those sounds got in the game. Looks like you guys really know your stuff which is awesome!

    50. Matthew Farmery on

      utter wonderful update, nice to see some behind the secnes workings on the game, and yes the sound and music is bloody awesome