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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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New music track "Cult of Ch'thon" posted!

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

Our men of music have produced a new track for Grim Dawn titled "Cult of Ch'thon."  It is a moody piece that begins with some slow ambient and then picks up toward the end.   I hope you enjoy!

You can also discuss it here on the Grim Dawn forums and be sure to check out some of our earlier music in the media section.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      The soundtrack is amazing. It's dark and gritty, which suits the game extremely well.

    2. theAnton on

      In the post at their forum they state that you can choose "No reward" and they'll make sure you get the right one.

    3. Missing avatar

      varsovie on

      O_o Double post, my last was one supposed to be on the 6th update.

    4. Missing avatar

      varsovie on

      Hi, same has Juan, how can I keep my preorder discount AND choose the mice? Since I should pledge less than the reward, I can't select it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Hi Crate! I already upgraded my legendary pre order key to the $150 boxed deluxe ed. but seeing the mouse has tempted me to go up those extra $25. Can I upgrade again? Or it is too late?
      Also since this would ship internationally the shipping cost remains at $10 as the boxed deluxe ed? or is it going to be higher since it adds the G400?

    6. Rohan Deshpande on

      Excellent please post more tracks!

    7. Zebra3 on

      I really like this track! It's very menacing. Great work!

    8. DerRidda on

      This reminds me of This Morn' Omina, which totally is a good thing.

    9. Missing avatar

      mariusz jurek on

      Things like this make want to up my pledge! Keep up the good work guys!

    10. William Wolfman on

      Feed me Cthulhu-eske anything.

      Just a taste of what's to come, so excited!

    11. Robert Bowen on

      This is a great atmospheric track, with some lovely dark undertones. Great work, and thanks for sharing it.

    12. Fengshen on

      On a sidenote, love the "reference" to the Cultists of Cthulhu! (or at least, that's what I read the first time I saw the title... :P)

    13. Fengshen on

      @Dan: I'm completely in love with your style, I just love the dark ambient sphere you put down and can't wait for the complete versions! This is one hell of a soundtrack that's going to be my background music not only during the countless hours I'm going to play Grim Dawn, but also when studying / programming / whatever!
      Do you, by any chance, have a SoundCloud account?
      Like Rylock said: this is a far better spiritual successor to Diablo and Diablo II than Diablo III can ever be, Diablo III open beta felt like a singleplayer version of WoW to me... :(
      The dark, grim feeling of Diablo combined with the awesome gameplay and multiclassing of TQ... What more can an ARPG-lover ask for? :D

    14. Mihnea Murgeanu on

      nice 'dark' theme and thank you for posting it

    15. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Nice, all the music I've heard from this game has been incredible! The immersion is going to be fantastic!

    16. Bert Derveaux on

      Nice track, hope the rest of the music can live up to this standard.

    17. Keyrock on

      Love the track, really nice and ominous.

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Great track guys.

    19. Magic666 on

      Damn tabs! Wrong game!

    20. Matthew Farmery on

      I just looked up FLAC, so yeah I agree with your suggestion,

    21. Magic666 on

      I like the song that is played in the forest encampment, any change on a sneak peak on that one?

    22. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Maybe you make music available under Creative Commons license after game release?

    23. Davyd McColl on

      Beautiful and, sadly, miles ahead of the ambient music in Diablo3 (I say sadly (1) because I'm a longstanding Diablo1 and Diablo2 fan and (2) because I pre-ordered before I got invited to the beta which, whilst being reasonably good, is not on the level one would expect for the Diablo franchise).

      This just fortifies my confidence in the pledge that I made based on the video of the current state and the profound passion displayed toward developing an epic game. I can't wait for some kind of playable alpha/beta.
      Simply. Can't. Wait. (:

    24. Adam Stamos on

      That was pretty damn good. The first thing I did after listening was double check the rewards to see if the soundtrack was offered. If the rest of the tracks sound that good I may add it to my daily playlist... the only other video game soundtrack on my playlist is Michael McCann's Deus Ex:Human Revolution OST.

      Any chance you guys will offer a FLAC or some other lossless version of the soundtrack instead of or in addition too MP3s?

    25. kkipple on

      Better than Diablo 3 music, fer sure.

    26. Rob Holland on

      Definitely very moody, and goes well with the whole feel of the game that I've seen so far. Almost reminds me a little of some of the music from Icewind Dale, with the dark moodiness of the theme. Awesome.

    27. Thomas Kulik Jr on

      Really awesome stuff. I like it alot..

    28. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      I listened all the tracks in the official page, and this is very good and ambient music for the game. Good work!

    29. Matthew Farmery on

      I have to say, if GD is going to have higher quality music then what is currently available, then I have to say this music is still bloody awesome, so the final version will be utter awesome, as Guillaume DC has said, the above music captures the dark and moody feel to the game nicely, and far more awesome then D3 music from what I heard of that, and to be frank, the D3 music doesn't cut it for me at all. I love all the music of GD, they all have their place in the game, bloody awesome, keep these sound previews coming

    30. Josh Piercy on

      Really awesome piece. I love how slow it begins and then gets a much more "tribal" (not sure if that's the best word to use here, but whatever) vibe around the 2:30 mark. If this is what we can expect from all of the game's music, I expect great things.

    31. Bert Pauw on

      What an awesome track! "Moody" indeed!

    32. Rylock on

      After having played the Diablo 3 beta I must admit I'm much more excited about this game. They've gone and lost the dark atmosphere that made the series for me.

      Seems like you guys will make a better spiritual successor to D2 than the Blizzard of today can. This track is great, just "grim" enough.

    33. Matthew Farmery on

      got to say that music is awesome, love the slow start to it, the music of GD is really coming along nicely

    34. Dan Crislip on

      Just a note, as the audio lead for this game, every piece of music we've posted on the GD website and now here is an early version. This piece *will have* live cello, but this version does not. I just didn't want any confusion! The final soundtrack will be a much higher quality and will feature many live performances. We just really like to put out previews when we can. Also, thanks for the huge support, everyone!