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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

Answers to questions - Do you have a publisher? How big is Crate? How far along is Grim Dawn?

Hi everyone,

First let me just say, I am amazed that we're already nearing the half-way point and I am humbled by not only the financial generosity of fans but by how much you guys care and the effort you've put into spreading the word about Grim Dawn.  We still have a lot of people to reach and your efforts at raising awareness about Grim Dawn are the best way to make that happen.  We're counting on you!

I also wanted to re-post some information from the comments section for those wondering about who exactly we are as a "studio", whether we already have any funding and just how far along Grim Dawn is in development.

Just to clear things up, we do not have a publisher or really any funding at all right now besides a small trickle from our pre-orders, which has been very helpful but isn't near enough to pay even one person full-time wages. We aren't a big portion of the team from Iron Lore as some might assume, we're just two full-time guys and a few friends from Iron Lore who help us out as much as they can on nights and weekends. We all work remotely in home offices as we can't currently afford to rent a space. So, we're about as indie as it gets and definitely aren't double-dipping. As someone said below, Grim Dawn is sort of like a big, glorified tech demo right now or maybe more like a vertical slice and a half. We want to be able to deliver all the content everyone expects of an ARPG on release but building that requires more than just a full-time designer and programmer. To be able to make real progress on this game, we need a full-time artist, animator and content designer at the very least. We could finish up a nice game with a fair amount of gameplay for the low price with that team. We'd love to do more though. Our current features give the game huge potential and with more people we could put those features to much better use. It would be great to have extra people working with our new quest system and the faction system. I know some really cool stuff can be done with that but currently we haven't had much time to play with it. It is just sitting there, waiting to be turned into awesomeness. So while you might think of most development as building a cake layer by layer, we sort of have an entire slice built from top to bottom (the vertical slice) and we need this funding to build the other slices. The more funding we get, the more slices. I'm sure you guys would rather have an eight-slice cake instead of a six-slice cake. With more money we could also add some frosting and I'll post an update soon to let you know about a few of the things we'd like to add if we can surpass our goal.

I should also say, a big part of the reason that we're here is that we're feeling increasing pressure to get this game out and our current progress is just painfully slow. We want to be able to move forward faster and have a core team who's time we can depend on so that we can start projecting release dates and keep everyone happy. Our hard work over the past two and a half years has gotten us to the point where we could probably release a very small alpha soon, which I'm sure fans will be excited to play but looking at how long it has taken us to get to this point, I don't want it to take another two years for us to release the full game and I know you don't. So, we're here trying to correct that problem for fans so that we can deliver the game you expect in a time that is more reasonable. I mean, as long as we can keep going without salaries, keep harassing people for part-time help to get the other assets we need, we'll keep moving forward but with the extra full-time people this KS campaign can provide, we could start making some real results that I know you want to see.

Finally, I just wanted to respond to a couple comments I've seen where people have expressed that they think Kickstarter should only be used to fund projects that couldn't happen otherwise.  Grim Dawn couldn't happen if we weren't willing to start this project with no funding and work for the past 2.5 years without any pay.  It also couldn't happen if the other developers who have contributed over the years weren't willing to donate some of their free time on nights and weekends to create art and animations for us.  It is still true today that the only reason Grim Dawn can continue to happen is that we're still willing and able to keep working unpaid.

So, I don't think it is fair for people to say a project that isn't started, because no one was willing to put in any work on it without full funding first, is more worthy than a project that people had the dedication to start themselves without money.  I'm not knocking on any of the other projects, I can appreciate that those other studios have employees to support and maybe can't afford to invest free time into a new project but I also don't think we should be penalized because we did.

Thank you for listening and thank you all for your continued support!

Arthur and the Crate Team


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    1. memmaker650 on

      - What is an AMA ??
      - Any option to have a MAC version ???
      - Great job with Titan Quest, Grim Dawn looks nice. You have my pledgie to finish this great project.

    2. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Crate, thank you for clarification about Linux port goal, I believe we will reach it!

    3. Andrew Maizels on

      An AMA is a great idea. Also see if any of the game podcasts want to interview you. There's a lot of us TQ fans out there!

    4. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      Glad to hear how much everyone enjoyed TQ! We think we might try to do an AMA next week.

    5. Aletheides on

      @Mikkel Georgsen you can still pick Titan quest and the expansion up cheaply off Steam. You should try it out. The mastery system of combinding any two classes of your choise is great :)

    6. Mikkel Georgsen on

      I never did play Titan Quest but I saw your tech demo and it look good so I put some money where my mouth is :)

      I'm already stretched a bit thing with too many different projects backed but yours is certainly worth it - keep going and let's have some nice 1080p screenshots from the game to keep us warm :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Silvan Fricker on

      Easy way to ship? Plush Cake, of course! ;)
      Keep up the good work!

    8. KaBaDaBrA on

      I quite enjoyed Titan Quest...being a Diablo fan too I really enjoy ARPGs - you got my support and hopefully you get STAX more of people that are willing to contribute!!! :D

    9. Nikki on

      And here i was playing titan quest and someone mentions this kickstarter on the escapist. pledged as much as i can affrord and i hope you guys get what you need, titan quest is an amazing game even today and from what ive seen of grim dawn so will that .

      thank you for working on what is obviously your passion for all these years. I believe in you guys

    10. Missing avatar

      Mayank on

      I've never trusted cakes after playing Portal :P Damn Galdos. I knew there was something funny about her :D On topic: Are you guys doing a IamA on reddit yet ? If so, then I'd advise doing it atleast 2 weeks before the spanish-devil-tres launch date because of two reasons:
      1. most d3 fans are well....i wont say crazy but yeah crazy :P
      2. reddit goes mad when there is some big event like that coming up. means more trolls and hubris than usual

    11. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      Wow, I feel like a total idiot... I checked this a couple times and only saw 3 comments. I was wondering why there weren't more responses. However, this time I noticed one of the comments was different and then noticed a little 3/22 in the top corner... *facepalm*

      So yeah, thank you for all the positive comments! I've been trying to think of an easy way to ship cake as a reward but I haven't come up with anything yet. ; )

    12. Missing avatar

      Mayank on

      Marching on :) Towards the goal

    13. Jose Orozco on

      Titan Quest = RPG goodness for dozens of hours!! I salivate at the thought of another game made by these talented folks. I had already purchased their "legendary" pre-order but I threw in another 50 bucks as a way to show my complete support for this fantastic project. Keep at it, I know you wont let us down Crate!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nrobria on

      As many have said already. There's a lot of kickstarter projects I don't even consider because everything always sounds "good on paper". Although I'm going to sound like a hypocrite because I backed Grim Dawn two years ago, but they had Titan Quest under their belt and that was all I needed to know. But companies I'm not familiar with I much rather have some kind of visual showing that, "Hey, we're working on this and we need your help, here's why let us show you." I'm more willing to get behind that. Nekro is a prime example of that. I wouldn't have funded that game either had it just been on paper, but their small game play videos and their art style sold me.

    15. krayzkrok on

      I think there should be a new reward tier, for those that want the cake.

    16. Andrew Maizels on

      Does the boxed edition come with cake now?!

    17. Michael Green on

      I prefer to back projects that already have substantial progress. I have faith in the dedication of people willing to sacrifice their free time to pursue something they care about.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nomaan on

      The cake metaphor made me hungry. The update itself was nice though, it's good to get clarification.

    19. ChrisA on

      The thing about kickstarters being for projects that haven't started is completely ludicrous. I'd rather the product be as far along as possible. It's up to the people running the campaign to let us know why they're using kickstarter and what they're doing with the money. After that, it's all fair game.

    20. Aaron Soule on

      Anyone who thinks Kickstarter should be for only projects that haven't started this now and learn the error of your ways!

    21. GhundiPI on

      Thank you for the update! And it is pretty inane to suggest that a project which already has done some legwork isn't worthy of further support. A concept like that is called prototyping and is pretty much the standard in any industry. So keep at it and lets see a very nice end-goal!

    22. azizex666 on

      tell those developer/artist/animator friends of yours who put in the free time in past couple of years, Thank You!

    23. Missing avatar

      Rudy Duke on

      Thank you for the status update! Titan Quest is still my favorite ARPG of all time and if this is even close to it in pure amazing then I will be impatiently waiting for it.

    24. Luke Keppler

      Whoever said that -- that's pretty ridiculous. What the heck kind of logic is that? Inverse logic!

      The more you come to the table with (ideally you've already finished a product), the better! It gives fans more of an idea what they're funding and guarantees their funding will pay off.

      Kickstarter is about encouraging a creator to release their art into the wild by paying their expenses. You otherwise have less incentive to release a game publicly or devote your time into making it, obviously. What you do with the money is nobody's business, since we're paying for an outcome!

      Almost all Kickstarter board games, comics, music, etc, are already completed and need that boost of funding to launch from obscurity to perfection. This is exactly where Grim Dawn is!

    25. Missing avatar

      Charl Du Plessis on

      Thanks for the update Arthur. Goodluck and can't wait to see the reach goals!

    26. Matthew Farmery on

      nicely put, and why I wholeheartedly support you guys, you done wonders so far, I think with extra funding, you can add the icing on top, and more

    27. ChicoPacoPancho on

      Thanks for the insight. I love to see this kind of dedication. I am part of an "unpaid" project myself and I can relate to this, it shows you actually care about what you are making here. Good luck!

    28. Aaron Soule on

      I don't know why anyone would say funding should only be for projects that haven't started. Does that even make sense? To me, I want to see a demo, I want to know work has been put in already, I'm much more willing to put my money somewhere when I see the passion behind the project. These guys have been working on this game with no pay because they are passionate about it and it looks great, that's what sold me...if they had nothing done and only a flimsy idea of what they wanted, their enthusiasm would not be nearly as contagious.

      Keep it up.

    29. Dave Whittle on

      Arthur... I like your communication style. Thanks for answering questions and keeping us up-to-date! I think I'm going to enjoy following and cheering on the development of this game almost as much as playing it! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      cllrofwar on

      I'm behind you 100% :)

    31. ICryCauseImemo on

      Keep at it Crate! All your fans love you guys and I personally respect anyone so passionate to work on a project so long with zero income as incentive. That is the true meaning of passion creating something you truly care about and hope others do as well.

    32. Keyrock on

      That's a delicious looking cake you're building. I hope you get the funding to add as many slices as possible.

    33. Wodwo on

      Hell yes! You deserve funding for all your hard work already. Keep kicking ass!