Grim Dawn

by Crate Entertainment

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    1. pat andrews on

      Congratulations on this milestone! I bought a copy of the xpack already, and am currently talking another friend @work into buying the game!

    2. Thunder on

      I just tried to do the resender thing and I do not see any expansion key.
      Do every KS backer get a key or is it from a specific pledge?

    3. garkham

      I'm so happy. Thanks Arthur for... everything. Titan Quest has always been my favorite H&S and I can surely say that Grim Dawn is now - at least - good second. So looking forward to get the box and artbook to go with the beautiful (an old) poster.

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      Edward Sandstig on

      @TorcidaKBH, I believe it's only for the backers who pledged at $45 or more.

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      Glenn Usher on

      The e-mail I used to back this project is no longer valid (it was attached to an old ISP I no longer use).
      Humble store won't let me change my e-mail address to my new one because they want me to verify the old one first. Any other way to receive this?

    6. T.J. Brumfield on

      @Glenn - If you can log into your Humble Bundle account, you can see all punchases/keys in your library without having to do the resender thing.

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      Glenn Usher on

      @T.J. ....tried that. HB wants me to verify my browser before allowing any activity on my account so I am essentially locked out. Every change I try to make (or contact form) are linked to my expired e-mail and I receive no response if I enter my new e-mail.

    8. Thunder on

      @Edward Sandstig, You are properly right. It's just this sentence 'Keys should have been distributed via humble store to all backers this morning.' that made my think that maybe all backers were getting it.

    9. Claude M. on

      Might want to work a bit on your wording. "to all backers" implies that everybody gets a key...

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      mrshark on

      I backed $50 and didn't get a key, this is frustrating...

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      David Monzon on

      I pledged 50$ and didn't get a key, is there a way to get the key???

    12. Malix on

      "to all backers", doesn't mean literally __all__ backers, does it? I was kinda amazed that I was getting a dlc for free for whatever reason, but looking at the backer tiers it looks like I'm not.

      Careful with the wording in the updates there, eh, Crate?

    13. Pogopuschel on

      Congratulations on your second dlc and thanks for the key!

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      Furrien on

      Anyone who should get the key for the expansion due to his pledge tier - check your original key from HumbleBundle there will be a new position. You won't get a new key on your email, it's just added to the original key for vanilla GD.

    15. Greymarch on

      I pledged $50, just checked Humble and I do not see the expansion key yet either. The $45 and $48 tiers both mention it, so does the $50 not get it?

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      Neil Chatterjee on

      Checked my humble bundle (purchased the $150 bundle that gave the mouse) and it didn't have a key for the expansion. I also haven't gotten a survey for mailing my physical copy.

    17. AKASlaphappy


    18. Michael Riser on

      Who might we contact about the expansion keys? I also backed at $100 and didn't get a key for the expansion (checked my Humble account, including original Grim Dawn key, and resent keys, to no avail).

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      John Spinks on

      Posting this here as well (I had posted it in the main comments section)

      I also had trouble finding my keys - here is what worked for me.
      Log into the Humble Store, and go to purchases (not library):
      If you have a lot of humble orders it is easiest to search for "grim"
      Click on the Grim Dawn product. You'll be taken to the product page where you can see a "Click here for your Steam keys" link.... click it.
      Redeem your keys.
      Hope this helps as it took me a while to figure it out.