Grim Dawn

by Crate Entertainment

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    1. garkham

      Thanks Arthur.

    2. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Think that us digital backers might be able to get some of those extras ourselves? Be easier to ship if you have extras from the hardcopy backers. Naturally, make them priority.

      Depending on your rates to Australia I'd be down for something, and chances are, I wouldn't be the only one interested in some GD merch.

    3. OIS on

      I'm going to second Zoot here as an other Aussie.

      Didn't have the funds at the time of the KS, but if you're going big box with cloth map and other trinkets, I'm ready to throw cash in your direction.

    4. James Bauer on

      That's cool that you can add extra things to the physical copy. I guess it's kind of a win that you found these guys.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tommy Stevenson on

      I'm probably in the vast minority of people, but honestly I'm perfectly content in waiting :P I know you guys are working hard per the frequent forum updates, so I'm not too upset about waiting for the hard copies :)

    6. Mikail Yazbeck on

      Thanks so much for your persistence, it is well appreciated :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Gambler on

      Glad that it worked out so well!
      And I also wanted to ask if there is a small chance for others to get the boxed version of Grim Damn at this stage?
      I've had so much fun with the game that I could kick myself for not having backed at a higher level to get the boxed version - I'd pay the additional charge without blinking :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Kirk Patrick Ang on

      I backed the digital copy but I'd be also interested in purchasing a boxed physical version if you guys have any extras.

    9. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Damn I can't wait for this! Bring it on!

    10. theAnton on

      This is great news indeed. good things are always worth waiting for. ;)

    11. Missing avatar


      Good news! Will we be asked to verify the shipping address before the boxes are actually sent? I may have moved to a different address by that time.

    12. Anatoly Myaskovsky on

      Same as previous poster, shipping address has changed from before, is there a way I can update this information? Thanks.

    13. Geoff Martin on

      Hey I'm just glad to have backed it into existence and to have fun playing the game. We're getting to play the game through whatever time we wait for the physical bits so that's coll as far as I'm concerned. To do cool stuff requires work and time. Kudos for bringing a great game to fruition.

    14. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update, the game is fun

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Wow, Just read this update, I think i even forget receiving it when it came :), Thanks for the update, And will be waiting to see how those box editions turn out.

      Good luck and thanks for the honestly.