Grim Dawn

by Crate Entertainment

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      John Christmann on

      I do not see a key for the DLC in my Humble library either. It is not listed on my Grim Dawn purchase page and I have no unclaimed purchases.

    2. T.J. Brumfield on

      I don't see a key in my Humble library either.

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      Siendra on

      For anyone else, I had to use the Order Resender to see my GD purchase on Humble.

    4. Kenneth Getz on

      Not seeing it in humble bundle. Please advise

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      THOFDA on

      I never received my DLC key either and I am curious what the heck Humble has to do with this at all; my original game key was e-mailed directly by I've never had a humble account, nor do I have any desire to have one, how do I go about getting my DLC key?

    6. T.J. Brumfield on

      The key resender found my original Grim Dawn key, but no DLC key.

    7. Zewks on

      Not seeing the DLC key on humble. Used the key resender and it still doesnt show it. I only see the original game key.

    8. Zewks on

      Figured it out. When you go to the key page for the original purchase, it will only list the original game KEY. However, at the top, it will have an option to choose steam or gog to generate a key (even though it already lists it). Click steam or gog (whichever you originally picked) and have it generate again. The DLC key should now show up along with the original game key.

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      Andrew Lantz on

      Similar issue as others, no key available in Humble. I didn't receive the original game through Humble either, it was emailed directly to me.

    10. Lignum on

      Just confirming that what @Zewks said worked for me as well. Kind of a weird way to find it, but there it is.

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      Corry Douglas on

      I too Backed this game via Kickstarter and i never had an option of Humble Bundle or GOG.
      I was emailed my steam key directly from like another user in here.
      So there is no humble bundle account or update.

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      Henri Clinch on

      thanks @zewks for the how-to.
      And huge thanks to the Crate team, this was one of the best projects I have backed on kickstarter!

    13. MichaelTMcD on

      Zewks solution worked for me as well, I dont have a humble bundle account, you dont need one to get it to generate the key again (assuming you received the initial key via Humble, which you can check using the link Siendra mentioned below)

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      Fosterocalypse on

      @zewks method worked for me too. Thanks for the free DLC I was about to pay for it and then i got the email. Cheers!!

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      John Christmann on

      I do not (and I'm not sure I ever had) an option to choose between Steam and GOG keys on my Humble purchase page.

    16. MentatYP

      @Zewks: Thanks, that worked for me too!

    17. Alarian DarkWind

      Zwerks method worked for me as well.

    18. Alarian DarkWind

      Zewks too!

    19. Missing avatar


      Thanks, guys! Can't wait to check this out!

    20. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Zewks wins all the internets - deserves a reward for their experimentation! :)

      Go on, Crate. Insert them as an NPC helper :)

      And thanks for the DLC, Crate. Feel free, finances permitting, to keep adding content to Grim Dawn. Still beats the hell out of Diablo 3 with a fraction of the people involved and less technological resources than Blizzard. You've clearly worked smarter and harder and it's paid off :)

    21. Peter J. Towns on

      I didn't receive any key via humble.

    22. Matt Perrenot on

      I didn't get my original Grim Dawn key through humble, so I definitely haven't received any Grim Dawn DLC keys via humble. Please advise?

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      Jo Bjørnar Hausnes on

      Thank you for the helpful comments. I also had to:
      1) Resend the key
      2) Choose platform (Steam/GOG) for DLC

      Got it now!

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      Simon on

      No DLC key on my humble page. Even after using the resender.
      I redeemed on GOG.

      I hope it gets sorted soon.

    25. AngoraFish on

      Bumping Zewks's comment - Figured it out. When you go to the key page for the original purchase, it will only list the original game KEY. However, at the top, it will have an option to choose steam or gog to generate a key (even though it already lists it). Click steam or gog (whichever you originally picked) and have it generate again. The DLC key should now show up along with the original game key.

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      Ben on

      I can't find my key even when using the resender and checking the page with my keys on them, and I can't see an option to choose gog or steam in order to generate a key.

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      THOFDA on

      Bizarre update: Apparently Crate, or Kickstarter, or someone created a Humble account on my behalf with my Kickstarter information... I was able to access the account using normal password reset options, but this is weird as hell. I have all my content now, just confused as to this whole "Humble" account situation since everything prior had been direct from Crate. I suspect Kickstarter as another game I kickstarted was on there too... but again I received all those keys etc directly from the company and never from Humble.

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      Lukas on

      The new keys showed up in both (48 USD backer tier with 2 copies of the game) my Grim Dawn Humble Bundle pages to be redeemed on Steam. They were titled "Grim Dawn KS Early Access DLC" and got activated as "KS Early Access" (iirc) for me and my brother. But if I see everything correctly, the DLC has not really been added to my account. I can still buy it in Steam, it is not listed as "already owned" like the full game. And I don't have any indication of owning it in my account. There also was no additional download that I saw for it. Is that going to happen in a few days? Otherwise super thrilled to get this update as a backer.

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      Amir Foox on

      I didn't receive any DLC key, how come? :( It's nowhere to be found in Humble Bundle's keys It only lists "Grim Dawn Digital Release" and nothing more. I'm a backer, what am I doing wrong? Thanks

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      RottenK on

      Hello, i have the same issue as Amir Foox below. Where can I find the key for this DLC?

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      Amir Foox on

      Nevermind, Zewks' comment helped! Thanks Zewks, you rock! :D

    32. Missing avatar

      RottenK on

      I just scrolled further down and found Zewks' solution. Ain't i a dummy.

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      michel on

      it shows up as "Grim Dawn KS Early Access DLC"
      steam accepts the code, but it is not active in game

    34. Wolfbeast on

      I'm not a humble account holder. Keys were previously mailed to me (retail/early-access, 2-pack) for backing the kickstarter -- I'd like to get the DLC but confused how to get it.

    35. Daniel McMinn on

      I'm either blind, dense or getting a different humble page from those who can follow Zewks' advice. Here's what I see:

      That KS Early Access DLC isn't it, because I redeemed that way back when, can't redeem it anymore (naturally, since I used it), and I still don't have the crucible.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lukas on

      Mine looks the same, Daniel. I hadn't noticed the DLC thing before (why should I visit old Humble purchases :D), so I assumed it was for this announcement. Waiting for someone to chime in. :)

    37. Aussie Ax3 on

      Got key (I think) but nothing in game allowing me to access anything new

    38. JHewett on

      Same problem - no new keys on the humble store :(

    39. JHewett on

      *Edit* Same problem as @Daniel McMinn
      I have the tier for 2 copies + expansion...not sure if that makes a difference

    40. Missing avatar

      AureasAetas on

      Ok so the "KS Early Access DLC" ISN'T the DLC, I've got this thing way before the DLC.
      For my part, I didn't have the DLC yesterday, I send a request to Humble Bundle and I do have it now. Don't know if it's linked (haven't got an answer from the support), but it cost nothing to try.

      I wanted to know for people who backed for 2 copies basegame + expansion. Does the other person will also receive the DLC for free. He didn't add the game to his HB account. If he does it now (and it works), will he get it ?

    41. Daniel McMinn on

      It has now popped up for me too, and I didn't even need to resend the keys again (I had tried before). I did ask the Humblebundle support staff for help, though, and maybe they did something, so if you still don't have yours, try mailing

      Oh, and the key's called "Grim Dawn - Curcible Mode", and you can only see it in the view I've posted below. You reach it by clicking the name of the game in your key library. Keyring? Whatever, you probably know what I mean. ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Lukas on

      Worked now, just as Daniel described. Weird. Maybe some GD / GB communication would be nice. Seems like someone launched it too early. :D

    43. JHewett on

      mine working too - thankyou!

    44. Aussie Ax3 on

      Cant play it Curcible Mode, I click start goes to loading screen for 2 seconds and back to main menu...

    45. eisprinzessin on

      @Aussie Ax3 - you might lack an update or two, which for some reason Steam(?) has not provided you with. I think it will resolve automatically soon. Assuming you play on Steam you are on the latest build, when you see the Game Guide button on the menu screen. If the issue persist then, please submit a bug report in…

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      Ishman on

      @Zewks advicee worked great, thanks

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      AstralWanderer on

      Nice to have an update but why on earth is this not just included with the main game? It hardly seems worth the hassle (judging from all the comments below) of having it as low-cost DLC when the feature itself seems useful only to dedicated/expert players.

      Does this mean the $535K stretch goal (new faction + storyline) will be handled the same way, or has it been included already?

    48. Missing avatar

      Cornelius Perkins on

      I don't seem to have received my key for the DLC from humble. I got the one for the game, and for the soundtrack. I'm a $50 tier backer. Shouldn't I get the DLC?

    49. John Lacy

      Aye, in the same boat as Cornelious. Haven't gotten a key, and it's not showing up as something I own on Steam.

    50. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      There was a mix-up earlier and some KS backers did not receive their keys. This has since been amended.

      You can use Humble's key resender to make sure you get your key:

      If you still do not see a key when using the above method, please contact Humble support and they should be able to sort it out.