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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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Full Release Feb 25th and the Journey Continues

Posted by Crate Entertainment (Creator)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are finally nearing the end of the first and longest leg of this epic journey. Thinking of all the support we received from backers on KS to help make this possible, I felt this would be the most fitting place to first announce the release date. Grim Dawn will be officially released from Early Access this Thursday February 25th!

Additionally, Build 31 with it's monumental change log, just went live and you can experience the full game right now as it prepares to disembark from Early Access forever. It’s been almost seven years of my life completing this game and it’s rather surreal that it’s finally here. I’m not sure I believe it.

My routine for so long as been to wake up and go work on Grim Dawn until it’s time to go to bed. I started this single and childless and now I’m married with two kids (I guess Jeff Goldblum was right – life finds a way). The project waxed and waned and waxed again as early volunteers joined up but then drifted off, I found myself working alone some days and things ground to a crawl, then KS gave it a kick in the ass and we were off again with new team members. This went from a crazy dream I knew was against the odds to the current reality of a 10-person team. I struggled through PayPal freezing our first crowd-funding account, lead poisoning, the passing of family members, all manner of technical and hiring challenges. It’s almost hard to believe looking back on it all.

We’ve delivered a lot of content beyond the promise of our Kickstarter, including an extra Act, a sixth class, major gameplay systems such as devotion and many more hours of gameplay than we originally talked about. Thanks to the success of Grim Dawn in Early Access, we’ve also been able to add VO for main quest dialog and an animated intro trailer, which are included in the new build.

I say this journey is only nearing the end because, even with the completion of Grim Dawn, we still have some work ahead of us. Shortly after the full release or maybe even along with it, if we can manage it, we will release the DRM-free build and virtual rewards. I’m currently emailing with the folks at Humble Store to figure out how to set that up. They have a nice system for facilitating the distribution of KS rewards now… unfortunately, we were one of their first pre-existing clients to run a KS, so our data / configuration on their system is a bit convoluted and we’re trying to figure out the best way to release things. I’m hoping we’ll have that set up within a week though.The virtual goods have all been finished and are also just waiting for us to set up the distribution for them. Basically, we have a bunch of logistical stuff to sort though.

We’ve also began producing physical rewards, beginning with the map and poster. We’ve prepared the final art for that and are currently talking to a print shop. The Boxed copies will come later since we’ll need to take the final build and master discs from it. We also need to find someone to produce the box. That and omg, I need to write the Crate Story… that’s going to be quite a tale. ATTENTION: Don't worry, we will send out surveys for mailing addresses just before we are ready to ship.

Following release and whatever bug-fixing and polish work we still need to do, work will begin on future updates, modding tool release, Survival Mode (actual name yet to be decided) and the expansion. I’d be sad to see the end of Grim Dawn, fortunately, this isn’t the end. There is more Grim Dawn to come and also we may see the start of new things in the coming months.

It’s fantastic to come out of this with not only a complete game that’s bigger and better than I dared imagined it would be but also a team and company on solid footing,capable to launching new projects on our own. I sincerely and heartily thank you all for the part you played in making this happen. I hope you enjoy all of the hard work and passion that went into, not only completing this game but filling it with tons of details, lore, secrets and personal touches.

Until next time – good hunting

- Arthur and the Crate Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Waage on

      Humble sure are taking their time with the GOG keys

    2. Daryl Putman on

      Waiting on Humble to show my GOG key so I can finally play this game!

    3. madGamer on

      yes i saw it in gog to. I hope a gog key option appears in humble. is not there yet.

    4. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Waage on

      Great to see the game is finally on GOG.
      No key in sight on humble yet though. I hope we get them soon.
      Really looking forward to playing this.

    5. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      I'll send out another update soon but basically all the work is done on our end for the GoG release and distribution of in-game items. All that remains is for GoG to test and approve the build and set up the release. Humble is supposed to have key distribution in place by Thursday.

    6. Daryl Putman on

      Still waiting for the non-Steam release...

    7. Audrey Winter on

      Could we at least have a comment about the current GoG Situation, please? No word since Update #47 and we have no clue, when the game is actually being released for Steam refusers.

    8. Jeremie Lariviere

      still hoping for GOG! voted :-)

    9. Simon Mottram on

      In case this helps anyone. I couldn't get the page at to work but got my key from Humble Bundle.

    10. Missing avatar

      gamesBacker on

      I will copy madgamer's comment so more people see it:

      madGamer 5 days ago
      put votes in this link

    11. Niggles on

      Happy for the release, however i am one of those that would prefer a gog key instead of Humble or Steam (i backed for early access though). Other KS projects had the ability to provide early access via Steam THEN offer either Steam or GOG (once game confirm to be sold there) for the release -- the steam copy would be killed/unusable and gogkey supplied - so it IS doable. I dont really want a Humble copy unless there is no choice (does Humble have a exclusive distribution to backers for GD?).

    12. Missing avatar

      eNTi on

      2 1/2 years late and still waiting...

    13. Missing avatar

      Danijel Boskovic on

      That's great you guys? But where is my key to actually play the game? It came out yesterday.

    14. John LaTemple on

      You outdid my expectations and I will be happily streaming Grim Dawn again this week, spreading the good word as it deserves!

    15. LoatheMe on

      So...what am I supposed to do when it says my steam key has already been used by someone else?

    16. garkham

      The only game I "backed" even before the launch his / their Kickstarter. And then give even more money when he / they did. :D

    17. Spike

      @hemmer Try this:

      I know I got my game keys (but had Beta/Alpha access) back in 2012.

    18. hemmer on

      So how do we get our keys? I mean if the game is out that means people who buy it now can play it immediately but I as a backer haven't received anything?

      I'm not trying to complain, just worried and trying to figure out where I am with this. I'd gladly wait longer and get a gog-copy instead as well.

    19. GoodLuck on

      This game turned out veeery nice indeed! Great dark and gritty atmosphere!

    20. Miguel Duran

      One of the first Kickstarters I backed (I've backed 100+ since) and, after some consideration, my favorite of the lot (and I've gotten some pretty amazing ones).

      You've been an inspiration along the way. Thanks for all the hard work. I backed this game when I was single and bought my wife a copy shortly after we got married. Thankfully, we (probably) won't have to worry about minding kids by the time the expansion releases. ;-)

    21. madGamer on

      Crate will release the game in gog, but its possible to people that have the game in steam to delete/change and receive instead a gog key? i hope so.

    22. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on

      Good to know that at least one of the Kickstarters I backed turned out just the way I wanted it.

    23. garkham

      Same here. If you manage to be on GOG too (unfortunately, they refuse a lot of games), I would gladly exchange my useless Steam-key for a GOG one. If you can't, I will still be able to play it through the DRM-free Humble, so it's still pretty good comparing to other projects here on KS. :)

    24. gandalf.nho

      Hope to see the game in GOG too

    25. Alexandre MANGIN on

      This is my first and my favorite project backed on KS. You Crate delivered beyond my expectations a supremely good game. I am extremely proud and glad to be part of this adventure, both as a backer and as a translator. Thank you for being great, Crate (rime).

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Good to *finally* have a statement about a DRM-free release. The DRM-free commitment was one key reason for me backing this project and, like James and others, I am unhappy about Crate's effective abandonment of non-Steam backers. Several other KS projects have been able to release DRM-free builds during testing (Xenonauts, Void Destroyer, Malevolence, Legends of Eisenwald) and with fewer resources and greater challenges.

      It will be good to finally see this project come to fruition. But I won't be supporting anything else from Crate.

    28. James Sunderland on

      Can we get an update on the DRM-free build release date? Not everyone uses steam and I feel like a second class backer here.

    29. Tom Page on

      Wow! What an incredible ride. Grim Dawn was one of the first kickstarters I backed and it's incredible to see it finally released. You guys should be very proud of what you've created. Fantastic work,in every sense of the word.

    30. Missing avatar

      Endyo on

      This is great to hear. I'm always happy to see a kickstarter come together and release as something people enjoy. Crowdfunding seems to have as many tragedies as it does success stories, so I'm glad I can be part of one of the good ones!

    31. Jeremie Lariviere

      love GOG!

    32. Jalister on

      And congratulations. I've been waiting for this one a long time, and it's one of my most anticipated kickstarters.

    33. Jalister on

      +1 for GOG for the DRM-free version.
      +1 for Linux if it's possible in the future.

    34. Panagiotis Papadopoulos on

      Congratulations guys. Any chance you'll look into porting the game to Linux post-release?

    35. Missing avatar

      NRZ on

      Please put it on GOG if possible!

    36. Dev Banner on

      Congratulations ! I'm happy to see your efforts come to fruition ! I will keep supporting as best as I can ^^

    37. Groghunter on

      You guys have done an awesome job. I'll be right there day one whenever your next game hits crowdfunding.

    38. Nick Hanson

      Congrats! I too would be interested in having the DRM-free version delivered via over Humble if possible but if it's not really doable then Humble is fine.

    39. Missing avatar

      Carsten Schröder on

      Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your passion over such a long time!

    40. Missing avatar

      Kent McKnight on

      I wouldn't change a thing, I've played thru the game multiple times over the years and have enjoyed it every time. Glad it's getting finished and looking forward to more Grim Dawn!

    41. Scott Griffith

      It's good to see this thing finally come out. I guess it's a good warning for complex game projects backed on Kickstarter. Timelines are just an educated guess and a lot of things can happen between launch and completion. Looking forward to giving this a spin, but the 3 year pre-order is perhaps not my best idea ever.

    42. Missing avatar


      Thanks Crate team!
      Thanks Arthur!
      You're awesome and the game looks awesome!
      I'm glad I supported your project!

    43. darkstorm on

      For the DRM free version of the game please make GOG keys an option.


    44. Missing avatar

      Brazilski on

      Amazing news, congratulations! I think GD is one of Kickstarter's greatest gaming success. It soared passed its initial funding goal, and precisely because of that the release time was quadrupled. What we got in return though, was far more than any of us backers had anticipated. This is how you deal with succes.

    45. Lars H on

      Thanks so much for your dedicated work on this. It is one of the best KS campaigns I have backed.

    46. Colin Dow on

      Congratulations! You've done an amazing job!

    47. LepraSK on

      Grats to you all! You will be a reminder, that Kickstarter games can be done well.