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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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Expansion Keys... Clarification


In update #58, we wrote "Keys should have been distributed via humble store to all backers this morning." This was poorly worded as it was intended to mean, "keys should have been distributed to all backers who pledged to get the expansion." If you did not select a backer tier that says it includes the expansion, then you should not receive a key. Sorry for the confusion.

Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released!


Greetings Backers!

Myself and the whole Crate team are very pleased to finally release the Grim Dawn expansion Ashes of Malmouth. Keys should have been distributed via humble store to all backers this morning. 

If you're having trouble locating your key, please enter the email you used to back Grim Dawn into the Humble Store order locator here:

I was up until 4am last night replaying the expansion myself with a new necromancer build and enjoying the new content. It took longer than we planned but I think the extra time really shows in the scope and quality. I hope you feel the same!

As far as physical goods go, we've decided to up the box size to 8x10" and finalized everything for production, so those should be going out as soon as all the goods are produced and packaged up.

Good hunting,


Grim Dawn Expansion and Physical Goods


Greetings Backers,

Today I bring tidings of the Grim Dawn expansion "Ashes of Malmouth" and a sneak peak at the boxed copy and extras.

Ashes of Malmouth will be released on Oct 11th at 1pm EST. I'm very excited to hear people's reactions as I believe (and this seems supported by tester feedback) that we really hit a new quality level on the content for Ashes of Malmouth. I'm really pleased with the way the environments and flow of the story turned out and I think you all will be too. The Inquisitor and Necromancer also turned out to be really fun and make great additions, with all the new mastery combinations they bring.

We're working on getting expansion backer keys set up on Humble to go live for the 11th.

As for physical goods - we mentioned previously that we'd decided to add some extra items to the boxed copy. We settled on a patch, Devil's Crossing faction themed keychain and a Black Legion bottle opener. We had to go through some iterations on the items as the colors were off on the proofs and the bottle opener didn't work as well as I thought it should. I just got the latest versions, which look good, plus the proofs for the game boxes. Seeing them in person, I think the game boxes look smaller than I'd like; so we might up the size but otherwise everything will soon be ready to run the full production and ship out.

That leaves the last item, which is the Crate Story. This I've been chipping away at but it was hard to find much time for between Grim Dawn and Ashes of Malmouth. With the expansion finally complete, finishing the story is my next priority and I plan to set aside time this month to wrap it up.

Here's a sneak peak at the current run of the goods (note that the chain is missing from the keychain because my kids were using it as a weapon) :

Grim Dawn Physical Goods
Grim Dawn Physical Goods


Saga of the GD Physical Copies - Nearing Conclusion?


Boxed copies...  Yeah... so, I thought I had this all squared away and expected them to be out by now and I'm very sorry they still aren't. (SPOILER: good news at the end of this update). I was approached by a publisher a while back who wanted to do a boxed copy and that seemed like the best / only way I could think of at the time to get something like this done. They were going to handle all the shipping and everything, seemed like a win-win. It's what other, more experienced developers who's Kickstarter's I'd backed had done for their boxed copies, so I figured that was the way to go.

That was about 8 months and 53 emails ago. Until February, it seemed like this was going to happen, it was just a matter of reaching an agreement on everything and resolving various questions. Any time you do anything with a publish, you have to expect back and forth on the contract to remove all the parts where they're going to screw you over - it's just standard procedure. Then you often have intermissions in communication where it can take a few weeks or a month to hear back - this is just because publishers operate on a geologic timescale (part of the reason Iron Lore ran out of cash before closing a deal on their last project). 

It really felt like it was going to happen though and it seemed like the best way for us to get this done and I hadn't found any other good options that wouldn't be a ton of work. In Jan, we'd pretty much ironed out a contract, they'd asked for a list of all the countries they'd need to ship to, it seemed like shit was about to happen but no... alas, it was not to be.

For reasons unknown, the guy I was working with on this deal just stopped responding. At first it seemed normal, despite how urgently I kept saying I needed to get this done, for them to not respond for a few weeks. However, more time went on, I sent follow-up emails, I never heard anything. They totally ghosted us...

Who knows why? Maybe they had one of those big "re-orgs" that publisher seem to love to have every 3-6 months and the guy I was working with got bumped to some other department and our deal got lost to the void. Or maybe he was chosen to give up his seat on an overbooked United Airlines flight and ended up in a coma... we may never know. Suffice to say, that deal is dead. Even if they got back to me now, I'm a bit too pissed to ever want to work with them again.

The good news though, is that I've found another, much better way to bring the boxed copy into existence. I was contacted by a company that specializes in creating any sort of custom physical merchandise, mostly for games and movies and they've been getting into KS fulfillment. They've been very responsive, so things have progressed quickly and currently we're just deciding what other stuff to include in the box / getting them concepts for it...  WAIT - other stuff?! Yes, that's right - the upside of this deal is that they can produce a few extras for us to include in the boxed copies. Black Legion keychain? Cloth map? Thank you note in Ch'thonic runes? It could be any of those things but we're hoping to make a decision on what to include in the next couple days and then they'll begin production.

So, it sucks that it's taken this long but I'm excited that we're going to get to create some extra GD themed items. I'll post another update once we have a shipping date but it sounds like it will happen in the next couple months.

Thank you for your patience!


Finalizing Shipping Information for Physical Copies


With 2017 just around the corner, we have a progress update for you in regards to Physical Copies of Grim Dawn.

We are expecting to produce and ship boxed copies in Q1 of 2017, which means we need to finalize shipping addresses (This applies only to the $100 and up backer tiers)

As such, we will be disabling address editing on the KS surveys. Once they are locked, you will have 48 hours to update your address via Kickstarter. However, you will have until January 6th to email us at with a new address. If you purchased a copy of Grim Dawn before the Kickstarter and then upgraded to a tier with a physical copy, then you will need to email us as the survey will not be available to you.

Please include the Subject Line "KS Shipping Address Update" to expedite the process.

We thank you for your patience in getting the copies to you. It has proven to be quite a challenging journey, but it is finally nearing its end. We hope that the holiday season is treating everybody well and that you're ready for a new year!