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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

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First Batch of Physical Rewards has Shipped


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Modding Tools Now Available!


Grim Dawn's Modding Tools are now available!

With our latest game update, you can now delve into Grim Dawn's development tools and create your own content! The potential here is tremendous and we here at Crate are excited to see what the community comes up with.

The Modding Tools Guide is included in your installation folder, but can also be downloaded at the Grim Dawn website. We highly recommend that you check it out if you are interested in modding Grim Dawn as it contains some important information on getting started.

This update also includes some gameplay changes, which you can read about here:

V1.0.0.3 is live on Steam and GOG.

Good luck and enjoy!

Arthur and the Crate Team

Clarification on Address Surveys


With our last update on address surveys, we noticed that there were some consistent questions, so rather than responding individually, it probably makes more sense to post the answers here:

1) Why can I not see the survey?
If you backed the Kickstarter at a tier that does not receive physical rewards, you do not have to answer the survey. You are all set!

If you were an early backer who upgraded to a Kickstarter tier, see below.

2) I need to answer the survey, but I'm not sure if I did (or I wish to update my info). Where do I do this?
After logging in to, select the drop-down menu in the top-right of the site. Go to Backed Projects and select Grim Dawn. The resulting pop-up should have a button for Survey.

3) I was an early backer (pre-KS) and I upgraded to a Kickstarter tier. I did not receive the survey.
Due to the way Kickstarter handles pledges, you had to select No Reward to pay the difference between your original purchase and the tier you wished to upgrade to. Because of this, we are unable to send you the survey directly through Kickstarter. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us at with the subject line "Early Backer KS Upgrade" and the address you wish physical rewards be mailed to.

Please include verification of your original purchase (or at least the email address associated with the purchase/upgrade). Please also include the email and/or name you used on Kickstarter, if they are not the same as for your original purchase, so we can find your pledge.

4) I was an early backer who upgraded to a Kickstarter tier and I did not receive my Backer's Distinction medal.
The digital reward tiers were set up with one medal per tier, so by upgrading you essentially switched to a Kickstarter medal. However, if you still wish to have the medal sent out to early backers, please contact us at with info on your original purchase and the upgrade (ex. original email) and you will be issued an additional DLC code that will award you the medal (from Kory the Keeper) in the next game update.

So that everyone has more time to respond, we will extend the deadline for address updates for the first shipment to 04/14.

Hope this clears things up!

Urgent: Please Fill out the Address Survey


We are getting ready to ship the physical copies of the Poster and Map very soon, but noticed that some backers still have not filled out the Address Survey. If you have not already done so, or need to update your address, please fill it out by 04/12/16. Otherwise, you will miss the initial shipment.

Thank you!

- Arthur

DLC Keys Sent Out for In-Game Rewards


(Update on physical reward below)

Have you been longing for your massively stylish powdered wig or craving a burrwitch brew? Finally the wait is over - keys are going out now and I've heard from several people that they already received theirs and successfully activated them.

Take Note!

To see your DLC code on your Humble page, you need to first select the option of whether you want a Steam or GOG DLC code.

Once your DLC key is activated, you will get your items in-game from Kory the Keeper, who stands outside the prison entrance in Devil's Crossing.

If you need to re-find your order on Humble, you can enter your backer email into their order re-sender here:

If you didn't get a DLC key, double checked your backer tier and are sure you should have one, please a wait a little while, as it could take some time for all the keys to go out. If you still don't receive one, you can use this form to report the issue to Humble. Unfortunately, they aren't open during the weekend though.

It sounds like most people who requested GOG keys have received them but there are a few people who seem to have been lost in the queue, so I'm following up on that. I've just emailed them to see what the status is but I believe they're trying to get through the backlog today. If you already sent in a request for a GOG key earlier this week and don't get a response by tomorrow, you can email crate support and we'll try to contact Humble on your behalf and investigate (you'll need to provide us with your backer email though). If you sent in a key request only today or yesterday, please give them until Tuesday (unfortunately they don't work weekends). 

If you missed the last update and wanted to exchange your Steam key for a GOG key or haven't claimed a key yet and want a GOG key, you can find more info in this forum post.

The printers have told us we will be able to pick up the posters and maps next week. Once in our possession, I will sign the relevant copies, we'll get them packaged up, labeled, and shipped out. That process will probably take another week or two, so I'm thinking they'll ship around mid-April.

I'm working on Crate Story, although I've been extremely busy between release and then dealing with all the post-release distribution issues, marketing, getting the expansion project rolling, etc. I'm hoping to make more progress in the next few weeks but it's turning out to be fairly extensive, so it could be a couple months. I think it will be worth it though.

Talking to some publishers manufacturers about getting the box done and hope to make a decision on that soon. I imagine it will take a few weeks for them to be manufactured and shipped to us, then sorted, packaged for shipping, labeled etc. So I'm currently thinking maybe May or June. Will update when I get a more solid date.

Thank you all for your patience. I hope you've been busy enjoying Grim Dawn!