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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
12,457 backers pledged $537,515 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hexton on

      I rarely stop by, but wanted an update on of the Boxed Edition?

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Got my posters, and they look great.

      Just wish there weren't some gigantic creases on the map. Someone folded it into quarters and then rolled it to put in the tube. And when I say "folded", think taking a piece of paper, folding it, and running your nail to ensure it was folded over. It damaged the art work on the front of the poster where the creases are. I mean, come on, the map could have been rolled and stuffed in. The bigger one was, and there was more than enough room.

      Quite disappointed. The quality of the art is awesome, it's the lack of care in the shipping that saddens me.

    3. CosmicMeeting on

      When I backed this game I had NO idea it was going to be so beatiful and grand (and bug free, for me at least). 60 hours in, I must say it's one of the most entertaining and visually satisifying games I've ever played. Thank you, Crate Entertainment!

    4. Nathan Wood on

      Sent a message to Crate with no response so trying here. I received my backer poster in the mail and it is damaged. Looks like it was caught in the machine feeding the poster and there is a ribbed tear/fold throughout most of the poster. Looking to have it replaced. Please respond to my message.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kit Power on

      Hi, had significant email problems which I've just now resolved. Have not received a Steam key for my pledge - could this be (re)sent please? Thanks, looking forward to playing the game! :)

    6. ryunp on

      Clicking the 'View Pledge -> Survey' tab shows nothing. Rewards shows the correct data.

    7. Marco van Poortvliet on

      there is no survey tab for me. how is that possible?

    8. Missing avatar

      Tommy Stevenson on

      To find the survey click on 'view pledge' and there's a tab that says 'survey' :)

    9. Marty Ferguson on

      Same here. Not sure where this survey is to fill out.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Blackstone

      So it's been a while where would I go to verify that I filled out an address survey

    11. Jalister on

      I finally got to start the single player campaign last night. I only played a pre-release version a long time ago just to get a glimpse of how it was looking. I'm enjoying Grim Dawn a lot, and I expect to do a lot of experimentation with the various talent options and all the skills.

      I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, so I can't comment on it or Galaxy yet. I don't have Galaxy installed either.

    12. Missing avatar

      Muttala on

      Could we consider download from humble store? I would prefer that since we also have the statement there earlier.

      "When the game is released, you'll find it available to download right here!"

    13. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      There's an issue here. GOG version is not drm-free as it require Galaxy to access multiplayer. That was never stated before as most believed you'll have your own client on release.

      Download the full game upon release, direct from us, DRM free or also via Steam and other distribution sites.
      That's what was stated.

    14. Missing avatar

      Shay Weiss on

      Hi @Crate!

      I'm not sure where to contact you about this, so I'm just gonna try random places - I am a backer at the 32$ level. I've received two "installation keys" early on in the campaign (The email from is dated June 2nd 2012), but I only have 1 steam key for some reason when I should have two?

      How do I get about getting my second key?


    15. Missing avatar

      Muttala on

      Any possibility to download from humble store?

    16. Siegzon on

      278 hours played and still having fun. What an outstanding job you and your team have done. I will keep my eyes out for any more products from Crate. Thanks so much for this game.

    17. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Tobias, you don't have to ask for a GOG key, but if you want one, you have to exchange your Steam key for a GOG key, unless you baked for 2 keys (and you can exchange one key to have one of each if you want).

    18. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      So I'm a bit confused. To be honest I haven't been following the updates lately. I had Grim Dawn in my Steam library for a long time (beta). It will automatically be upgraded to the full game, will it not? Do I still need to contact Humble for the DLC keys?

    19. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      I'll be posting an update tomorrow explaining the situation with GOG / Humble and why keys aren't out yet. They were supposed to be delivered on Thursday, ahead of the GOG release but a series of problems and a medical emergency prevented that. I'm hoping they'll go out Monday or Tuesday. I'm really sorry about this delay and frustrated by it myself. Hopefully I'll have more information about when keys will go out Monday once I hear back from Humble - or better yet, its possible they may go out Monday.

    20. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Looks like Grim Dawn now has a GoG release so when (and how) will backers here be able to obtain GoG keys? Or a download via HumbleStore?

    21. Jalister on

      I've waited this long, I can wait a little more. When can we expect our GOG keys?

    22. takamasa on

      Congrats on release!
      I've been always looking forward to this day!!

    23. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      For those asking about the DRM-Free copy, we're working with GoG to distribute those, as many people seem to favor that service and it will make it easy for non-Steam users to receive updates and access multiplayer match-making, if they want that. We're hoping to distribute those keys either at the end of this week or early next week. The GoG keys will replace the 32 digit keys we originally sent out, back before we really knew about GoG as an option.

      There is an on-going thread about the DRM-Free build and other backer virtual rewards and why that was delayed:…

    24. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      "A week and a half after the release announcement and I still haven't got my key. Where would I get it? Is it so hard to send the backers a message showing them how to get their game keys?"

      Sorry if you missed them but we've sent out at least 3 separate updates about backer keys, which should have been emailed to you unless you have KS notifications turned off. We've also pinned threads on the forum with information about how to retrieve keys. In update #43 we even sent out an extra reminder at the end about where to get keys.

      Here is a link to a forum post with information on how to retrieve them for anyone who needs it:…

      If you have any troubles, please contact us at

      Thank you

    25. Missing avatar

      Danijel Boskovic on

      A week and a half after the release announcement and I still haven't got my key. Where would I get it? Is it so hard to send the backers a message showing them how to get their game keys?

    26. Baltazar de la Torre on

      You already send the activation keys? I haven't received nothing :(

    27. Missing avatar

      zoddoz on

      Congrats on the final build! I haven't played in a quite a while, but I will probably give it another go sometime. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the expansion.

    28. Audiothought on

      Is it possible to get a Steam key if you no longer care about the DRM-Free version?

    29. Jalister on

      I'm not complaining. This has been a great project. I only played a short bit in an early release to see how it was developing, but have otherwise held out for the final release.

      I would at least like to know when we can expect the DRM-free version. Is it a few days, weeks, months or don't hold your breath away? Just let us know so we know how soon we'll get to play.

    30. Jalister on

      @James Sunderland - In my opinion your money is more important than Steam users' money. The more support for DRM-free the better.

      I'm waiting for my DRM-free version as well.

    31. wenchwogg on

      Congrats, I've played a few hours so far and I love it. My first KS ever just got officially released! :)

    32. Zolgar on

      James, as per the latest update they're working on getting the DRM free version ASAP now that the game is finished and out of 'beta'. They used Steam for the beta phase because Steam is set up to integrate early access easily for both players and developers.

    33. James Sunderland on

      When will the DRM-free version be available? I have posted on the forums and on the update here on KS and gotten no response. Why are DRM-free versions being treated as less important? My money is as good as a steam users' money.

    34. Missing avatar

      Slarkki on

      This is not an optimal place to put this but I have a slight tweak request about UI functionality while 'shooting'. When you use 'shift' and fire arrows or spells from your position there is one small oversight. If an item comes under your cursor you cannot fire. I'd like to request that if you hold down a 'Stationary Attack' button your cursor automatically ignores any items and you can keep shooting at that direction. Currently dropped items can provide annoyingly efficient cover for your enemies.

    35. Bruylant Philippe on

      i've got a problem with my key, it has been redeemed by someone else and i canot have acces to the game :/

    36. Keir Smith on

      I've never gone out my way to comment on a Kickstarter before, but this is worth it.
      Grim Dawn is probably the best, or second best, project I've backed on here.
      Excellent updates from the creators, the game is utterly wonderful. They've listened to the community then added above and beyond the original scope (and the stretch goals!).
      One of my favourite games which I have thoroughly enjoyed playing over and over again as it's been built piece by piece.
      I am so excited now it's feature complete. Thank you Crate! <3

    37. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      I must say I was worried as Diablo 3 really bored me, and Torchlight 2 was fun but nowhere near as much as Diablo 2, with it's grittiness and darkness.
      Grim Dawn is fan-tas-tic, really. It hits just the right spots. Thank you so much !

    38. Jean-Luc on

      Crate Entertainment, I really admire your dedication at finishing this project.

    39. Dablue

      How is it going? A compliment btw on how you guys keep going. This was my 1st kickstarter and for a micro team effort you really went for it . Will any graphic overhaul be planned to bring it into the release day times? Or is that being done with each update / patch? I must admit i havent checked the forum in a too long time.

    40. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on

      grim dawn is so good

      it honestly might be my favorite video game of all time

    41. Missing avatar

      Hexton on

      I just checked in, been on crates forum, thanks for update on boxed version

    42. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @eisprinzessin: Thanks for the pointer to the article, but it makes no mention of any DRM-free release.

      As I've noted in the latest update at Crate Entertainment have not even made a statement about DRM-free availability and this is 2 years after their estimated release.

      Guys, if you're not going to honour your commitments, at least have the decency to admit it and provide refunds to those who backed in the expectation of a DRM-free version.

    43. Crate Entertainment Creator on

      @Hexton - before we can print disks for a boxed version, we have to complete the game and create a master copy. Otherwise we'd be sending out disks with an unfinished game on them. Thus, the boxed version will be printed sometime after the full digital release.

    44. Stahlbart on

      Too bad I missed the opportunity to be in the credits, although I got the $100 reward :/ But as far as I know the deadline was last summer? Oh well...
      Wonder when the boxed game is gonna come out. Didn't really follow the updates. I tried to wait til full release, but is it worth to play already? Strangely enough, I'm suddenly very excited.
      So... no way for the credit thing, right?

    45. Miguel Duran on

      Three years and 59 hours in, I just want to say thank you. I've backed over 100 kickstarters and this is easily among the most satisfying, even as we're still in early release and awaiting Act 4. This has been a colossal undertaking and you've more than earned my money Day 1 if you kickstart a second project down the line.

    46. Missing avatar

      Hexton on

      Any word on the Boxed Copy of the game?

    47. eisprinzessin on

      @AstralWanderer - the DRM-free version will become available at release, and that will at about the end of the year. See for details. It is somewhere in the middle.
      @Gareth - you will get an additional code to unlock the exclusive items on Steam.

    48. Gareth Hughes on

      How will the Kickstarter exclusive items work? Will we get them on steam?

    49. Ohad - Obsidian Order's Village Shaman on

      I'm curious about how you're going to convey the story without cinematics. maybe the community can help you there?

    50. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'd like to ask (again) when the promised DRM-free (i.e. non-Steam) version will be available for backers. We're now 19 months past its estimated release.

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