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Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
Victorian era, fantasy action role-playing from the lead gameplay designer of TITAN QUEST!
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    1. Serge Tremblay on

      Whats happening with the physical box ?

    2. Serge Tremblay on

      Nothing here in Montreal,Quebec

    3. AcesofDeath7 on

      Received my signed copy today! Looking forward to The Crate Story next.

    4. Serge Tremblay on

      When will we receive the physical goods ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Zaribik on

      Who designed the bottle openers!? I mean damn its pretty but good luck actually using it.

    6. Ashenor on

      I was having trouble finding my key also. Thanks John Spinks i found my key there after you said that, i was looking in Library also.

    7. Missing avatar

      John Spinks on

      I also had trouble finding my keys - here is what worked for me.
      Log into the Humble Store, and go to purchases (not library):

      If you have a lot of humble orders it is easiest to search for "grim"
      Click on the Grim Dawn product. You'll be taken to the product page where you can see a "Click here for your Steam keys" link.... click it.
      Redeem your keys.

      Hope this helps as it took me a while to figure it out.

    8. Greg Deutschlander on

      For those wondering if they should get the expansion for free here is the link.

    9. Greg Deutschlander on

      I originally purchased the Epic Fan Edition from the Crate website in 2010 for US$ 32 and upgraded to the Digital Collector's Edition by paying the $18 on Kickstarter.

      I did not get an expansion key and I ran the Order Resender from Humble. Can someone tell me if I should be getting a key for this expansion?

      Humble shows this:
      Grim Dawn
      Grim Dawn - Crucible Mode
      Grim Dawn KS Collector DLC

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Lee on

      Just for note and looking at the original campaign, I should be getting 2x regarding the base game and expansion but only have 1x base game, crucible and no expansion? I know that you all have a lot you all are doing just don't remember if there as a situation or something that was being addressed to make sure it all got straightened out. Actual backing was $48+

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Lee on

      So pledge $45+, went on humble bundle and found that I have base game, ks deluxe and crucible but no expansion key?

    12. TheChosenOne on

      You got to go to your original Grim Dawn section/key on Humble.
      There is (possible) KS Deluxe, the Crucible, and expansion key.

    13. lordkosc on

      Checked the humble site, my keys were there for the expansion. :) $45+ backer here.

    14. stephen gordon on

      It looks like the expansion keys are only for people who pledged $45 and up, so "Keys should have been distributed via humble store to all backers this morning" is some... bad phrasing?

    15. TorcidaKBH on

      I just tried to do the resender thing and I do not see any expansion key.
      Do every KS backer get a key or is it from a specific pledge?

    16. Dave on

      I didn't get my copy (from backing) on Humble Bundle, so will the Expansion Keys be sent out to the rest of us?
      Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      how are KS backers getting there keys for the Expansion ? or is it just going to happen ?

    18. Jonny Hurtig

      Crate Ent, will the expansion be included on the pressed media aswell ?

    19. Missing avatar

      zoddoz on

      Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to playing the expansion. I think I'm at about 300+ hours playing the released game. :)

    20. TheChosenOne on

      I would guess so, the crucible is a "new arena gameplay mode" and not a expansion (more a minimode).

    21. lordkosc on

      I think this is the free expansion for us who pledged in the higher tiers, right?

    22. Missing avatar

      Eric G on

      I want an update on the physical goods too. I will be moving house, so I hope CE will remind us to update shipping address.

    23. Kyle Yasinski on

      Any word on when we should be expecting our Physical Boxes?

    24. Serge Tremblay on

      Thats the second time this m asking , when we will receive our physical boxes?


    25. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on

      Physical rewards?!

    26. AcesofDeath7 on

      Another fun game needing help to get backed. Fort Triumph - Tactical RPG

      Hardcore tactical turn-based gameplay.
      Fully Interactive environments at your disposal.
      Heroes evolving by learning new abilities from their class skilltree.
      Non-linear, contextually generated missions and quests.
      Strategic gameplay and world map exploration.

    27. garkham

      @eisprinzessin - Thanks ! I wouldn't have expected that !

    28. eisprinzessin on

      @garkham - check out the fourth from last column in

    29. garkham

      Yop. Anyone knows if the expansion is / will be part of any pledge level. I'm a hoarder and I totally forgot this point. :D

    30. Greg Deutschlander on

      I didn't realize I got the Crucible DLC free and ended up buying it. I found the key in my Humble account today. :)

    31. ShouTime

      When are physical rewards shipping?

    32. eisprinzessin on

      @magicpink - If you cannot claim a Crucilbe key at > Grim Dawn then contact Humble Support at
      @Nick Hanson - The Loyalist DLC was only for sale. As a KS backer you find the equivalent for your tier at the above purchases link.

    33. Missing avatar


      I never got a key for the Crucible DLC in my Humble account. So however that was supposed to work; it didn't.

    34. Serge Tremblay on

      Hi Arthur,
      When can we expect to receive our Physical box ?


    35. Missing avatar

      zoddoz on

      I'm not sure if every backer got the Crucible DLC for free, but I did (I backed at $45 level). I have 200+ hours in the game (not including pre-release) and enjoying it very much. Here's to the expansion! (whenever it is released)

    36. Mike Snyder on

      Found the paper map after looking around a bit. Forgot I received it. And I don't think the $100 tier gets a poster. So false alarm.

    37. Mike Snyder on

      I'm confused on whether or not I should have received a map and/or poster. The last update says these were sent to the $100 tier and above. I've received nothing, but the $100 rewards description only mentions a small map or poster. Should I have received something already? If so, I have not. Thanks.

    38. Nick Hanson

      Is the Loyalist DLC going to be coming for the KS backers or do we need to buy that?

    39. juanpablo87 on

      I pledged the game: how I can have a Steam key, please?

    40. Insert Disk 2 on


      I too would like some info about the physical stuff. Thanks.

    41. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on

      Any info about shipping the physical stuff?

    42. Miles Fitzpatrick

      I backed at the $78 pledge

      Which was supposed to include the First expansion...Has that came out?? because the update says everyone is getting the crucible DLC thus the expansion must be something else right?

      PS i'm not asking because so time, I'm just curious about what is what.


    43. James Cartwright on

      Confused about how I get Crucible key, went to Humble page but Grim Dawn not showing up in Library, purchases, keys or anywhere and I've been a backer since the start.

    44. Missing avatar

      M.W. on

      @Lars-Henrik Henriksson: thank you sir, you finished my 2 days of angry search for the key.

      for all the people that still wait for their keys (because a kickstarter email told them that humble will send it to you), scroll down to Lars' comment.
      humble will not send it to you, you have to kind of re-redeem your keys.
      there you will find your DLC key.

    45. Aussie Ax3 on

      Even with the key which I doubt worked, how do I play the new DLC? no where to be seen on the main menu.

    46. JHewett on

      Please help!!!! :)

      Appears I have no keys on the Humble store for the crucible. Unable to generate a key etc (same trouble others appear to be having, no option to resend or re-apply either).

      I have the tier for 2 copies + expansion...not sure if that makes a difference

    47. Gareth Hughes on

      @Lars-Henrik Henriksson Did what you said, but the whole 'Apply for Keys again' thing doesnt exist.

    48. Chris Cain on

      @Lars-Henrik Henriksson - That worked for me, thanks pal.

    49. Lars-Henrik Henriksson on

      A Fix for those that did not receive DRUNKEN DLC and CRUCIBAL. In HumbleStore. Click on your name -> Purchases -> Click on Grim Dawn Digital Release -> Apply for the Keys again.

      If it worked. You are welcome!

    50. Lars-Henrik Henriksson on

      Apparently, Only one person of the Coop keys got the Drunken Master DLC and the Crucibal DLC!!!

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