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Story driven turn-based 3D RPG featuring cute, but tough heroes being developed in Unity.
Story driven turn-based 3D RPG featuring cute, but tough heroes being developed in Unity.
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Update on art, sound, and schedule

Posted by CrashGem (Creator)

This update we will be discussing a variety of things.


First off! In our last update featuring Gorger's Gorge I forgot to include the ambient music for the level! So... here it is. Slightly sinister, a bit mysterious.

Color Concepts

More excellent conceptual artwork continues to come in. Here you can see the color concepts for Leafton and Pitch both of whom are modeled, rigged, and waiting for textures.

Leafton wants to protect the safety of civilization. He dedicated his entire life to it, and now as he draws closer to the end of his own life he looks for ways to pass down his skills and attitude to the next generation. Having never married nor had any children of his own he has taken Mason, Forsyth, and Yanchu under his wing.

Pitch is attuned to the element of Shadows and lives only to see despair and sorrow. Throughout the years and years of his existence he has served many masters and many causes all of which furthered ruin. 

Voice Work

Currently we have all the voice actors lined up for the first episode of the series. MANY solo and group readings have occurred and we feel really good about the script and the character voices. Voice-overs were something we really wanted to include in the game, and thus far it has proven to be a very positive experience. As we move into additional episodes of the game, we will be adding additional voice talent to the cast, so, if you have contacted us already about voice-work, but never heard back, take heart Churbles is a story we will be telling for a while.

Alpha? Beta? Launch? Consoles?

So these questions come up quite a bit. I will tell you true and honestly, that all 4 phases are delayed. I'm sure seasoned Kickstarter supporters are growing tired of hearing about delays. It feels like every project I backed in the last year or so has been delayed. I'm right there with you. It's frustrating, even more so than waiting for a AAA title to come out, because this project is one you helped fund, this is a game that you, through your support, comments, and critiques are helping to build. 

I offer a very real and very sincere apology for the one thing we failed to do, and that is understand the scope of the project and the magnitude of work it would require.  

If there were a game released recently I could compare Churbles to, it would likely be Bravely Default. That's intimidating. BD was made over a span of several years, by a huge team, with a tremendous budget, supported by Square-Enix, with access to the final fantasy IP.

We are a small, independently and crowd-funded team trying to create the best game we can. And we will. 

Alpha & Beta  

We will be extending invites to Royal Guard members to begin testing things out as soon as Alpha has reached a state that will not cause confusion, panic, or hysteria. This is a change from before, as we had only intended to share the game at the Beta stage of development. Royal Guards will be crucial in refining combat systems and Boss Battles, should they be interested in doing so. Once this stage of development begins we will be doing a lot of videos, and live feeds.  


As we discussed in a previous update, the game will be released in episodic format. The trend in games seems to be heading in this direction and we still intend to pursue that release model. All kickstarter exclusives, and backer generated content (Legendary Weapons, Skins, and NPCs) will be ready at launch.  


We continue to build the game in the Unity Engine, which has gained tremendous popularity and exposure since we started this project. Unity makes the task of porting to consoles extremely efficient. When the game is complete, consoles will be the next step, with the goal of syncing Mac/PC content releases with the console ones  

Day by day and week by week more and more progress is made. Watching the world grow and develop, from nothing but ideas and sketches into something tangible is an incredible experience. Sharing that progress with you guys is even better. But we as a team will not compromise on this game. When something doesn't work correctly, we go back and fix it, if it cannot be fixed, we try something else. We have invested so much of ourselves, our time, and our resources into this project, and you have invested yourselves in it as well. Therefore, if delays are required to make things the best they can be, we will delay. The one thing will will never do is give up.

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    1. Missing avatar

      William on

      As long as you don't vanish off the face of the Internet, never to be seen again, I don't mind waiting a bit longer. :P

    2. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Yep, totally agree... I'm VERY much looking forward to this game but happy to wait till it's ready. :D Thanks for keeping us informed. Oh and that artwork is just outstanding!!

    3. Willian de Souza on

      Take your time! We can wait as long as it takes if it mens a good game!

    4. CrashGem Creator on

      @all ~ Thank you guys so much! ;__; Your support is seriously what keeps us going sometimes.

      @Orson ~ The talking animation is from our newest animator, Dremond, he's French! Churbles across the globe~

    5. Gearsoul Dragon

      :3 The anim. looks awesome! :P He seems kinda sassy? Confidant?

    6. Blessed on

      I am in agreement as well (points to earlier comments)
      A small team takes time, only so many hands to do so much more work. And make it right the first time. A bad first game will stick with you like a nightmare.

    7. Gearsoul Dragon

      :D Super stoked for the Alpha!

    8. Gearsoul Dragon

      Totally agree with @Ruben! :3 Better a great game that's 'late'(though I think games are a little bit like wizards; they arrive precisely when they mean to(that is, when they're ready! :P)) than a bad game delivered on schedule.

      I guess I'm kinda laid back because I don't care about delays in projects so long as I eventually get the end product xD Maybe if I didn't have so many to distract myself with I'd care more.

    9. Ruben Felip on

      I believe Miyamoto once said that a delayed game can still be great, but a released bad game is forever bad. As a Nintendo fan I am somewhat accustomed to delays. As long as you keep us informed and I can see the progress done, I can be patient.