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Story driven turn-based 3D RPG featuring cute, but tough heroes being developed in Unity.
Story driven turn-based 3D RPG featuring cute, but tough heroes being developed in Unity.
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All Console Unlocked at 24k. Churbles on the Go. Also twitch tv party.

Posted by CrashGem (Creator)

Stretch Goals? Where we're going you don't need stretch goals! 

You have convinced us

We have heard your voices. And spent the last few days making calls, sending emails, and getting info. What would we have to do to bring Churbles to all 3 next gen consoles? Is it possible? 

Turns out, it is.

So we are changed the 24k goal.

At 24K - PS4, Xbox1, and Wii U will all be unlocked.

Yes. all 3. at 24k.

We hit 24k, we are telling you, right here and right now that Churbles WILL BE on all 3 next gen consoles! regardless of our funding level! because Churbles is a game that everyone deserves to play! Due to your fantastic interest and support we are already in talks to make that happen!! Yes, even Nintendo. <3

So what does that mean for you, the backers? Before the game is released we will contact everyone through Kickstarter and survey which platform you would like your copies of Churbles for. There will be no added costs. 

So what does that mean for the Kickstarter Campaign? Should we all pack it in and call it a good game?

Heck no. It's more important than ever to get the word out there and let your friends know about it! Why? Because this will not be a great game you can only play on your computer, this will be a great game you can play everywhere! 

So what happens after 24k? Churbles on the go.

We are looking into ways that players can bring their favorite churbles with them. Going over to a friend's house to play some Churbles? Use your own Churbles!!! We will cover the details of this in a later update, but suffice to say your favorite Churbles will be going places!

One more thing! Twitch Party!

Tomorrow we will be doing a live stream of lead artist Yasemin drawing the color concept for the Corruptur! Yes, the evil Druid Raydur will not only be revealed, but drawn right before your eyes! The stream will start at 1pm EST on our Twitch Channel. Check your inboxes/our social media tomorrow for more info!

Lots of Team Churbles artists and Devs will be in chat to talk shop, answer questions, and just hang out and enjoy the awesomeness that is you guys the backers making this all possible!

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    1. CrashGem Creator on

      Sadly Twitch is not happening today, we have been derping around with Yasemin's connection all day, but the final verdict from Twitch is that it is too dang slow. More info in the next update, which is minutes away!

    2. Arthur Ogilvie on

      I want to tune into the Twitch event at 1 pm est but I am not familiar with twitch so is there a link to get to you guys. I did a search but for some reason I couldn't find the place.

    3. Gearsoul Dragon

      Courageous Churble for President!

    4. Jared Stovell


      ***drools and courageously hopes so.***

    5. CrashGem Creator on

      @Jared - If you mean "Is that COURAGEOUSLY dressed Churble for real?" It might be :3

      Will multiplayer be cross platform? Ideally, yes, in the same way that Skylanders manages to pull it off, which is to say locally. But if online multiplayer were to be added, it would not support cross platform.

    6. Jared Stovell

      2 questions now remain in my mind.

      1. Is that link churble for real? (serious that would be bad a**)
      2. is the multiplayer going to be cross platforms?

    7. Olna Jenn Smith

      @Orson OMG, I am such a slow top I didn't even NOTICE that. Oi.

      @CrashGem AWESOME, thanks. *goes back to partying and celebrating for y'all*

    8. Gearsoul Dragon

      I imagine they are, Jennifer, given that the image up the top of the update has all the comp symbols as well as console ones.

    9. CrashGem Creator on

      @Jennifer - Yup. It has been Mac friendly since day one. ^__^

    10. Olna Jenn Smith

      I'm very glad for you and your console game backers, but I don't do console gaming and don't want to. :( You're still putting this out for the Mac, right?

    11. Gearsoul Dragon

      Charge to the finish!! >:D

    12. Gearsoul Dragon

      I'll join you; Go Lance!

      I was disappointed that we weren't gonna get Wii U but this... n____n This is awesome!!

    13. Blessed on

      Yes it's great news. People want to play on their favorite platforms :)

    14. CrashGem Creator on

      It is true. Lance and his legion of 468 Spartan Churbles made this possible!

      And yes, this is awesome. We were all flipping out when we heard back about it this evening! BUT WE NEED TO HIT THAT 24K!!!!!!! CAN WE DO IT??!?!?!?! We must spread the Churble word!!!!!

    15. Lance Devon on

      A part of me wants to believe that my post in a previous update helped push that award-winning call for them to be consolidated into one awesome goal. Though, I bet the reality is much different.

      Still going to pretend it is; GO ME!

      Seriously, this is awesome for all gamers and fans. Sharing this once more everwhere!