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PAY WHAT YOU WANT $1 MINIMUM! A very streamlined, micro, werewolf type game. Set in the world of Romeo & Juliet. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 19, 2013.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT $1 MINIMUM! A very streamlined, micro, werewolf type game. Set in the world of Romeo & Juliet.

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What's Included?

- 5 Premium Ivory Core Cards with linen embossing

-4 page Rulebook

-Plastic zip-lock bag

Where Art Thou Romeo? is a nanogame in which 3-5 players take turns taking on the role of Juliet, who is attempting to find Romeo amongst the others players. Each card, other than Juliet, has two different roles from which to choose. Players holding these cards choose one of the two roles, which will subsequently make them want to convince the Juliet player that they either are or are not Romeo or perhaps point out who they think Romeo might be.

The game lasts 3-5 rounds depending upon the number of players with each player taking on the role of Juliet once. The player with the most influence points at the end of the game wins.

Rules can be found on Board Game Geek!

or if you don't have a BGG Account you can read the rules here via Dropbox:

You may be wondering “Why Kickstarter?” and I’d love to tell you why.

1. WATR (as we’ve come to call it) is NOT retail friendly as it comes in a zip lock bag and would be very difficult for retailers to display and for us to really make any money of it.

2. Kickstarter is a great avenue for people to back things that are not retail friendly.

3. I want to generate some holiday cash for both the designer and the artist and get this fun little game into the hands of as many people as possible in time for the holidays.

So why am I offering “Pay what you want”? that’s a good question and I have some good answers.

1. There isn’t much component wise to WATR. It’s five cards, a rulebook and a zip lock bag. This makes it difficult to put a price on it. Backers on Council of Verona paid $4 for it but this was used to help us hit some Stretch Goals not really sell it as a product.

2. We want as many people to play WATR as possible so removing the pricing barrier is hopefully a way to do that.

3. WATR is a great advertisement for Council of Verona. Maybe someone who picked up WATR and hasn’t seen Council of Verona would want to learn more about Council of Verona and hopefully pick up the game.

Risks and challenges

Where Art Thou, Romeo? has already been printed, is physically here in my warehouse and is ready to immediately send out at the conclusion of the campaign.

I have the system set up to send out a mass mailing and have the experience as well. I already have the mailers and know the weight so there is zero guess work involved with shipping.

The only real challenge is the delivery schedule of the USPS. I plan on sending all rewards out a week before Christmas via First Class so all U.S. backers should have it before Christmas.

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