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Lurking behind every corner is that one piece of information that could change the world. Can you grab it before your opponents?
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Dead Drop is the third game in the Crash Games Pub Series

Dead Drop: 2-4 Players / 10 mins / 13+

How to Play Dead Drop 

by Rahdo Runs Through

"...better than Love Letter.." - Richard Ham (Rahdo Runs Through)

by Out of The Box Games

Throughout the ages, the pursuit for knowledge has been a driving force. Those with a thirst for truth have been known to thrust themselves upon the path the leads to enlightenment. Many travelers have given their lives to obtain the kind of information that wields the power to create and to destroy; to protect and to betray; to share and to obscure.  

In Dead Drop, players race to discover the unknown. By sharing and selling secrets players will gain the knowledge needed to go after a piece of secret information that will unlock all that they have been searching for.

Dead Drop is a game that involves elements of memory, deduction, and crafty maneuvering. As secret agents working for different organizations, players scour the globe seeking information that will help them find the location of a hidden explosive device. Agents must trade information and sell secrets in order to learn the location of the device and grab it before it falls into the hands of another agency!

On a player's turn, you must choose one of the following actions:

Share Info: Trade one card from your hand with one card from any other agent. The target agent must trade and may not look at the card she is being given before handing over her card to the active agent.

Hack the Cache: Trade one card from your hand with one card in the cache. The card from your hand becomes a part of the cache and should be face up.

Sell Secrets: Reveal two cards from your hand to another agent, who must then answer "yes" or "no" to reveal whether or not she has a card equal to the sum of those cards. If she says "yes", she must hand a card of that value to the active agent in exchange for one of the cards shown. The active agent chooses which card to hand over.

At the end of a turn, after performing a regular action, the active agent may choose to Grab The Drop: Place two cards from your hand face up next to the card in the middle of the table. Then, secretly look at the card in the middle to determine whether this card is equal to the sum of the two face-up cards. If you guessed correctly, you win the round; if you're wrong, you're out of the round. (In a three- or four-player game, if an agent is eliminated, she must place her cards face up in front of her. Other agents may trade with an eliminated agent's cards by placing the card traded from their hand face up in place of the card they take.)

The first player to win three rounds wins the game.

All of the different decks in Dead Drop will share a common back so that you can pick and choose what characters you like most as more decks become "unlocked" which will allow you to mash up your favorites and create your own, custom Dead Drop Deck! 

*You'll still need to adhere to the standard card distribution (1- 5, 1-4, 2-3's etc.)


What People Are Saying About Dead Drop

"...better than Love Letter.." - Richard Ham (Rahdo Runs Through)

"I have played Dead Drop at least a dozen times and still want to play again and again. Designing a replayable deduction game in just 13 cards is no easy feat, but Jason Kotarski has knocked it out of the park. It's clever, smart, and easy to teach. This is easily the best micro game I have ever played and I can't wait to get my copy!" - Matt Loomis (Game Designer)

"Rants & Reviews" Review of Dead Drop

"If you like deduction games Dead Drop will scratch your itch. It’s a fun, easy to learn, and will fit in your pocket. I would categorize it as a gamer’s party game because there is a high player interaction quotient. I enjoy it even though I stink at deduction games." - Tom Gurganus (Go Forth And Game & The Geek Allstars)

Fruitless Pursuits Review

"I first played Dead Drop at Origins 2014 and it was a blast. We played 3-4 times in a row and I couldn’t wait to try it again. Now that I have a demo copy, it’s the kind off game that I’ll bring to every game night, every group dinner, and anywhere else I go..."

Rainer Ahlfor's Review

"I like this game a lot! It is much better than I thought it would be. The rules are simple and straightforward. Game play is interesting and rewarding. The game is well balanced regardless of the number of players involved."

The Minotaur Illusionist's Review

"...a lean, mean, deduction game you can fit in your pocket. I was kept on the edge of my chair using only a few simple rules. And the kid likes it too."

The Nerds Table Review

"This is one of the cooler pieces of design I've seen in a micro game. The way to make a good game out of a limited number of pieces and cards is to introduce a "hook" that makes a game interesting. This is what hooked me, and what I think provides the depth that makes Dead Drop worth buying and playing. It's not enough to know all the information - you've also got to set up your hand so you can make your guess. This is a subtle thing, but adds a layer of strategy that turns 13 cards into a game I've already spent hours thinking about."


Here at Crash Games we firmly believe in offering all of our games in Print & Play form in an effort to help you decide if one of our games is the right fit for you. We are proud to continue that tradition with Dead Drop. Please click this hyperlink to download the Print & Play Files from Board Game Geek (If you don't have a BGG Account it is free to create one!)

We have worked very hard to make Dead Drop as affordable as possible to our International Backers. We have partnered with Fulfillment Companies in Canada, the EU and in Asia so that as many international backers as possible will not have to pay any additional taxes or VAT fees. 

International Backers outside of the Canada and EU may have to pay all taxes and fees charged by your local government. Please contact us before pledging.

Here at Crash Games we know that our Kickstarter Backers are the single most important aspect to being able to bring our board games to market. It has truly been an awesome and rewarding journey with Rise!, The Lost Dutchman, Dungeon Heroes, Paradise Fallen, Council of Verona, Where Art Thou, Romeo?, Pay Dirt, Yardmaster and Yardmaster Express.

The conversations that we have had with you all at conventions, local game stores, BGG and here on Kickstarter truly inspire us to continue creating and acting as a channel to bring talented designers' and artists' work into the hobby all while helping people create lifelong memories with their friends and family. We are eternally grateful and humbled by your support and we continue to need that support for Dead Drop; we simply cannot do this without you. Whether you are a first time backer of Crash Games or a long time supporter there simply aren't enough words to say thank you!

First and foremost thank you to Jason Kotarski for trusting me and Crash Games to bring Dead Drop to life. It has been a fun journey from UnPub to Kickstarter and I'm looking forward to continuing this awesome journey with you.

Thank you to Adam McIver for your amazing art and graphic design. A great game is made SO much better with amazing art and I hope that we make oodles and oodles of games together.

Thank you to all the artists that put their talents into the many decks of Dead Drop. Your art is amazing and brings the game to life. Thank you Naomi, Kwanchai, Ashley, Oliver, Rob, and Sean. I hope to work with all of you again.

Thank you to Darrell Louder for your awesome video. I love your passion and perspective.

Finally thank you to all the play testers, reviewers and bloggers that played Dead Drop. Without you all and your opinions and reviews it's just a couple of guy's thinking that a game is good; You bring merit and credibility to Dead Drop.

Risks and challenges

Pay Dirt, Yardmaster & Yardmaster Express are all on the tail end of production and are being prepped for overseas shipping. I am very excited for these games to be on there way and out to Backers Mid-November, just a couple weeks off schedule.

Dead Drop is Crash Games' 10th Kickstarter Project and we love our backers! We have a very reputable manufacturer in Panda games that we have worked with on all seven projects and we are very familiar with all facets of the industry. We have taken steps to improve our International Delivery by hiring Canadian, Asian and U.K Based Fulfillment Companies that should result in a smoother process for all of our International Backers.

There can be hiccups or delays if something goes wrong in the printing process or overseas shipping process. We usually can see these things coming and have always been honest and upfront with our backers about any surprise issues that can delay our games.

You can pledge with confidence!

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