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Crankypm's first & last book: A how-to guide for all product management.Snark/comics/misery/humor. 20%+ new, < 80% recycled blogs.
184 backers pledged $7,272 to help bring this project to life.

Yeah! The Crankypm Book Project reached its funding goal.

Hi everyone, thanks for backing the CrankyPM's book project!  

The Cranky Product Manager is completely flabbergasted that you all contributed over $5000 within 5 days.  WOW!  

So, IT'S ON.  The Cranky PM has already started writing/outlining, etc.

The Kickstarter project stays open and able to accept new contributions for another 40 days,  until September 9.  Tell your friends to get over here and contribute. So they can get acknowledged in the book and get free stuff like wicked awesome mugs and unbelievably choice T-shirts.

Don't you worry, all contributions beyond the original $5000 will be put directly to use in making this book. The more money raised, the better it will be.  I'll be able to spend more on editors , comic artists, and on upgrading the production of the book.

Thanks again for your support! 

ETA for the book:  February, 2013. 


    1. Creator JEL on August 16, 2012

      Keep us informed! ;) Really looking forward to the book (in e-book format as well for the treehuggers). Have been chatting it up about the project.

    2. Creator Trevor Rotzien on July 31, 2012