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Crew of 5 criss-crosses the country interviewing people stuck in complacent lives & those who've forged a different path to happiness.
Crew of 5 criss-crosses the country interviewing people stuck in complacent lives & those who've forged a different path to happiness.
4,477 backers pledged $116,164 to help bring this project to life.

It's live! It's live! Share "I'm Fine, Thanks" With The World!

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You made this possible.

Now the world gets to see what you believed so deeply in.

The movie is now public:

Last month, we sent out all your rewards (well, the download has been available for a few months now). If for *any* reason you haven't gotten everything, please email

We know for sure 90-95% have gotten their rewards - we've seen the emails and the pictures. The most common problem has been no survey filled out (so we don't have your address)! :)

Back to the movie, though!

This is what we dreamed of back in February.

You've seen the movie, but I have one last favor to ask of you.

Help us with one last push to get this out to the world!

Share why you supported us from the beginning.

Share what impact the movie had on you.

Share why this message is important - in your own words.

You'd be surprised how big of a difference a genuine message from you, on Facebook or Twitter, with a link to makes for our project.

Word of mouth made this Kickstarter campaign one of the most successful in Kickstarter history. It enabled us to have the funds to get everything you see on the site out to the world now.

We owe this day to you!

Help us celebrate our big launch!


-Baker, Grant, and the entire Crank Tank team.

Here's the link again:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Foster on

      You guys did an awesome job with the movie. Just awesome! I glad I was able to play a small part in bringing it to life.

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Waterhouse on

      I have supported a number of projects on Kickstarter mostly around potentially cool gadgets and gizmos based on my own areas of interest for things I would like to see. This was my first project where I really felt the energy around following the progress and being involved with the story you were portraying and one I truly believed needed telling.

      Of course, this had a great impact on me since it was a land-of-plenty US-centric story, I wonder if this were to move to a global stage and see what complacency drives in other 1st and 3rd world countries, the challenge would be finding similar "Adam Baker" types since it really needs to be told from the perspective of folks with aspirations of change and drive in that culture or socio-economic state. Then put a macro-perspective between those cultures.... now that would be an awesome challenge :)

      Truly inspirational work, phenomenal story-telling, good societal cross-section, great editing, left me wanting more.

      Cheers to you all !!!