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Crew of 5 criss-crosses the country interviewing people stuck in complacent lives & those who've forged a different path to happiness.
Crew of 5 criss-crosses the country interviewing people stuck in complacent lives & those who've forged a different path to happiness.
4,477 backers pledged $116,164 to help bring this project to life.

State of the DVD and public launch - we're still chuggin' along!

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Hey everyone, it's Baker here again with another update.

We hope you've all enjoyed your downloads of the movie - and based on your responses - we're so excited to be able to get this into the hands of the general public later this month.

But first, we've got to get all of you who have DVD's coming shipped. Here's the update with this grueling process!

Our artwork, covers, close captioning files, and encoded movie files are all with the DVD replicator now. Any day (likely tomorrow or Wednesday) we will receive a shipment in the mail containing a sample DVD w/ artwork from their printing presses.

Once we check that everything is how we want it (there's no weird glitches or anything), we o.k. the sample and they immediately start replicating 10,000 DVDs for us. The process to replicate and ship to us we are told takes 5 business days (we paid for them to "rush" this process).

So, we're hoping that by the end of NEXT week - we'll have boxes and boxes of DVD's waiting at our front door.

There will be almost no delay in sending these out to those of you that have them coming. Once they hit our doorstep, we'll be ready to label and ship 2,000-2,500 out all over the world (to you guys!).


Again, we are learning why so many Kickstarter campaigns and documentaries list delivery dates of 12-18 months AFTER they fund, haha. We're stoked to have been able to distribute the download (and for so many of you to have seen the film already) - but are going to be even more relieved once the replicating of this many DVDs is finally over.

After we ship your DVDs, we'll turn our focus to launching the movie to the general public (along with a website). We'll need your help with that (if you're willing), but before we get into those details - let's get these DVDs out!

I'll update you next week on the status of the replication and maybe some pictures of the artwork/samples we get back from the company!

Your support is amazing (really, we appreciate it)...

-Baker, Grant, and the Crank Tank team!

P.S. (If you still haven't accessed your download - and are having problems - email right away!)

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    1. svalrani on October 19, 2012

      I have still not got the dvd. Why is no one replying?

    2. svalrani on September 29, 2012

      Where is the dvd

    3. Mark Lemaire on September 4, 2012

      Looking forward to the DVD! Let me know when you require my mailing address?

    4. Karen Wolfer on September 3, 2012

      You folks are doing great! I have learned (and am still learning!) that final production of my audio books can take waaay longer than first thought. The DVD will be wonderful whenever it arrives on my doorstep, so don't worry. Thanks for all your hard work!