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Crew of 5 criss-crosses the country interviewing people stuck in complacent lives & those who've forged a different path to happiness.
4,477 backers pledged $116,164 to help bring this project to life.

It's been one week... one CRAZY week... ;)

Hey everyone! It's been one week (one CRAZY week) since we launched the campaign for I'm Fine, Thanks here on Kickstarter.

I hope everyone had a fun (and safe) extended holiday weekend. :)

I wanted to share some of the updated statistics with you:

  • We've now crossed over 1/3 of the amount needed to hit our goal - in just the first week. This is fantastic!
  • We just broke over 5,000 facebook likes on the kickstarter page (for the trailer).
  • And - most impressively - we're crossing over 1,300 BACKERS today.

I want to focus on that last benchmark and what it means to the team.

Some of the most successful documentaries ever to appear on Kickstarter have less than the number of backers we have in just the first week. That's ridiculous to think about!

It proves that our decision to offer the full documentary at just $5 - is really resonating with a large number of people. (Even though more than a couple people called us CRAZY for offering the full documentary for that).

In fact, we have a real possibility a becoming the most BACKED documentary in the history of Kickstarter (not by sheer money pledged, but by total number of supporters)!

How amazing would that be? :)

And it's all because of you. Your willingness to share the trailer, the campaign, and the message with your friends and family.

Thanks for an amazing first week!

In addition to finishing the editing for the film, our team is also hard at work doing interviews, scheduling the premieres, and setting up our website.

Please keep sharing and sending us any ideas to help with getting the word out. It really makes SUCH a big difference. :)

We're excited to have you on this ride with us up to the world premiere!

Rock on,

-Baker, Grant, and the team

P.S. If you want to get a peek at more of the smaller details of our process, check out our NEW FACEBOOK PAGE for the movie.