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The Arriba! Adapter - 2 in 1 iPhone 5 Adapter + Keychain's video poster

A simple, key-chain sized solution to charge your iPhone 5 on the go with micro-usb or 30-Pin connecters. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 3, 2013.

A simple, key-chain sized solution to charge your iPhone 5 on the go with micro-usb or 30-Pin connecters.

About this project

Meet the Arriba Adapter, it's tiny, and fits on your key-chain. Charge your iPhone 5 and other lightning accessories with a 30-Pin connecter (the old iPhone charger) or a micro USB connecter, (used to charge android phones) patents pending.

"We are pretty sure iPhone 5 owners would have several old 30-pin cable lying around, which makes the Arriba Adapter all the more useful, if not necessary."

"As long as you have an Arriba! Adapter handy, you will almost always be able to keep your iPhone 5 charged"~ Gear Diary

"with three charging options, you will never be caught short" ~Berkeley Sourcing Group

We are trying to raise $ 8,500 for:

  • Unit housing mold ($3500)
  • Circuitboard printing set up ($1200)
  • Packaging design ($800)
  • FCC certified testing ($900)
  • First production run to fulfill pledges (2100 + Any Extra)


Initial concept
Initial concept

My initial idea for the Arriba Adapter happened after the iPhone 5 came out last year. My new iPhone 5 was great but I found myself constantly searching for a charger wherever I went. Apple had been using the 30-Pin charger for almost five years,  it was pretty much guaranteed that wherever you went; a friends house, restaurants, hotels; there was always a charger that you could use. This was no longer the case, and I found myself with a dead phone more often then not. There were other adapters on the market, but none that fit on my keychain, and I also had to choose between a 30-Pin adapter or a micro USB adapter. So I began working on the initial concept in fall 2012, and soon thereafter filed a provisional patent. 

first patent drawing
first patent drawing

After deciding on the shape and functionality I began to work on the details. I consulted my friend Austin, an electrical engineer based out of Seattle. He liked the idea, and began working on an initial pin diagram and wiring layout. During this time, I began to look for a factory that could start working on our prototype.

November 2012, early concept had a gromet for the keychain loop, which we decided to ditch.
November 2012, early concept had a gromet for the keychain loop, which we decided to ditch.
IC chip in casing
IC chip in casing
Early Cad work of IC chip
Early Cad work of IC chip
first IC prototype
first IC prototype
Proof of Concept-iPhone charging
Proof of Concept-iPhone charging

How We Plan To Do It:

I have been working with factories closely since 2009, but I had never used a factory that dealt with the types of components we would be using in the Arriba Adapter, which was a major challenge. After vetting several factories, we settled on one located an hour north of Hong Kong, for three key reasons. One, they could supply the components and manufacture the casing in one location. Secondly, out of all the factories I dealt with, they were the best communicators, and would respond promptly whenever we had any questions. Lastly, our factory ONLY makes accessories for mobile phones, so they are experts in their field. They completed our first prototype ahead of schedule, and the next three prototypes all increased in quality. We finally had something that we were ready to pull the trigger on.

Premium Backers Can Choose Any Logo Or Design For Their Custom Case
Premium Backers Can Choose Any Logo Or Design For Their Custom Case

Where we Stand:

We have a functional prototype that will charge a lightning connector device using either a 30-Pin connector or a micro USB connector (Android Charger.) The production version will have a durable, braided nylon cord (much like many headphone cords) attached to the circuit board and molded into the cap with an aluminum clip, instead of just tied on like the prototype. Also, we want to improve the cap in the production version to make it more durable and easy to use. We intend to add ridges to the unit so you can slide the cap off with your thumb and just as effortlessly slide it back on to lock it into place. Overall we want to improve the cap functionality, and make it something that attaches to your keys extremely easily. The production version will use a harder polycarbonate material that will be a uniform color, not require additional painting and be covered with a premium matte finish. We also want to produce a powder coated aluminum version, provided demand is high enough. It will cost more, but we believe it improves the aesthetic. Also we have been working with several designers to create clean and unique packaging for when this project is available to the public.

Timeline of Project:

Pre Kickstarter:

  • August 2012: Initial concepts sketched out
  • September 2012: Contact Austin about technical details
  • October/ November 2012: Factory vetting by Hong Kong Bureau of Trade
  • December 2012-February 2013 Communicate with factory/exchange technical files
  • Late February: First Prototype!
  • Mid March: Second Prototype
  • Early April: Third prototype, complete and pass initial tests

During Kickstarter:

  • Continue to work with factory to improve design/lid
  • Work with Vinnie on packaging
  • Have Tu Vets Corporation in Los Angeles print packaging samples to send to factory
  • Tending to backers questions
  • Arrange FCC test for importing
  • Spread the word!

Post Kickstarter:

  • Mid July : Receive Kickstarter funds
  • End of July: 7-12 days to build molds
  • End of July/Early August: Molds complete, first tests on new mold and circuitry
  • August: Start production
  • Mid August: Bulk orders of the Adapter will begin shipping in mid to late august
  • First Week in September: Completed units hit Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics in Chatsworth, California and we begin fulfilling orders both domestic and international
  • Mid September - All rewards shipped, time for a beer

Our Team:

Our Team consists of a group of friends that love to collaborate on each others projects. We're friends first, business partners second.

Zack Cram-CEO/founder, Arriba Design

Austin Wood-Electrical engineer and technical consultant throughout the development process. 

Vinnie Finn-Art Director and Videographer for this project. Also does Amazing Freelance Photography.

Our Story:

I started developing mobile products in 2009. My dad had been designing products for over 30 years, from mugs, to musical clocks to the now famous talking bottle opener. He has always had valuable contacts in factories and knew a lot of local industrial engineers. While he has always been involved in consumer goods and novelty products, I decided to focus on the product of my generation, the iPhone. I launched my first iPhone accessory in 2010- the iBottleopener, the worlds first iPhone case with a built in bottle opener. We had a lot of fun with it, and it was definitely a crash course in product development/e-commerce/retail marketing. Over the next few years I would expand it to college versions, custom versions for multinational Brands (Corona, Budweiser, Billabong) and partnered with multiple overseas distributors. Four years later they are still going strong, and we have sold over 30,000 of them to beer lovers worldwide, in nationally recognized retail outlets such as Nordstroms, Dillards, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters. Last year, we launched the Juicebuddy to critical acclaim. The Juicebuddy is a portable iPhone charger that attaches to your keychain. We are continuing to work on the Juicebuddy and expand to the iPhone 5, and hope to launch the Juicebuddy nationally in conjunction with the Arriba Adapter. My goal with this company has always been to keep it small and simple, and instead of launching a bunch of products at once, focus on one at a time and do it the best of our ability. We're really excited to get this project off the ground with your help!" ~ Zack Cram

Arriba Design

Special Thanks:

Duncan Macgruer- Animator

Icon Design- Packaging help

McCormick Intellectual Property - Legal Consultant

Odesza- My buddies amazing band, check them out! (song from our video is IPlayYouListen)

Risks and challenges

Not meeting the deadline would be the most obvious risk this project faces. Though we trust this factory, they are still at the mercy of their suppliers for a lot, if not most of their components. They have never been late on a prototype or deadline before, but there is always the possibility they could fall behind on shipments if the product proves to be a hit and we have to place an opening order over 10,000 units. I have zero doubts about the integrity of the components or the quality of their work.

Large order fulfillment could be an issue depending on how well the product does. We have used the same shipping center for 2 years, (they have been in business for 20) and they ship out individual orders of our products, as well as large wholesale orders, however they have never had to ship out a huge amount of small orders at once, in Kickstarter fashion. I only believe this would cause a delay if we had a very large amount of orders to get out, they have a staff of 35+ and fulfill thousands of orders each and every day for multiple clients. Also they are an hour and a half away, so I will be going down to supervise fulfillment once the product is ready to ship.

Despite all this, if something did delay the timeline, our team would bust our butts day and night to make it right. We want an open dialogue with our backers and be transparent throughout the development process.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The Arriba Adapter works with all lightning connecter products, such as the new iPad, Ipad mini ect. It wont 'speed up' the charge to an ipad though, so you need a tradional ipad charger to charge at normal speeds. FYI Below.

    (iPhone charger)Charger is 5 volts and is 1 Amp so it has 5 watts

    (iPad charger) Charger is 5 volts and is 2.1 Amp so it is 10 watts

    Last updated:
  • The Adapter was designed to work with the voltages of an iPhone and iPad charger in mind, but will work with voltages in between or from power supplied from standard USB ports on your computer or elsewhere.

    iPhone Charger is 5 volts and is 1 Amp--5 watts

    iPad Charger is 5 volts and is 2.1 Amp--10 watts

    Last updated:
  • No, right now there are no adapters on the market the provide video out with an hdmi cord. It does however, provide audio out to third party accessories such as speaker docks and FM tuners/chargers.

    Last updated:
  • The production version will use durable braided nylon to attach the cap to the adapter body.

    Last updated:
  • That would be started after all pledges are shipped, around the fall. As of now the Adapter is not MFi certified.

    Last updated:


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