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By Craig Teal
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Withertale Excerpt


Today we wanted to post a small piece from Withertale which covers the origins of some of the darker powers in the world of Ollundra.

Withertale was written Péter Holló-Vaskó based on a brief supplied by Composite Games Limited for its Chronicles of Ollundra tabletop roleplaying game.

“Men are felled by what they fall to believe in.” - Eluveitie: Origins, track: Ogmios  

The Sleeper was first. He knew no beginning, as he knows no end. He dreamed of creation, he dreamed of our world. Ant thus our world was born. But even before that, the Sleeper was tortured by nightmares, dark visions of all the suffering, fear, hate and chaos in the world he intended to create.  

His nightmares woke. That is how the firstborn, the Old Gods were born. The world came into existence then with all the beauty and people the Sleeper dreamed into it. And the nightmares of the creator, the Old Gods descended upon us in fire, despair, pain and death.  

Yet the people of Ollundra shouted their desperate wishes upon the sky. They dreamed of peace, understanding, joy and life. They wished for nothing but healing for their burning world. Their yearning entered the Sleeper’s mind and his dreams of compassion gave birth to the Gods of Order. These young gods saw Ollundra and all its people suffer under the rage of the Old Ones. 

Righteous anger burned in their hearts as they fell into ranks under the leadership of Dariasul, the God of Innocence and Sh’i Ara, Goddess of Creation and Healing. These two led the other gods into the Celestial War that lasted until a whole century and ravaged the very fabric of existence. But in the end the Old Gods were utterly crushed; and they were gods no more, just mere Howling in the Winds of the Dream. The Gods of Order rule ever since and continue to watch over us all. 

You do not need to fear your nightmares, my child, you need not dread the Howling, for it is no more than an echo of a legion of mad spirits murdered for their ruthless evil. Ollundra is healed and will stay this way for all eternity. May the Sleeper dream well.  

- The Catechism of the Wind, written by Dreamcaster Fa’aethon, First Primarch of the Catechumenate

This is a fantastic story and we really want people to experience all the energy and passion that has gone into these stories so please help us backing the kickstarter.


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