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A series of fully-illustrated eBook, print and audio book anthologies of original, folklore-inspired short scary stories.
A series of fully-illustrated eBook, print and audio book anthologies of original, folklore-inspired short scary stories.
326 backers pledged $18,045 to help bring this project to life.

We made it! 104% (fully-funded!) in just 8 days - now let's make this book a series!

Posted by Craig Groshek (Creator)

At approximately 7:48 AM CST this morning, we received an email from Kickstarter announcing, "You made it!"  At that time, we surprised our initial goal of $5,000 and have officially generated enough funds to make the CTFDN folklore-inspired anthology a reality!  This is an amazing feeling, because so many amazing authors are involved in this process, and just as excited as all of you to see it become a reality.  Not only that, but we are escatic that with your support and backing, we have been selected as a Kickstarter "Project We Love" and recognized by their own staff as something they are proud to be associated with.  It's simply incredible, and beyond our wildest dreams.

As of the time of writing, your generosity has contributed $5,241 to make this project happen (we received another donation during the time we were writing this very update), and we are well on our way to funding our 1st stretch goal of $10,000, which will allow us to convert this single anthology into a folklore-inspired series, all of them fully-illustrated by David Romero.

As promised, all backers who backed the project prior to the close of the day on July 9, 2018 will be contacted and extended a complimentary CTFDN Patrons Area membership in exchange for their early backing and helping us to reach our goal in under 10 days, as our extra way of saying "thank you" to those who had faith in the early stages.  Each of you who generously backed the project in its infancy will be asked for a desired account username, and your membership will begin as soon as pledges have been processed on August 1st, 2018.

Also, due to all of you coming through, "Ted the Caver" author Ted Hegemann has officially been added to the book! He will now be writing and contributing his first original horror story in 17 years, specifically for this anthology, and we can't wait to see what Ted comes up with.  YOU ALL MADE THIS POSSIBLE.  Thank you for your early backing, and for helping us to produce something legends such as Ted (and many others involved) can be proud of.  Thank you so much!

With the above said, we do want to stress:  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, and it is extremely important that everyone maintain their pledges (and their pledge amounts) up until the end in order to ensure the success of the project. 

Though our initial goal is to simply make a single amazing book full of amazing original stories by awe-inspiring, extremely talented authors from around the world, our ultimate goal is to create a series capable of providing authors a lasting quality platform with which we can help them reach an ever-larger audience.  

Our job is not finished.  We have a very achievable $4,769 to go in order to make the book a series, $9,769 to make it a trilogy, and $14,769 to go before it can become a 100+ story hardcover treasury.  It seems like a long way, but it's not.  

Just 100 people made the first book possible, and we know with your help, we can easily make the series and the treasury possible, and beyond that, who knows?  The sky is the limit.

How can you help ensure the book becomes a trilogy and that a hardcover treasury becomes a reality?  Share with friends and family on social media.  Talk about the project and tell people about it wherever you can, online and off.  Every comment you leave, and every person you mention it to is a potential backer. 

Even if you're not a fan of crowdfunding, and would simply like to buy the book once it's done, or don't have a penny to spare, your sharing of the project is invaluable, and helps us generate something money can never truly buy: a quality referral from one friend to another, in which you recommend us enthusiastically to others who may not know about us yet.

The other aspect of fundraising we haven't even tapped the full potential of yet is media outlet coverage.  We have been in touch with folks at Rue Morgue, Sanitarium, Bloody Disgusting, and more, but we need your help.  

If anyone in our listening or backing audience has contact with (or works for) any of these organizations or others like them, please let them know about us and our project, and make them aware we would love to hear from them.  

Every media article has the potential to reach thousands.  With approximately 3 weeks left in the Kickstarter, we have more than ample time to rock the world, and open this book series up for public submissions, which becomes possible when we hit our 2nd stretch goal of $15,000.

If this is as far as we know, know that we love and appreciate you all, and are eternally grateful for your support, both financial and otherwise, and know that you all, each and every one of you, make a huge difference in the lives of the CTFDN team, as well as all the authors proud to work with us.  We are in awe of your generosity, and look forward to repaying it by producing a fantastic series of books, of unrivaled quality, written by those who love horror and scary stories as much as you and we do.

Thank you again, from the bottoms of our hearts.  Thank you so much.

The CTFDN Team



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    1. Heather R. Holden on

      Many congrats! I can never have enough scary stories in my life, so it's exciting to see this anthology become a reality. And best of luck with your stretch goals--a trilogy would be so much fun, for sure!