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The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
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[US Backers] Board Game Final Pick-Up Complete

Posted by Crafty Games (Creator)

As mentioned in this update, we started shipping copies of Mistborn: House War to backers in the United States last week.

Those few shipments that required UPS were picked up on Friday. Emails with tracking links have already gone out.

The vast majority went out USPS Priority Mail. Pick-up from our warehouse was scheduled for Friday, as well. However, this did not happen.

  • About 300 packages were picked up Saturday morning.
  • The rest were picked up earlier today.

Emails with tracking links will go out for USPS shipments later this evening.

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    1. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @ Chris Sanderson - No. We cannot send out retail copies until the punchboards are replaced in the boxes, and the boxes are re-wrapped.

    2. Chris Sanderson

      So far no games and no tracking info? Did the Retail Backer pledges go out yet?

    3. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @ Arseni - Thanks for checking in! We've offered the best estimates we can as comments over the last few weeks. Here's the latest one...…

      The replacement punchboards are now done and we are waiting for them to clear U.S. customs. After that we still have to repackage the Retail Editions before we can freight the required inventory to AetherWorks, Happyshops, and Starlit Citadel.

      Because this repacking step is something we've never done before, and because it requires us to work with a new vendor, we're hesitant to offer specific dates beyond this process.

      There is also freight time afterward, which for Europe and the Antipodes is necessarily by ocean. This is slow and sometimes unpredictable, so again we're hesitant to narrow the ETA too much.

      The good news for you is that you're in Canada. That's much, *much* closer to our warehouse, which is in the Pacific Northwest (Washington State). Once the repacking is done, backers in your neck of the woods should see their games in pretty short order.

      Now that we *nearly* have the replacement punchboards in hand, we're prepping a more formal update, which will collect all the info we have in as reliable a form as we can present. That should help with all the folks in other countries who are scratching their heads and wondering what's going on.

      Thank you so much for your patience. Manufacturing is never quick and this time we had to do it twice! We improved the turnaround dramatically by shipping the punchboards via air freight, but there was still an unavoidable minimum time we had to wait to get the components printed in the first place.

      We cannot say how much we appreciate all of you, and your support, through this process.

    4. Missing avatar

      Arseni Kritchever on

      Hi. It's been nearly 2 months since this announcement. I live in Canada and have not received any updates on when the game will be delivered. Can you please update all the international backers as to when their copies will be delivered? Thank you.

    5. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @ Clinton - Thanks for your patience! We really would love to speed up the process but we're largely at the mercy of shipping and repackaging at this point. :(

    6. Clinton Dalton on

      Sorry, just read further below... waiting in anticipation.

    7. Clinton Dalton on

      Hi Crafty, I'm in Australia and wondering if there is an ETA on when I can expect my game? I would have thought that after nearly a month since this post, it might have arrived.

    8. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @ Ian - Thank you, sir. We really appreciate you taking the time to post. We will continue to do our best to deserve your kind words.

    9. Ian on

      I just want to compliment you guys. You've done a FANTASTIC job keeping us up to date with development, setbacks and all, that I never felt under informed. I wish more Kickstarter projects were this on-it!

      (Oh yeah, the game is loads of fun :-) )

    10. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @ Dominic - The very real problem with establishing a firm ETA for international fulfillment is that there are so many variable steps before the process can start. Here's roughly what the process looks like from our side...

      - Replacement Punchboards Arrive: We need these in hand before we can move any product anywhere. Right now Liya expects to get the punchboards to us in mid-September but with customs in the mix it's very hard to say.

      - Retail Repacking: At least some of the games going to all international destinations must be repacked with the replacement punchboards in place fo the misprints. We are currently getting estimates from a couple service who can do this for us. We're hoping the whole process can be done in 2 weeks or less.

      - Freight shipped to Canada, Germany, and Australia: This depends greatly on the destination....

      --> The Canadian shipment should go pretty quickly as our warehouse is in the Pacific Northwest. It's just a matter of driving the freight across the border. Customs is still in the mix, but any delay here should be negligible.

      --> The German & Australian shipments are both sea freight, which is slow. We need to pessimistically plan for 4 to 6 weeks, and the Australian shipment could potentially take up to 2 months.

      - Fulfillment: We're working now to prepare AetherWorks, Happyshops, and Starlit Citadel for fulfillment, so hopefully once the freight arrives the process of shipping will be relatively quick, but since this is the first time we're working with each service we hesitate to speak for them.

      As you can see, there's a lot we can't pin down here yet, which means ETAs are rough at best. Canadians should probably expect fulfillment in October. We've been optimistically saying that Europeans should hope for fuilfillment in late October. Australians sometime after that.

      We'll get it done as quickly as possible, but there are hard realities we can't avoid. Keep your fingers crossed!

    11. Missing avatar

      Dominic Pastore on

      Any info yet on a potential ETA for us UK and EU backers?

    12. David Penry on

      Arrived today! So beautiful!

    13. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @ Everyone - In the event that you receive a damaged game - always possible and not something we can predict beyond knowing it will happen with a certain percentage of packages shipped - please email with pictures of the damage. We'll get things sorted from there.

      @ Montzerin, Brian Re, and all backers whose pledge rewards include books - Books will be shipped separately via Media Mail. Sorry we didn't make that clear in the update!

      @ Mark - Thanks for the suggestion, and in advance for the pictures!

      @ Ty and anyone who hasn't receive a tracking number or your game - Please email and we'll sort things out.

      Thank you all for being so awesome during this very complex process!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ty Moore on

      Haven't gotten a tracking email yet...

    15. Jonathan Stoffel on

      Received in Orlando! So excited.

    16. Keith Pishnery on

      @Brian Update 57: "Physical books are printed and a large number of them are making their way to the U.S. warehouse this week. Pledge rewards for All-In backers and those who added Masks as an add-on will be sent out as soon as these books arrive."

    17. Brian Re

      Got the game! It looks great! When should we expect the books for those of us who backed at the all in level? Thanks!

    18. Mark Scrudder

      Got my copy in mail yesterday (Washington), hours before I got the shipping notification!
      Cracking it open and reading the rules today to hopefully play it tonight at my gamenight :-D

      The board and components are gorgeous and the sleeves are very nice.

      One thing I'd recommend for future releases is to include baggies. Many companies have started including baggies when there are small components. Not a huge issue for me, as I buy them in bulk for this very reason, but people have come to expect them :-)

      Hopefully I'll be posting shots from the game tonight if we're able to play!

    19. Missing avatar

      Montzerin on

      Should the list of items being shipped include the RPG expansion physical copy for those of us who bought it?

    20. Wizard of AZ

      Oh there it is :D

    21. Griffinman01 on

      WOW! My copy already showed up in Southern California!

    22. Wizard of AZ

      I haven't gotten any tracking information yet :(

    23. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham on

      Just got my tracking number! Yay!

    24. Daniel Swenson "Revan" on

      Okay sounds good. I'm not excited about the fact it's going by USPS. Any time we have packages delivered by them, they always show up late and in horrible shape. I ordered a game via Amazon and the packaging in came in was smashed and thrashed. The actual box the game came in was smashed as well and the several of the pieces were broken. Granted not Amazon or the sellers fault in any way. It's just the postal service where I live royally sucks. Everyone around here complains about them. I truly hope this game doesn't show up this way, that would be heart breaking.

    25. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      Richard is 100% correct.

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham on

      @ Daniel, from how I read the update, that means that yours didn't go by UPS, but by USPS and you should get the email tonight. At least I hope that's what it means 'cause I'm in the same boat.

    27. Daniel Swenson "Revan" on

      I haven't received any email regarding my ups tracking number. I know my information was updated in the backerkit.