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The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
3,528 backers pledged $339,973 to help bring this project to life.

1000% Funded! Big Vin Miniature News!


Man, oh man... We’re speechless. What an amazing ride this has been.

Mistborn: House War is funded 10 times over! Every possible idea we had for the core game is becoming a reality! We’ve funded the first expansion! We’ve fully embraced exclamation points!

Most importantly, we have an amazing, supportive group of over 3000 backers with faith in this endeavor. Thank you so much, each and every one of you!

By reaching $300k we’ve unlocked the Slanderer in every copy of Mistborn: House War. That closes out funding for the core game but we’re not done yet! We’ve set our sights on the future and we’ve got a little surprise for you!

Vin Joins the Siege of Luthadel!

That’s right! Because you’re all amazing we have a special treat for you...

A Vin sculpted pawn (miniature) will now be added to every copy of The Siege of Luthadel for free!

There’s no upcoming stretch goal for this one. You’ve already unlocked it!

Like the Kelsier and Steel Inquisitor miniatures for the core game, the Vin miniature will be a 36mm sculpt based on the amazing art of Ben McSweeney (inkthinker to those of you following his work on 17th Shard or DeviantArt).

Ben’s also one of Brandon Sanderson’s concept artists, and the visionary behind the look of our very own Mistborn Adventure Game. He’s also a close friend and longtime colleague of Crafty Games.

We’ve dreamed of bringing Ben’s fantastic rendition of Vin to (plastic) life for years and with your help it’s now going to happen!

We imagine many of you will want to use Vin as a new Active Player marker (moving the Inquisitor to the Unrest track and freeing Kelsier up for metaphysical adventures elsewhere), but designer Kevin Wilson may have even better ideas for Vin once he digs into the Siege of Luthadel expansion. Only time will tell...

What’s Next?

We’re not done yet! The end of this Kickstarter is not the end of the campaign — it’s the beginning of another chapter. We’ve mentioned that a pledge manager will open up soon and...

Every pledge made here and in the pledge manager, all the way up to the point when we close the pledge manager down, will count toward development of The Siege of Luthadel, and beyond.

We can’t discuss the development goals for the expansion yet — because we haven’t started principle design work — but we also don’t want to leave you without another goal to strive for...

Once we hit $325,000 in total funding, we’ll add a second miniature to The Siege of Luthadel, again at no extra cost, and that miniature will be...


That’s right, campers... We’re already so close to a total of four miniatures between Mistborn: House War and its first expansion.

We’ll have more to say about The Siege of Luthadel in a month or two, once we’ve had a chance to sit down with Kevin Wilson and discuss the design. Please bear with us on that front, and know we’re committed to making Mistborn: House War and its expansion the very best products they can be.

And once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you one and all.

Alex, Pat, and Ed

A very grateful Crafty Games team

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    1. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @Josh - Yes, the Siege of Luthadel expansion includes 1 Vin miniature and 1 Koloss miniature.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Harward on

      I am ready to fill out the backerkit info. Before I do, I wanted to make sure that if I add the Siege of Luthadel expansion thru the backer kit, we still get the Vin and Koloss minis. Is that the case? Thanks

    3. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @Kevin - We aim to please! We definitely are listening to feedback and appreciate your thoughts.

    4. Kevin Rett on

      @Crafty - thanks for considering it! All I can ask for

    5. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      Yes, absolutely, Atramagus.

    6. Atramagus on

      Hi! Quick question that I haven't found an answer to quite yet -

      I know that we can add new items to our order through the pledge manager. Does this include those of us at the dollar tier? I didn't have the funds to support you at this time; I'm moving back to the US soon, and need to ensure that I have enough funds to find housing, etc.

      But after that, I should be back in business and able to plop down 50 bucks or more. I assume that's okay, but just wanted to make sure in case that messes with shipping, etc...


    7. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @Josh - Yes indeed, once the pledge manager is stood up and ready to go. That will take a few weeks, as we need to process payments and get you all entered into the system first.

    8. Luis Lopez Alcaide on

      Congratulations! I cant wait to get it! Cheers from Spain!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Harward on

      Will there be an opportunity to add the expansion at a later time with Vin and Koloss minis included?

    10. Ed Kowalczewski

      Looks awesome.

    11. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @Kevin and Tyler - We hear you and will definitely be discussing options to acquire the miniatures without purchasing the expansion. It is early days, obviously, since we funded both today, but we are definitely keeping this in mind as we put together the pledge manager in the coming weeks. Thank you for bearing with us.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tyler Boggs on

      @Kevin - I'm right there with you... This whole kickstarter was for the Mistborn House War game, and now there is an expansion before the game even releases? Which costs extra? It makes no sense to me either. It seems like the kickstarter was so successful, there are funds to develop the expansion, but to then charge for, and make part of, the original kickstarter goals and add-ons...? I'm annoyed as well.

    13. Kevin Rett on

      @Roger - I'm still annoyed with how they announced it. Hint at the mini, says 'more info later'. Show concept art 'more info later'. Make the stretch goal for her, "You have to buy the expansion to get her! Sorry!"

      It could have been a HECK of a lot better communicated. For reference, I went back to the first update I could find talking about Siege (Update #23) and IMMEDIATELY it mentions it's a $30 addon, whereas Vin was announced as a stretch goal for $300k. I read it as 'reach 300k and it will be part of the base game or an addon'

      So I'm really annoyed and disappointed. Am I upset enough to cancel my pledge? No, but I really hope they changed their mind. I'm not sure I'm going to like the game enough to buy an expansion, but I know I like miniatures and would gladly pay for Vin or any other minis that come along.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Blair on

      Koloss achieved! I'm glad I got in on this! Love the novels, and I love tabletop gaming!

    15. Roger Scott on

      @kevin you were. That was the slanderer card which is in the base game. The Vin miniature is an extra extra. They could have made it another stretch goal but they didn't.

    16. Kevin Rett on

      That's... depressing. I thought I was backing the making of the main game, not the expansion... I really hope you change your mind on this.

    17. Crafty Games 2-time creator on

      @Hero - Thanks so much. We try. You guys succeed. :)

      @Keith - You are too kind. We're very grateful for all the support from everyone throughout this campaign.

      @Reed - The previous double minis Prestige backer benefit is only for minis in the core game box. There will be more goals for the expansion once we get into BackerKit but we need some time to work those bits out.

      @Slamfist - Yes, indeed. You'll be able to back for any of the tiers or add-ons in BackerKit as well. The only benefit we expect won't be part of the post-campaign will be the MAG PDF in the Prestige tier.

      @Kevin - There might be a way to get the Vin mini on its own later but right now she's only available in the expansion.

    18. Robert Dadman Kepner on

      I was factually wondering why we weren't seeing any of Ben's work on the board game, since he's played such a large role in defining the visuals for Mistborn. I figured it was probably a timing thing between the two of you.

      I think Vin in the expansion, where she can potentially be given a role of her own, makes sense over slapping her in the base set with no defined purpose. Its also another incentive to get the expansions. And who knows, 2 mini's per set could become a regular thing, giving us more minis in a future "Hero of Ages" expansion =)

    19. Kevin Rett on

      It's really cool we unlocked Vin, but in the expansion? Not cool at all. Not interested in the expansion until I actually play the base game. Will there be an option to add her separately?

    20. Slamfist Media on

      I can't afford to add Siege of Luthadel at this time. (The all in pledge is gonna kill me as it is.)

      Please tell me I can add it during the pledge manager stage, or later through paypal, or through some dark ritual...

    21. Missing avatar

      Carlos Pacheco on

      Thanks Crafty \m/ Awesome treat ;)
      1.000 % is just fantastic! Congrats! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Reed Phillips on

      Thanks for the Vin miniature guys! Will prestige backers get a second one along with the kelsier and insquisitor minis?

    23. Keith Pishnery on

      Really excellent campaign. Hats off to Crafty Games for continuing to make this game more and more worth every backer's money. I was one of the skeptical backers who questioned the initial pledge cost, but the amount of stretch goals and knowing that stretch money is going back into development of more content makes it all the more worth it to me.

    24. Herowannabe on

      You guys are so cool