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The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
3,528 backers pledged $339,973 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. TickTockRob
      on May 7

      Okay, thank you for letting me know :-)

    2. Crafty Games 2-time creator on May 3

      @ TickTockRob - No, but we will be setting up a separate pre-order for the expansion once we have a release date for it. To make sure you're informed when we launch that pre-order, please sign up for our newsletter at

      All other items available during the campaign, including all add-ons are currently available from our webstore at


    3. TickTockRob
      on May 2

      Hi there, sorry if this has been asked before, but will you be opening up the pledge manager/backerkit again for people who may want to change their minds, and order the expansion/other add-ons?

    4. Crafty Games 2-time creator on May 1

      Hey all,

      Thanks Joey!

      The expansion is currently in playtesting. We were hoping to be through that process by now but a couple rough edges needed to be smoothed out, and this has allowed us to significantly upgrade the product to both offer a more robust and compelling play experience and to bring it even closer to Brandon's narrative.

      We'll see if we can make up some of the time we lost to this stage during art production. It's difficult to predict whether that will be possible yet. As soon as we have more to report there, or to show off, we'll post a full update.

      Thanks again for your support!

      - Pat

    5. Crafty Games 2-time creator on May 1

      @Wade Gregory Tripp - The expansion is coming along nicely. I had a chance
      to test out a prototype and I'm really excited to see where this is going.

    6. Wade Gregory Tripp
      on April 30

      Any word on the expansion?

    7. Crafty Games 2-time creator on April 9

      @Lloyd Gyan - In the US there are collectible coin dealers. A lot of them have near-worthless foreign currency for very very cheap. For anyone in a country that doesn't have pennies (like Canada), that's my first suggestion. You should be able to google "collectible coin dealers"

    8. Missing avatar

      Caleb Shadis on April 9

      @Lloyd Gyan
      the US penny is 19.05mm the British penny is 20.3mm so it should be pretty close to use your pennies.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Gyan on April 9

      Question for everyone who backed this in the UK: IS there an easy place to find Pennies for the Pennygems? OR what british coin would be a decent equivalent

    10. Crafty Games 2-time creator on April 6

      @Caleb Shadis - November is still looking good. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Caleb Shadis on April 6

      Any updates on The Siege of Luthadel ? Nov still looking good?

    12. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 7

      @ Jing-Tung Shen - In that case we took a very small bit of creative license.

    13. Jing-Tung Shen on February 27

      Does anyone find the flavor text of Spook Problem card, "Whering the wasing of what?", in mistborn series? I can't find it.(only find out "Wasing the where of what?" in The Hero of Ages)

    14. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 30

      @ Everyone outside the U.S. - As we mentioned last week, all shipping for the base game is now complete. Huzzah!

      We've decided to consolidate & simplify the process for reporting damages, lost items, and other issues. Instead of going directly to the international fulfillment partners in charge of your region, we're asking everyone to email us at

      Email sent to this address goes to everyone here at Crafty Games but most importantly it goes to Gamerati, which is managing the fulfillment process for this campaign. Your contact there will likely be Joey, and he can work directly with the group that shipped your package to work out what may have happened.

      A full update can be found here, including the date by which all packages in each region should arrive...

      This date is the earliest you should contact customer service about a missing package. Before that, the answer will almost certainly be "Let's wait until that date and see if the package arrives first."

      Now that the campaign is fully shipped and remaining issues will be handled one-on-one, we will be posting updates less frequently for a while. We will post when the card creator is ready for backer review, and then as Siege of Luthadel reaches certain important milestones.

      Siege updates won't start for a few months at least, so please forgive us if things go quiet here through the spring and early summer. We need to hunker down and focus on the end run for Siege, and most of that isn't anything that's fit for public consumption.

      Thank you again for all your support! We couldn't ask for a more awesome tribe of backers! Stay Crafty!

      Alex, Ed, Joey, & Pat

    15. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 30

      @ MacenKrace - Now that everything is shipped to backers, we're working with our international fulfillment partners to set up regular order delivery across the world. Until that process is complete, we're not comfortable taking new orders outside the United States.

      We recommend that anyone interested in ordering from our webstore for delivery outside the U.S. sign up for our newsletter...

      We will likely be making an announcement in an upcoming mail-out once international shipments are open.

      @ UnBirthday Shoppe & Jason - Siege of Luthadel is in active development now. We do not expect it to ship until very late this year - likely toward the holidays. We will keep everyone posted here, though because we're so far out the first few updates about the expansion may be a couple / few months apart.

    16. Jason
      on January 30

      My item package arrived yesterday (got to open it today) and I love it!
      I can't wait to play it.
      I had a good chuckle at the little sticker with the number on it as well, I had forgotten completely about them being numbered.
      I am also curious about the expansion dates, any word on that as of yet?

    17. The UnBirthday Shoppe
      on January 29

      When can we expect Siege of Luthadel add-on to arrive?

    18. MacenKrace
      on January 29

      @Crafty just got my games as well. I wanted to get the promo cards and the alloy dice from the stop but it seems there is no shipping method available to my country. Can something be worked out here?

    19. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 28

      @haelbarde That's great! we hope you enjoy it as much as we do :)

    20. Haelbarde on January 27

      My game arrived here in Australia yesterday. I haven't counted the components on the inside or anything, but otherwise everything else I was expecting was there and was well packed. And the game looks good! Now to get it to the table.

    21. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 25

      Hey everyone,

      We have received confirmation that the last pledge rewards have departed Happyshops as well. This means that as of tonight ALL BASE GAME PLEDGE REWARDS FOR THIS CAMPAIGN HAVE SHIPPED! Huzzah!

      The next step is obtaining worst case scenario dates for everything - that is, the date by which the packages that are expected to take the longest will arrive. This is a question we've posed to all three international fulfillment companies, and as soon as we have that data we'll be posting a full update with the news and instructions for anyone whose package doesn't arrive by the date corresponding to their fulfillment partner.

      Very soon everyone should have all their goodies! :)

      Thanks again for your patience while we sorted this out. Once again, we apologize for the delay. Having to shift gears mid-transit for international fulfillment was not a fun or easy process, but it looks like we came out of it with three really strong partners we can count on for the rest of this and all our future campaigns as well.


      Alex, Ed, Joey, & Pat

    22. Missing avatar

      Drew on January 24

      @ Crafty Games.

      All good tracking email came through at 2am. Lol.
      Really pumped to finally get the game.

    23. Jarrod Lawson on January 24

      Received my game yesterday (Melbourne, AU). Looks great and can't wait to give it a try this weekend :)

    24. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 24

      You should have received something similar to what @zephryl got. Double check your spam folder for me and feel free to email me at joey (at) gamerati (dot) com if you're still missing your tracking emails.
      -Joey (Team Crafty)

    25. Sarah on January 24

      @Drew I only just got an email saying mine is on the way and it had a tracking number in the email :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Drew on January 23

      That's what I was expecting/ment sorry
      I'll give it a day or two to make sure, then contact customer service and see what happened, I guess.

    27. Missing avatar

      Zephryl on January 23

      Got a notification from Auspost when Aetherworks printed the shipping label, then another when it actually shipped proper a day or two later. Nothing from Aetherworks itself, I don't think.

    28. Missing avatar

      Drew on January 23

      Hey Aus backers
      Have you received shipping notification from aetherworks or was there no tracking. Little concerned if all packages have been shipped and I haven't gotten a email with tracking yet

    29. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 23

      We are pleased to report that AetherWorks have now sent out every package going to Australia & New Zealand!

      The questions we're getting about pledge rewards being processed through Happyshops indicate they're toward the end of their fulfillment process as well, but we are still awaiting confirmation.

      Once all international pledge rewards are out the door, we will post a full celebratory update. In the meantime, we have answers for your recent questions...

      @ David Moreno - Please contact Happyshops ( They sent your package, and should be able to follow up with it.

      @ Stephen Whitehead - Whew! We're so glad your copy made it intact. Thanks for letting us know!

      @ Alexander Dargatz - With regard to the card sleeves, the terms "landscape" and "portrait" refer to the orientation of the art. So the sleeves with the inquisitor on them are landscape, while the sleeves with the mistborn on them are protrait. These numbers and orientations line up with the card decks, as the Problem cards are landscape and the Personality cards are portrait. In each case, there are enough sleeves for all the cards in each deck if you use the sleeves with the same orientation as each deck. The art also lines up thematically! Make sense?

      Thanks for the kudos about the quickstart sheet. Pat worked very hard on that, and we're all very proud of it.

      We will strive to do better with token storage in our next game. Thank you for that feedback as well.

      @ Mark Bessem - Apologies that we did not stress that coins were not included nore often and more loudly. It was something we missed in all the chaos of the campaign and subsequent fulfillment.

      @ Elrini G. - Yes. While we can't plan for the exact components that will go into all future expansions - we would love to, but only 1 of those expansions is in active development and even its components are not fully locked yet - it seemed like a good idea to offer as much space in the box insert as we could, just in case.

      @ Zephryl - Oh no! We have advised all our shipping & fulfillment partners to watch out for the House Bylerum pack since it is so small, and can easily shift around in transit. We're so bummed your pack was damaged! Would you please do us a favor and email pictures of the damage to We can get you a replacement, of course. We like to have pictures and descriptions so we can follow up with the responsible parties, whether they be postal services, partners, or someone else.

      Thanks also to everyone who's reporting back when your packages arrived. It's wonderful to hear the international fulfillment process is going smoothly for the most part.

      As always, we are just an email away should anyone need anything. Please send all questions and concerns to


      Alex, Ed, & Pat

    30. Sarah on January 23

      @Eirini I assume at least some of the space is for the Siege of Luthadel expansion :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Zephryl on January 22

      My package arrived today, thankfully avoiding the huge postage delay that is Queensland. Haven't had a chance to play yet, since the downside of having 3 players minimum is that there's less times there's 3 of us available to play games... But, pretty pleased with how everything turned out~ I'm a little disappointed the numbering is just a little sticker, but considering I'd forgotten about the numbering entirely it's not a big deal.

      My only real gripe is that because "House Bylerum" was packed separately to the rest of the House Cards, and placed on top of the bulky Card Sleeve packs, one of the corners was bent during transport. Not even sure the damage is severe enough to be counted properly as "Damage", but it's still a bit disappointing as it should've easily been avoided just by putting it on the bottom so it could lay flat.

      @Craft Games
      Could you weigh in with if a bent corner would be considered damaged enough to replace? I'm not sure what the threshold for this kind of thing is.

    32. Eirini G. on January 22

      I just received my game today after all! Everything looks great! At first I thought I might be missing cards, due to the 2 empty card slots in the box, but I counted them and are all there. Why did you decide to leave so much empty space in the box? For future expansions? Thank you very much Crafty, I can't wait to try this!

    33. Stephen Whitehead
      on January 22

      So much for damage, copy arrived today and it's not damaged at all :D

    34. Alexander Dargatz on January 22

      @Andrew Keddie: thank you for your answer, but I still don't get it. The cards are the same size and orientation (upright, not horizontal), as are the sleeves. The only difference is the image on the back of the sleeves...

    35. Missing avatar

      Andrew Keddie on January 22

      @alexanderdardatz portrait and landscape refers to orientation, not the artwork. The mistborn art is portrait, and the inquisitor is landscape.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Bessem on January 22

      @Herowannabe As someone who hasn't been following the kickstarter since the start, I've never seen the initial announcement. Sure, you could say it's my fault for not checking the update feed for the additional announcement but at the time I only saw the add-on bonus and thought "hey, those look cool, I'll include them". A disclaimer on the add-on page would've been nice.

    37. Alexander Dargatz on January 22

      Forgot to say: the quickstart rules sheet came in very useful, great thing, thank you very much! We could start right away after that and only needed to look into the rules one or two times for clarification after that!
      Only small critique: there should be a better way of storing all the cardboard tokens in the box.

    38. Alexander Dargatz on January 22

      Game Report :)
      I unboxed and played the game (Prestige Edition) on last saturdays game night (after two rounds of Dresden Files Coop CG and two rounds of Dice Throne) together with two friends (who have not read the trilogy). I had completely forgotten that sleeves were included, a pleasant surprise!
      We played the game for the short length first. I'm pleased to tell you I won by helping the Rebellion end the tyranny of the Lord Ruler ;-)
      We all greatly enjoyed it and decided to immediatley play another round, even though it was late in the night.
      All in all, we all loved the game. The production quality is very good, I love the foil cards. I hope I'll manage to paint the minis before playing again.

      Question: in this comment section, you wrote the Prestige Edition includes "100 portrait card sleeves 75 landscape card sleeves ". I got sleeves, but I'm confused about the Portrait/landscape part. My sleeves have an Inquisitor (problems) and Mistborn (personalities) on their back. Are there different versions of Mistborn card sleeves?

      Thank you for the great game!

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrea Baldini
      on January 22

      Box arrived now . No apparent damage. Bologna Italy

    40. Stephen Whitehead
      on January 21

      Apparently my copy couldn't be delivered "due to damage", and is being "withheld for investigation". :(

    41. David Moreno on January 21

      i have a question, I received a delivery notification on the 27th Dec, that due to holidays, I couldn't go to the post office until the 15th, but... alas! they have returned to sender. I don't know who the sender is because in the notification it didn't say anything else, just sender country Germany. Now I see so many fellows have received their reward, is there any way I can double check the status of my delivery?

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Keddie on January 21

      Got my first game in last night, full player count but minimal game length. Was very tense, Kelsier came out shortly before Vin and one player tried to sink the Empire (thankfully the rest of us managed to stop him). The four of us remaining had very close scores as well, and the Favour from solving Vin tipped the victory. Looking forward to playing again :)

    43. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 20

      @ Hans - You are correct! There are actually 13 foil cards, not 12.

    44. Eirini G. on January 20

      Thank you Joey, I got your email. I think I will wait until next week, and if there still nothing I will contact you again. Thanks!

    45. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 19

      @Eirini G.
      It's likely that HappyShops sent out the notification that the shipping label was printed but it could be several weeks before the label is actually affixed to the package and shipped. I will email you about this as well so we can make sure you're taken care of.
      -Joey (Team Crafty)

    46. Hans Wauters on January 19

      I think there's a typo in your list, since my prestige edition that I received today has 13 foil cards (in alphabetical order):
      01. Breeze
      02. Captain Demoux
      03. Clubs
      04. Dockson
      05. Ham
      06. Kelsier
      07. Lord Renoux
      08. Marsh
      09. Sazed
      10. Spook
      11. The Lord Ruler
      12. Vin
      13. Yeden

      The components all look great. Can't wait to play the game!

    47. Eirini G. on January 18

      Hi, I got my shipping notification more than a week ago, but still no parcel in Ireland. How long does it take to come from Germany? There is no tracking number to check status...

    48. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 18

      Here's that list of components by edition, as promised.

      1 game board
      11 House sheets (12 with House Bylerum)
      85 Personality cards (87 with House Bylerum)
      56 Problem cards
      3 token punchboards
      1 Inquisitor miniature
      1 Kelsier miniature
      1 rulebook
      1 quickstart sheet

      All of the above, plus...

      5 additional Personality cards (promos)
      12 foiled Problem cards (identical to their counterparts in the Retail Edition except for the foil)
      100 portrait card sleeves
      75 landscape card sleeves
      1 additional Inquisitor miniature (total 2 Inquisitor miniatures)
      1 additional Kelsier miniature (total 2 Kelsier miniatures)
      1 game box sleeve (slides around the game box and covers 4 of its sides)

    49. Crafty Games 2-time creator on January 18

      @ Herowannabe - Thanks for the assist. Folks, all of Hero's advice & comments are correct, and exactly what we would have said ourselves.

      Anyone with an issue with their game - damage, missing or incorrect components, etc. - should email us at We'll get things sorted as quickly as we can.

      In the case of damage or missing components, please send along pictures as well. We use those when discussing manufacture and pack-out problems with the factory.

      We will post a full set of components for each edition of the game in the next comment, so you can double-check your sets and make sure everything is included.

      @ MacenKrace - Please do email us at Happyshops *should* be able to take care of your issues without our involvement, but we're happy to follow up and make sure.

      @ Aranox - Our apologies. Most numbered games are permanently numbered; the number is physically printed on the box. Since numbering the Prestige Editions was our highest priority when considering the plate, we felt the sticker served the intended purpose.

      We do understand that you would have preferred a game box sleeve completely free of overlays, but at this stage there's sadly nothing we can do to address that. We hope you find the game enjoyable despite this minor issue.

    50. Herowannabe on January 18

      @Tommie: yeah, you should have received 1 inquisitor and 1 Kelsier- or if you backed for the Prestige version, 2 of each. I suggest emailing Crafty directly, they’ll get you taken care of. ;)

      @Mark Bessem: Crafty made it pretty clear right from the beginning that you needed coins for the Pennygems, and even said in the first Pennygems announcement that they would not be shipping coins, but that the gems will Work with any of the following coins:

      “Euro 2-penny coin
      Australian 5-cent coin
      Russian 50-kopek coin
      Mexican 20-centavo coin
      Croatian 2-lipa coin
      Czech 50-haléřů and 1-korun coins
      Norwegian 50-øre coin. ”

      Alternatively, you could go to your local hardware store and find some washers that are the right size. I’ve heard that that works great, too.

      @Jake: Remember that when solving problems you can use any 2 resources to count as any other resource, even atium. So starting without any player having 1 of the resources isn’t that big of a deal.

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