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The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
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    1. IluvatarIrmo about 22 hours ago

      Yeah ;) No problems. Luckily there's more then 1 train. :-)

    2. Crafty Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @ Iluvatarimo - Oh no! Hope you got home OK. :)

    3. IluvatarIrmo 3 days ago

      Missed my train because I had to read the update before I left home... :-P

      Thanks :-P

    4. Crafty Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @ Luke - Please send an email to so we can get you sorted. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Luke Maresca 4 days ago

      Hey, I can't access the Backerkit website, and my payment information has changed.

    6. Crafty Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      We just posted a massive update on shipping, production, and more. Click the Updates tab above and it's right at the top of the list. Cheers!

    7. Crafty Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @ Alex - We're planning to send DriveThru the assets they need for set up later this week!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex Whylings 5 days ago

      As long as you're putting together an update, is the DriveThruCards site going to come online when the game ships? At least for me, seeing the rulebook and cards has got the juices flowing for some custom card ideas.

    9. Crafty Games 2-time creator 5 days ago

      Nothing to fret about. It's all good news - just logistics, which are sometimes hard to wrangle.

    10. Keith Pishnery 7 days ago

      Hmm I'm not sure if that's worrying or exciting...

    11. Crafty Games 2-time creator 7 days ago

      Looks like our next update will be coming in very early next week. It's a huge chunk of information and needs a little more time to pull together. Also, this will ensure we're all around to answer any questions that come out of it.

      Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Don't forget this is your last chance to sound off on the rules, cards, and sheets, if you have any feedback.

    12. Crafty Games 2-time creator on April 18

      Hello everyone! We just posted the quickstart & rulebook for your review. The link to get to them is in the latest backer-only update.

      We're also preparing a lengthy and informative update on other aspects of the project, which should arrive later this week. Meanwhile...

      @ Alison T. - Thank you for posting about the Humble Bundle! Everyone should check it out. It's a fantastic deal, and also supports charity. :)

      @ Adam - As or right now, the July shipping date still holds. There's one potential hiccup that we detail in the next update, but we don't have enough information yet to say whether it affects the timeline. Right now we're assuming it doesn't, but we're also crossing our fingers just in case.

      All digital rewards except Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past were sent out months ago. If anyone is still missing those, please email so we can sort out what happened and get you the files you're due.

      Thanks! More very soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam on April 17


      Have read that the shipping date may be around July- is this still accurate?
      And when would we be able
      To get the PDF versions of the books for the All-in backers?

    14. Alison T. on April 16

      Just FYI for those who haven't gotten a copy of the wonderful Mistborn Adventure Game yet, there's a Humble Bundle with not only the base game and two expansions, but a bunch of Sanderson's novellas and whatnot. Would definitely recommend it. :D

    15. Herowannabe on April 8

      @Crafty: cool, thanks. I can't wait for... well, everything you just mentioned!

    16. Crafty Games 2-time creator on April 8

      In other news, we just sent Michal the final revisions for the quickstart sheet and rulebook (it was literally the last thing we did before heading here). Those documents have been basically done for the last several days but we were able to squeeze in one last blind playtest with some trusted gamers here and that was hugely helpful. It let us make a few last-minute clarifications in the rules that we think will really help the experience, especially with first-time players.

      As soon as we get the updated docs back from Michal, you'll see an update here. That will point you to the Dropbox where the cards & sheets are, so you can give everything a read while we get the last wheels in motion for the full manufacturing push.

    17. Crafty Games 2-time creator on April 8

      @ Roger - The printed books will ship after we close the pledge manager. That won't likely happen this month. As soon as we have that timeline pinned down (it depends on some manufacturing information we don't have yet), we'll post that information here.

      @ Herowannabe - Not quite yet, but it's close. We just sent the fully edited files and all the art assets to the graphic designer yesterday.

    18. Herowannabe on April 7

      @Crafty: A couple people have asked this on the forums but haven't gotten an answer yet, so I'll repeat the question here in case you see it first. Do we have a release date for Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past yet?

    19. Missing avatar

      Roger Hooten
      on April 5

      Will the bound copies and other bonuses for the All-In tier ship in April as originally noted? or will they also wait until the primary game is ready to deliver...

    20. Crafty Games 2-time creator on April 3

      Apologies for the slow replies, everyone! Alex and Pat have been away at Gamestorm and WonderCon, respectively.

      @ Robbie - Herowannabe says pretty much what we recommend. A group of 3-4 players with a single Narrator is ideal. As to backing, you should get the digital editions of the game as soon as we close down the pledge manager. Physical copies will be mailed during the fulfillment period. It's likely we'll ship the MAG copies separate of the board game, so that will probably happen in June or July.

      @ Ivan - Richard has it right. As of now, we're planning for July fulfillment for the board game, but it's going to depend on how the final manufacturing schedule shakes out. As soon as we know - which will be before the pledge manager closes - we'll post an update.

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham on April 3

      They're saying perhaps July, but it's not definite yet (see the post by Crafty on March 24th).

    22. Missing avatar

      Ivan Zovko on April 2

      I haven't checked the updates in a month or so, do we have a date when the game will be shipped out to us backers? When can we expect to get it? I can't wait for it =D

    23. Robbie Reed on March 30

      @crafty games: I'm wanting to add on mistborn adventure game. When will I get that if I do? Or would it be better to order it from your web site?

    24. Robbie Reed on March 29

      @Herowannabe: Thanks that was really helpful. That was exactly what I was looking for.

    25. Herowannabe on March 29

      As a long time player (and usually the Narrator) of the Adventure Game, let me share by two clips (assuming I understand your question right- you're asking how many players is ideal for a group, right?)

      I've narrated games ranging from 2 people (the narrator and 1 player) to 8 people (Narrator +7 players).

      I don't recommend 8 player groups, unless you have some really patient players and a Narrator capable of some serious mental juggling. However, I've seen that it IS doable...

      2 players (my wife and I) worked out just fine. As the Narrator, having one player allows you to really focus in on that character's story and make it personal and meaningful and exciting. In a way it's a little more mentally exhausting than Narrating for a group though, since with a group a lot of times you can present a scenario to them and then have a bit of a mental breather while they discuss how to handle the situation. 1 on 1 doesn't give you that opportunity.

      Personally, my ideal is 1 Narrator with 3-5 players (so 4-6 people total). It allows for a well rounded crew with some diversity but without having so many people that the Narrator gets overwhelmed and the players get too bored waiting for a chance for their character to do something.

      Hope that helps, and if you have any other MAG related questions, I suggest popping over to… and posting them there. The boards aren'T super active at the moment, but the hardcore MAG players check in there regularly and any question you post should have a few responses within a day or two.

    26. Robbie Reed on March 28

      @crafty games: adventure game question. How many players range min–max? And what is the ideal?

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel O'Connor on March 27

      @ Crafty Games
      "Other game mechanics"
      So there are other things that interact with rebels other than the steel inquisitor. I'm curious about what these will be. Can't wait for the rule book to be released :)

    28. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 26

      @ HeroWannabe - It's intentional. The Rebel trait does indeed interact with other game mechanics and not all of the crew's mechanics support those interactions.

    29. Herowannabe on March 25


      Re: The Lord Ruler art: the novels actually mention that he wears predominantly black and white, and Vin mentions her surprise when she sees him that he looks like just a man. Nothing spectacular or godly in his appearance. As such I'm really happy with the art on The Lord Ruler cards. They're some of my favorite pieces of Art in the game.

      Re: Mistborn: speaking as one of the playtesters, the Mistborn personality cards are fine just as they are. They're not particularly flashy, but with a mistborn in your hand and a decent stack of resource tokens, there are very few problems that you won't be able to solve single-handedly, especially if your collection of resources includes a little Atium. Which if you think about it is very thematic. ;)

      @Crafty: I noticed in this final version of the problem cards you added the "Rebel" marker to most of Kelsier's crew, which looks like it has some fun interaction with certain cards like the Inquisitor. I'm curious though, why don't ALL of the crew have the "Rebel" marker? Notably Sazed, Lord Renoux, and Marsh (and Vin, but that makes sense because of how her card ends the game). Was that intentional for some reason or is that an oversight?

    30. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 25

      @ Eric - Personality cards have no costs, and there was never a compelling reason to add a cost to them at any point in the development of the game. With that in mind, it's not possible to gate Mistborn as you suggest. Mistborn Personalities *are* actually pretty powerful in the game, however, offering significant versatility when solving a Problem.

    31. Eric Sauriol on March 25

      Thanks for sharing the Art on those Cards!
      I like most of them.
      One of the things I find really underwhelming though, is the art on the Lord Ruler Problem card.
      Didn't the Lord Ruler always wear black? Also.. shouldn't the Eternel Emperor radiate at least a little power? He kind of looks like a petty prince of no significance.

      The houses look good to me :)

      One other thing that kind of makes no sense to me is... how Mistborns don't really seem much of a bigger deal than Mistings. Shouldn't Mistborns cost way more, yet be more powerful?

    32. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 24

      We're still roughly on target for July-ish, as last reported. We'll have a more pinpoint release schedule soon.

    33. Russell Brown on March 24

      When does this come out again?

    34. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 24

      @ FS Choy - Nope. Shipping is charged when we close the pledge manager. :)

    35. FS Choy on March 23

      have anyone paid for shipping yet?

    36. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 20

      @ Robbie - There will probably be promo cards for Siege, but it's unlikely we'll do foils for the expansion. We're still a long ways off from making any of those decisions, however.

    37. Robbie Reed on March 19

      Is there a chance that are you going to have a "prestige" version of SoL with holographic/promo cards and what not?

    38. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 17

      While we're here, we have not forgotten to post previews. The House sheets and Personality cards will likely be arriving next week. We're in the final stages with them now.

    39. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 17

      @Herowannabe - We will definitely be offering the Vin and Koloss minis separately at some point but we won't be able to do so before we close down this campaign's pledge manager. BackerKit hasn't worked out how to let creators stagger payments, so it looks like we'll have to close everything down at once. Since the Vin and Koloss minis will still be a ways from ready before then, they'll have to wait until the broader Siege of Luthadel pre-order.

      @IluvatarIrmo - We were just oooing and aaaahing over that cover. It's so pretty!

    40. Herowannabe on March 17

      Awesome, thanks for sharing! Looks sweet! :D

    41. IluvatarIrmo on March 14

      Thanks, it was the sleeves I was most worried about :-)

    42. Herowannabe on March 13


      As far as what's needed to play the game, that will cover everything. I'd highly recommend picking up an extra pack of card sleeves though- the prestige comes with one pack but you'll need two if you want to sleeve all the cards that will come in the Siege of Luthadel.

      If you want a complete collection for collectors sake, you could also add the Pennygems, but they won't affect playability at all (they just replace the cardboard tokens that come in the game).

      Everything else is already included in the Prestige edition, so no reason to grab those unless you want duplicates.

      Which reminds me,

      @Crafty: Any word on the Vin and Koloss minis for SoL, and if they'll be available for purchase separately? The Prestige edition comes with an extra set of minis for painting, and I'd love to add on an extra set of the SoL minis for the same reasons. Thanks. ;)

    43. IluvatarIrmo on March 12

      Quick question,

      I have backed the prestige edition. I added The Siege of Luthadel through backerkit. IS there anything else I should get as well to have a complete edition?

    44. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 9

      @ Kris - Robbie has it right. You can reach your BackerKit survey again through the email that was originally sent, or via this link.


    45. Robbie Reed on March 9

      @kris yes you can. You just have to update your backerkit survey. I just upgraded to penny gem after the last update. Can't wait. I'm also getting really excited to see the updated rule book.

    46. Kris Logan Whitehead on March 8


      Getting excited towards this being released within the coming months! Just wanted to ask (and I think I know the answer): can I add some of the additional stuff to my order before this ships? Such as the foils, sleeves or the expansion?



    47. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 6

      @ James - That's a really cool idea but well beyond the scope of this project. Maybe something we can consider for another game, though!

    48. Missing avatar

      James Hoffman on March 6

      I forwarded the Kelsier-mini pic to two friends. They thought that a house war boardgame sounds awesome. They wanted to know if there's some sort of mini magnet game, where both people pushing/pulling magnets towards each other to resolve cases of ties that often come up in conflict board games. I didn't know how to respond. Expansion Idea?

    49. Crafty Games 2-time creator on March 4

      @ James - Yes. If you want to sleeve everything in the core game + Siege of Luthadel, you need two (2) packs of sleeves.

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