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The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
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    1. Crafty Games 2-time creator just now

      Here is the components list we promised in the previous comment. Anyone who didn't receive what they expected should contact us at so we can sort it out. One or more pictures of what you received would be very helpful in this process.

      Once again, thank you for your support!

      - - -

      - 1 game board
      - 11 House sheets (12 with House Bylerum)
      - 85 Personality cards (87 with House Bylerum)
      - 56 Problem cards
      - 3 token punchboards
      - 1 Inquisitor miniature
      - 1 Kelsier miniature
      - 1 rulebook
      - 1 quickstart sheet

      - All of the above, plus...

      --> 5 additional Personality cards (promos)
      --> 12 foiled Problem cards (identical to their counterparts in the Retail Edition except for the foil)
      --> 100 portrait card sleeves
      --> 75 landscape card sleeves
      --> 1 additional Inquisitor miniature (total 2 Inquisitor miniatures)
      --> 1 additional Kelsier miniature (total 2 Kelsier miniatures)
      --> 1 game box sleeve (slides around the game box and covers 4 of its sides)

    2. Crafty Games 2-time creator 2 minutes ago

      @ Ian McLaughlin - Yes, that's the stand-in for the "adhesive plate." We're really sorry about the switch. When we announced that upgrade, our plan for the Prestige Edition was somewhat different than what we eventually wound up working out with the manufacturer. These things happen, but we're still very sorry we didn't call it out more prominently during production.

      @ Katie Laforet & Chris Keijzer - Please email us at with a picture of everything you received. We'll have the warehouse send you a replacement for each missing component.

      @ Jennifer Hakonen - See the first paragraph in this comment about the adhesive plate. On the PennyGems, please send us a picture of your set at so we can sort out what happened and get you aquared away. We will post a quick and dirty component list for the Retail & Prestige Editions in the next comment. We have not finalized the components for the Siege of Luthadel expansion as it's still in relatively early development and won't release until next year.

      @ Katie Laforet - You should have a total of 12 Houses, including Bylerum. House Bylerum is the only bonus House beyond what the campaign unlocked for the normal Retail Edition.

    3. Crafty Games 2-time creator 15 minutes ago

      Hey everyone!

      Apologies for letting so many comments pile up. For those who don't know, we've been prepping for, and then away at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia and BGGCon in Dallas Texas this past week. We're back, though it took some doing in a case or two (Pat got home a day late because his flight was delayed by air traffic control).

      In the couple days we've had between returning and Thanksgiving weekend (for Pat, just one day between the two!), we've been doing our best to push everything forward. Happily, we have good news all around for international backers. We still don't want to post a full update, however, because we expect a couple key pieces of information to arrive early next week and we don't like spamming folks.

      So at the moment here's where we are...

      - Canada: All backers in Canada have now been sent their pledge rewards. We expect most of you have already received them, but if you're in Canada and haven't received your package by next week, please let us know at and we'll check in with Starlit Citadel for you.

      - Australia: Your freight has finally left the U.S. warehouse! It took a bit of coordinating - more than we wanted - but the supply of product AetherWorks needs to fulfill all of Australia & New Zealand is on its way. We do not yet have an estimated delivery date, which is one of two pieces of information keeping us from posting an update.

      ...and finally, the really, really awesome news...

      - Everywhere Else: We didn't say anything until we were sure we could pull it off, and then we were away at shows and weren't able to post about it until now, but we secured an air freight solution for the Happyshops shipment. What does this mean? It means that instead of all that freight heading over on the slow boat... wait for it... that freight is ALREADY IN CUSTOMS! We're currently waiting to hear back when the Happyshops freight clears customs, and we're hoping that will happen by the time we return from Thanksgiving weekend.

      That *should* take care of many comments. We'll follow up with any specific comments that don't relate to international fulfillment in the next comment post.

      Thanks to everyone for your patience & support!

    4. Paul Smith
      about 14 hours ago Report spam

      So, *three months ago* today, the US games had all been shipped. As far as I can tell, the ones for the rest of the world aren't even on boats yet.

      Back in September, you were 'pessimistically' estimating we'd have the games by late November. Obviously that isn't going to happen. We're obviously not going to get them this year either, so is there any new estimate of when they're going to arrive? March 2018? August 2018?

    5. Missing avatar

      Katie Laforet 1 day ago Report spam

      Just want to clarify that I only received the house sheet for Bylerum, as I think there are more bonus houses than that. So none of the normal box set ones or the other bonus house sheets.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hakonen 1 day ago Report spam

      Could we please get a list of what is supposed to come with the Mistborn game and what is supposed to come with the Siege of Luthadel expansion, so we can see if we have everything? The blurbs that tell us what our backer level gives us doesn't seem to include the stretch goals and it's confusing to find.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hakonen 1 day ago Report spam

      I just got the game in Ottawa this morning and am super excited. I think I have everything except for a "numbered adhesive plate" and about half of my "ruined" tokens are missing their penny gems.

    8. Costa
      2 days ago Report spam

      Received in Ottawa....everything seems to be present and in good shape!

    9. Markus
      3 days ago Report spam

      Yes, I also kindly like to ask for a new update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Johnson 3 days ago Report spam

      It's been 3 weeks since your last update, when are you shipping your international orders?

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Keijzer 5 days ago Report spam

      Received the game yesterday, but I am missing the personality, and problem decks

    12. Missing avatar

      Katie Laforet 5 days ago Report spam

      Canadian backer: Received my game today in winnipeg. Everything is beautiful but I think I'm missing the house sheets for the Lords. I received the one for the kickstarter exclusive one that was outside of the box but none for the lords that come with the set.

    13. Daniel Silverthorne 5 days ago Report spam

      Canadian backer: Received game in Winnipeg today.

    14. Rob Bendig
      6 days ago Report spam

      Canadian Backer - package arrived in Calgary today.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ian McLaughlin 6 days ago Report spam

      The "numbered adhesive plate" I can attach to my copy? I'm guessing that's the little white sticker on the sleeve already? I pictured something else when I read "plate" but everything else is accounted for. I'm looking forward to playing this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ricketts on November 15 Report spam

      Any news on expected UK arrival dates? Thanks

    17. Missing avatar

      James Weaver
      on November 15 Report spam

      @Veldon-James Laurie - I'm still waiting in Montreal

    18. Crafty Games 2-time creator on November 11

      @ Veldon-James Laurie - Starlit Citadel received their freight this past week and they are currently prepping shipments. You should see your pledge rewards very soon!

      @ Andrew Depew - Veldon has the right of it. The expansion is due late next year.

      @ Everyone - The freight to AetherWorks & Happyshops should be leaving the US in the next week or so (even after you contract with a carrier, you still have to wait your turn to get on a boat or plane). Once those shipments are underway, we will be posting another full update with all the delivery estimates and other data we have.

      SCHEDULE NOTE: The entire Crafty Games staff will be out of office next weekend. Pat & Ed will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, and Alex will be at BGGCon in Dallas. Please forgive us if we don't reply to anything while we're gone. Conventions are very demanding, and we rarely have time to check in online. We'll catch up and post the next update as soon as we can when we get back. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    19. Veldon-James Laurie on November 10 Report spam

      They mentionned about a week or 2 ago that they are planning to get it out by Q3/ Q4 of 2018

    20. Andrew Depew on November 10 Report spam

      When can we expect the expansion to come out?

    21. Veldon-James Laurie on November 10 Report spam

      Has any Canadian backers from Ontario/ Quebec received their package yet? I'm wondering if mine is coming soon :)

    22. Crafty Games 2-time creator on November 3

      @ RichardCunningham - When you verify your new address, please email so we can update our records.

      We will be putting out calls in an update before the expansion ships, so everyone has a chance to update their addresses as needed. Please keep an eye on the updates section of this page for details.

      @ Ivan Zovko - Your package will be delivered well before you move, so you're good. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Ivan Zovko on November 3 Report spam

      Just a quick question regarding the European backers- do you have some time frame when we can expect the game? I'm asking because I will be moving from Croatia to the UK at the beginning of February and it would be great to get the game before, because there won't be anyone who can pick it up in Croatia when I leave :/

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham on November 2 Report spam

      @ Crafty

      Hey guys, love the game. I assume you have this figured out, but I'm going to be moving sometime next year. I imagine that there will be a way to update our address before the expansion is sent out.

    25. Veldon-James Laurie on October 31 Report spam

      I don't know a lot about the Mistborn adventure game books, but I've been wanting to play/ (read?) them for a while, so if you don't mind, I'd maybe like to join the group :)

    26. Herowannabe on October 31 Report spam

      Hmm... apparently Kickstarter doesn’t like HTML coding. :\

    27. Herowannabe on October 31 Report spam

      If anyone is interested, [url=… looking at putting together a small group to try out one (or more) of the Sensational Yarns in Masks of the Past over Skype[/url].

      Any takers?

    28. Crafty Games 2-time creator on October 30

      @ Veldon-James Laurie - Siege of Luthadel's production schedule is unaffected by the release of the core game. We do not currently have a release date for the expansion other than 2018. When in the year the expansion comes out will entirely depend on how long it takes the team to get it ready, but right now we'd guess Q3 or Q4.

    29. Veldon-James Laurie on October 28 Report spam

      hey @Crafty! So I was wondering, since the release date of the Mistborn: House War game got pushed back a few times, does that mean that the expansion (siege of Luthadel) will also be pushed back? and if so, do you guys have a rough estimate on the release date? My guess is end of 2018?

    30. Herowannabe on October 24 Report spam

      @Crafty: he did. Thank you!

    31. Crafty Games 2-time creator on October 24

      @ Herowannabe - Ed should have sent you an email. Watch for it!

      To everyone else - Apologies that we didn't get the new update out Friday as expected. Life intervened. It's up now, and it's all good news...

    32. Herowannabe on October 22 Report spam

      @Crafty: by any chance will this incoming update also include an estimated Retail release date so that we can plan and schedule release parties? ;)

    33. Crafty Games 2-time creator on October 20

      @ Griffinman01, Herpwannabe, & Robbie Reed - Thanks for confirming! Nearly everyone in the United States should have or soon receive their replacement punchboards.

      @ IluvatarIrmo & thinkbeyond - As projected (almost to the day), we now have the repacked Retail Editions back in the warehouse and our internal audit of the work has come back with great results. That was the last step we needed behind us before we could get freight on its way to our international partners. Once those boats are on the water, we should have a more reliable ETA for fulfillment outside the US.

      For the benefit of those who don't follow the comments, we'll be posting an update on the topics above - either sometime late tonight or tomorrow. There may be one or two other minor things in that update as well.

      @ Josh Woods - We're really sorry that happened, and to be honest we're not sure *how* it happened. The vast majority of the replacement punchbioards (all but two - yours and one other that we know of) arrived with full postage paid. Can you do us a favor and send us an email at Please include a picture of your post office receipt, if you would. We'd like to get to the bottom of this, and at the very least get you reimbursed for that cost.

    34. Josh Woods on October 19 Report spam

      So I'm not sure what the fulfillment guys did, but they definitely didn't pay full postage for the tokens they sent out... So after driving across the city and back and paying the rest of the postage, it basically /was/ out of my pocket. Thanks anyways though? Haven't tried the game yet, hope it's fun.

    35. thinkbeyond
      on October 19 Report spam

      any updates on shipping to Asia, especially Indonesia?

    36. Herowannabe on October 13 Report spam

      (I just reread my post from 9 hours ago. That should have said "...spending YOUR own money..." whoops!)

    37. IluvatarIrmo on October 13 Report spam

      any update on shipping to europe?

    38. Herowannabe on October 13 Report spam

      Ditto to what @Griffinman01 said. I got my replacement tokens today as well. Thanks Crafty for going out of your way and spending our own money to do that for us. You guys rock!

    39. Griffinman01 on October 12 Report spam

      I just got my replacement favor tokens in the mail today! Thanks a lot for the awesome support Crafty!

    40. Crafty Games 2-time creator on October 4

      @ Hero - Good luck! Be sure to post the final results!

    41. Herowannabe on October 3 Report spam

      Thanks Crafty!

      I actually did straighten the spear using the hot water method before I started, but in the process of painting it the spear slowly warped back to this position. Now that the paint has had a few days to fully dry and cure I'm going to try straightening it again- while I'm still in the stage where touching up the paint (if needed) wouldn't be difficult.

    42. Crafty Games 2-time creator on October 3

      Awesome, Hero! That's looking incredible!

      You can actually straighten the spear above the hand with a simple hot water / cold water technique, as PVC is pretty malleable. This is tougher to do once the minis are painted, for obvious reasons.

      In case you want to try this technique, here's a wonderful tutorial put together by the miniatures director over at MegaCon Games...…

      Happy gaming!

    43. Herowannabe on October 1 Report spam

      I started painting my M:HW minis this weekend. They are far from complete, but I got the base colors more or less complete. You can see my progress here:…

    44. Crafty Games 2-time creator on October 1

      @ Tommie (and all international backers) - This is not a dumb question at all! Let's see if we can simplify...

      - No international shipments have been sent out yet, so you are not missing anything.

      - International backers will be sent *everything* all at once, but not until all the items arrive in each fulfillment center (AetherWorks, Happyshops, & Starlit Citadel).

      - The international estimates in the latest update apply to these single shipments of everything all at once. Here's a link to that update...

      Only backers in the U.S. are receiving multiple shipments. U.S. backers have already received one package with their board game items and a second package with their RPG books. U.S. backers will soon receive a third shipment with their replacement punchboards, at which point U.S. fulfillment will be complete.

      We hope that helps make sense of the schedule.

    45. Sarah on October 1 Report spam

      @Tommie Irvhage Their current guess is you will get your game and replaced punchboard in Europe around late November :)

    46. Tommie Irvhage on September 30 Report spam

      Hello, im unsure about all this? have ypu alreafy sent out the backers for EU and will then post the replacement Punchboard? or is that just for retailers? im asking since i havent recived anything yet? sorry if its a dumb question.?

    47. Crafty Games 2-time creator on September 25

      @ Kimball - Please refer to the following two comments...……

      We should have more information for international backers in the next 2-3 weeks, and we should have a general update posted later this week.

      @ Daniel - That is our current expectation. It's possible our international fulfillment partners may determine that splitting shipments is a superior choice, but so far that doesn't appear to be the case.

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Adams
      on September 24 Report spam

      Will the books come with the games to the UK backers?

    49. Miko
      on September 22 Report spam

      My books arrived today. (Now I gotta figure out what to do with the ones I already had. :) )

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