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The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
The official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy novel series.
3,528 backers pledged $339,973 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham about 10 hours ago

      Soo... I'm thinking at some point next week I might as well not even think about work.

    2. Missing avatar

      Cameron Bird about 11 hours ago

      Sweet! Can't wait!

    3. Keith Pishnery about 19 hours ago

      Seems like no boxes have been sent. They just created shipping labels. Not sure why they weren't created ahead of time.

    4. Herowannabe 1 day ago

      @Richard: someone posted in the comment section and said that they had received their shipping notice yesterday, so I assume boxes are already being sent out.

    5. Keith Pishnery 1 day ago

      @Richard Look below your post. They are asking for questions to be emailed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham 1 day ago

      Just curios, can we be notified when the first boxes go out?

    7. Crafty Games 2-time creator 2 days ago

      ALL: Backerkit is closed, which means you have no acces to it anymore.

      IMPORTANT: Instead of posting questions here, please email

      Travis Frazier: You are good to go.

      Tom Sias: You are good to go.

      Jared Joyce: No, PennyGems replace everything except the tokens that were misprinted. :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Hurd 3 days ago

      @jared: If I'm reading the PennyGems update correctly, they replace just about every chipboard token EXCEPT the score tokens. Probably because they're one-sided, while the score tokens are meant to be flipped.

    9. Missing avatar

      jared joyce 3 days ago

      hey @Crafty -- for the misprinted tokens - for those that purchased the pennygems... would the pennygems be a solution? i'll admit i've not fully read all of the details you've shared (trusting my fellow backers to spot the errors and be more invested - i just wanted to be "wowed" when it came to me for the gameplay aspect) about the gameplay, but- just curious if that would "cover up" or rather- replace the error. thanks!.

    10. Herowannabe 3 days ago

      @Crafty: I already posted a comment on the most recent update praising you for this decision, but allow me to say Thank you again. :)

      I'm still curious if you think that Saturday, August 26th would be an appropriate date for the release party. It sounds as if most, if not all, of the US backers' games will have been shipped out by then. At this point, I'm moving forward with that date unless you tell me otherwise. ;)

      @Everyone else: If you are nearby the Salt Lake City, UT area, you should come to our release party on August 26th! You can find details about time, location, etc in this thread here:

    11. Tom Sias 3 days ago

      I'm having the same issue. Backerkit shows "Project Closed" so I can't view the details to see if it's "Ready to Ship." Wondering if this is the case for everyone or just a few of us.

    12. Missing avatar

      Erik Miller 3 days ago

      I also wanted to add my comments and commend you for your honesty and hard work as well! This is above and beyond what (unfortunately) many companies would do, and I really appreciate it! This has been the best KS campaign I have ever been involved in, and if you put this much care and thought into how to make this the best as possible for us, I cannot wait to see the final product and run my own noble house!!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Cory Schrock 3 days ago


      I just want to commend you for the honesty and hard work to get this perfect, even if it comes at extra cost and effort! I'm 100% ok with your solution to the token misprint problem, and I thought it was really cool how upfront yesterdays update was. I'm definitely 100% satisfied with the campaign (as much as I can be without having my game yet. :) ) even though its been delayed and had some hitches here and there. As the great Shigeru Miyamoto said, a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever.

    14. Travis Frazier 3 days ago

      How do I look at the pledge page? I'm logged into backerkit and I see the two projects that I've had go through this program, but while I can click "review details" for one of them 'Mistborn: House War" just shows "Project is closed" and I can't review my details anymore.

    15. Keith Pishnery 3 days ago

      @crafty - in the meantime, what size are the tokens in question? I'll prob get some cheap circle stickers to tide me over.

    16. Crafty Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @ Lindsey - we had considered it, briefly, but putting stickers that are hard to center on 120 round tokens might dang near drive a person mad. A reprint will save us - and everyone else - a great deal of torn out hair!

      @ Byron - Thanks! But you'll just have to take our second shipment and like it!

    17. Byron Forrest 3 days ago

      Sorry y'all are having those issues. I, for one, would prefer y'all not waste money shipping to me twice and just ship once you have everything. Doubt that changes anything but I wanted y'all to know you were awesome!!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Lindsey Armstrong 3 days ago

      Question: On the punchboard misprints -- couldn't you issue a sticker to place on one side of the token to allow gameplay to move forward and not need to reprint all of the pieces again? Anyone who has the sticker is def an original owner of the game :-)

    19. Crafty Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @ All: Sorry for the silence - we are in the thick of it right now, with Ed handling the end of a $1m+ Kickstarter finish yesterday, Pat already on the road to Gen Con, and Alex getting ready to take off tonight. An update is coming today, which may provide answer to some of your questions. Thanks for bearing with us!

    20. Keith Pishnery 4 days ago

      You guys, they are most definitely pretty busy packing up everything and preparing for Gen Con tomorrow. I'm sure it's a very controlled chaos there with prioritized tasks. :)

    21. Herowannabe 4 days ago

      @Crafty: any word on your recommended release party date(s) yet?

      Also, both my local game store and myself have tried emailing Ed repeatedly using every email address I know of that might get to him, but still have not had any response from him except one short message where he said he'd get back to us in a couple days. That was two weeks ago. :\

    22. Robbie Reed 4 days ago

      Will we be able to track the shipping?

    23. Datalaughing 4 days ago

      @Karsten they said the first packages would hopefully start going out at the beginning of this week. USPS priority mail takes about 2 days. First class mail can take 3 or so. But you have to remember that they've got thousands of these things to pack and ship. I've done game kickstarters where the packing and shipping process alone took 2 or 3 weeks, even longer in one case. So IF they start shipping as quickly as they'd hoped, and IF your package was first out the door, you'd probably get it by the end of the week. If your package is last in line, though, it could be a lot longer. And even after they've shipped it out, you've still got the US postal service to deal with. You never know what will happen there. In my experience, it's best not to get expect anything until you've got the box in your hands. (Even then, you might want to make sure all the pieces are in there first. Because that's a thing that can happen too.)

    24. Missing avatar

      Karsten Kutterer 4 days ago

      So is it right to expect the game to be arriving by the end of this week? :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham 5 days ago

      I can't wait for the game, but I wonder if I'll miss checking for updates and comments several times a day.

    26. Keith Pishnery 6 days ago

      Thanks for the insight!

    27. Crafty Games 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @ Keith - Our pleasure. It's been an interesting journey. We're pretty seasoned publishers, but there's always something new to learn, and always a new challenge to overcome.

      I assume the BackerKit charge issue you mean here is the one where certain (let's face it - many) charges aren't processing correctly? If that's your question, then no - it has no bearing on the folks whose shipping charges processed OK.

      The short answer for most BackerKit questions is that if your pledge page lists you as "Ready to Ship," then you're good to go. Hope that helps!

      @ Jason - We'll do our best. My understanding - being the only Crafty staffer who wasn't at the warehouse when the container arrived - is that more video was taken of the process, including an unboxing and possibly a packing video. If those came out OK, we'll post them at some point for sure.

      Thanks everyone! As of a few minutes ago the last of the known requests has been processed and we *should* be good to close the pledge manager. That will happen later today.

      For posterity, if you're reading this days, weeks, or months from now and your pledge was not fulfilled for some reason related to your pledge page, please drop us a line at and we'll see what we can do.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason on August 11

      @Crafty - This has been very interesting to follow along with. This is my first Kickstarter and it's about to deliver so that's really exciting. I fulfill orders part time for a small company, as such it would be really cool to see a couple pictures of your process for dealing with all of these orders for North America. A busy day for me is about 25 orders, so I can barely imagine.

    29. Keith Pishnery on August 11

      @Crafty - Thanks for the constant stream of info. It's great to hear. Do the Backerkit charge issues affect those who had no problems as well? This is more of a general curiosity question as I don't know how all that works behind the scenes with getting fulfillment ready.

    30. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 11

      @ Anyone not in the United States - This is Pat. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are several other steps before fulfillment in your regions. Backers due only a single game will almost certainly be the first to receive their packages. Those with books and other items may have to wait until our secondary shipments arrive from the United States. Those shipments are underway now, but they're still a bit of a wildcard (as anything in transit is these days). We will keep you posted as we go, but I wanted to temper the conversation a bit so everyone knows what to expect. :)

      Thank you for your support, again. It means the world to us.

    31. IluvatarIrmo on August 11

      @Crafy: 4 weeks is soonish in my book :-D Thx for the info :-D

    32. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 10

      @ Hero - still not sure on release parties timing; the warehouse is taking inventory today and will be sorting out the plan of attack over the weekend. We will let you know.

      @ Iluvatarirmo - Europe is still a ways off. The ship is currently expected to arrive in Germany by the end of the month, with up to 2 weeks in customs and 1-2 weeks in fulfillment. So "soonish" may not be soon *enough* by many peoples' estimate. :)

      @ Jeff - Our hope is to have them to everyone by Gen Con, but with the Backerkit charge issues we have a few days' delay. Orders will be going out early next week, but I would say it's much more likely orders start arriving during Gen Con rather than before.

    33. Jeff on August 10

      I wonder if I'll get mine before GenCon. If it's in the warehouse now, it's possible, but it seems likely it'll come during or after, depending on how fast they get them out the door to USPS.

    34. IluvatarIrmo on August 10

      OMG :-D So if shipping is commencing in the USA, can we expect the game soonish as well in Europe?

    35. Herowannabe on August 10

      @Gamerati: Thanks for the video! Very exciting! BTW I love that you guys literally cut the lock off of the container. It makes me think that you actually stole the whole container via some elaborate heist. Very Mistborny. ;) (You can say what you want, but in my mind this is what happened).

      @Crafty: Thanks, I just ping'd him again.

      So, based on that, and if your processing time estimates are reasonably accurate, I would think that people in the continental US should start seeing copies of the game in the mail by the end of next week. But it will probably be the case that not EVERYBODY in the US has the game by then. As such, I'm thinking the following weekend (i.e., Saturday the 26th), would probably be the best time to plan a release party. Does that sound reasonable to you or am I off with my estimates?

    36. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 9

      @ Herowannabe - Gamerati will be sending out all U.S. pledge rewards via USPS. Single game packages will go out flat rate. Larger reward collections will go out via First Class Mail (I believe - Ed may correct me if I'm wrong).

      You might want to ping Ed again and/or have the store ping him. Alex, Ed, & I *have* been super busy the last few days, but you know what they say about the squeaky wheel.

      @ Hidde - I spoke to Ed about this earlier today. Digital editions of Masks of the Past have gone out to all backers whose pledge pages are Ready to Ship. We'll check again Saturday on the last 20 or so backers who are due the book but whose pledge pages aren't yet Ready to Ship, and if they've cleared the threshold by then we'll send those out this weekend.

    37. Missing avatar

      Richard Cunningham on August 9

      Thanks for sharing that, Gamerati! Can't wait till a box like that comes my way.

    38. Gamerati on August 9

      Mistborn: House War has arrived in our Lakewood, WA warehouse:

    39. Herowannabe on August 9

      @Keith: thank you!

    40. Keith Pishnery on August 9

      @hero - a previous update said USPS Flat Rate.

    41. Missing avatar

      Hidde van Scherpenseel on August 9

      @crafty - No worries i get you guys have a lot going on, just wanted to make sure i can still get the pdf

    42. Herowannabe on August 9

      *Note: I'm not complaining. I imagine he (Ed) has been just a little busy the past few days. ;)

    43. Herowannabe on August 9

      @Crafty: what shipping service will you be using for deliveries within the US? Just trying to get an idea of when to plan the release party and I still haven't really heard anything from Ed yet.

    44. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 8

      We are now receiving reports that some of the credit card charges through BackerKit are being rejected by banks, rather than being caused by expired cards and other issues.

      If your shipping charge failed and you're sure the information you provided is accurate, we recommend contacting your bank to clear the charge. This seems to be working in some cases.

      Thank you everyone for your patience as we sort this out, and special thanks to those who are sending in reports of how they cleared their charges. It's hugely helpful.

    45. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 8

      @ John Urbanek - Unfortunately, we can't arrange for pickup at the con. With our warehouse working through orders while Pat and Alex are prepping for the con, we're not able to coordinate pickups (plus, we didn't have a pickup option via Backerkit). Sorry about that!

    46. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 8

      @ Hidde - We are still working on the PDF comps for everyone who is receiving Masks of the Past. We finished launching the products last night, very late, and are working our way through the list. Thanks for your patience!

    47. Crafty Games 2-time creator on August 8

      @ Herbert Coddington - No ETA for East Coast deliveries yet. The container is set to be delivered at the US warehouse tomorrow, when it will be unloaded, then picking and packing and postage printing (oh my!) will begin. Hopefully, the first orders will start going out at the beginning of next week, but there's still a few steps to go before we're sure.

    48. Missing avatar

      John Urbanek on August 8

      I was wondering if there would be any way to pick up my copy at gencon? It would be great to be able to play it at the con.

    49. Claincy on August 8

      @Hidde, it hasn't been sent yet. No need to worry :)

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