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Crab House - A New Musical - coming to Off-Broadway October!'s video poster

CRAB HOUSE - A brand new dark comedy musical premiering Off-Broadway in New York City in October 2011. Read more

New York, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on September 30, 2011.

CRAB HOUSE - A brand new dark comedy musical premiering Off-Broadway in New York City in October 2011.

New York, NY Theater
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Tim and Ruth run a struggling seafood restaurant, Crab House, and are on the brink of drowning in debt until a freak incident in the kitchen sparks the start of a scandalous revamp of the restaurant. At first, all they needed were customers, however as the restaurant turns towards success, a wave of secrets, murder and guilt begins brewing behind the scenes. This dark comedy showcases the dirty doings in hospitality, and examines the lengths people will go for their own agendas. Redeveloped from original title, 'The Wharf' - direct from Sydney Australia, and now hitting 43rd Street, New York City for 4 nights only!

The creative team are working very hard to bring this show to life, and we'll definitely keep you updated through FACEBOOK and TWITTER with new songs, videos and production photos! Now we all know to do this kind of production requires not only super talent, but some $$$...! Here we have set a VERY TINY budget of $3,500. If we make this cut by MIDNIGHT September 30th, we will be able to put on the best quality production of CRABHOUSE that it deserves! Also, see to the right for your rewards for pledging finance to this great musical! Certain brackets of donations will allocate you as a breed of crab, from little hermits to monster King Crabs. Whatever type of crab you are determines what benefits you will receive in addition to the love and gratitude from us, the production team! 

The money raised here will help us fund necessary purchases for the production, including booking rehearsal spaces in New York, hiring performers and musicians, recording equipment for a DVD and Original Cast CD, props, stage design and other expenses in the lead up to the show.

The CRABHOUSE team thank all of you who are kind and eager to support the performing arts! We promise not to let you down - and guarantee every dollar spent will be put forward to help make this the best shot we can throw at New York theater!


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    : Hermit Crab :
    Pledging $10-$24 will entitle you to a digital download of CRABHOUSE - A NEW MUSICAL, and your money will provide us with our restaurant props! So THANKS!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    7 backers

    : Swimmer Crab :
    You're getting bigger and meatier! Donating $25 - $49 will give you a First Edition Cast Recording Album, Poster, and two tickets to our production at the Roy Arias Theater, New York. Your donation has just bought us a whole hour of rehearsal rental space in Manhattan. Sweet!

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    Pledge $50 or more

    9 backers

    : Blue Swimmer Crab :
    I want to crack you open and smother you in butter! But seriously, $50 - $74 will grant you two free tickets to the show, the Cast Album (signed btw), plus the entry into a draw to win a dinner for two at Fatty Crab in the West Village! Did i mention this generous donation will help fund our printing expenses so our band have something to play, and our actors something to act!

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    Pledge $75 or more

    30 backers

    : Alaskan King Crab :
    As you offer (from your throne) $75 +, we will simply love you, and throw in a Cast Recording CD, two tickets to ANY performance of the show, an entry to the FATTY CRAB dinner draw, entry to the CRABHOUSE After Party in New York, PLUS We'll even name a character in the SHOW after you! Your finance will now afford us a live trumpeter in the rock band! Awesome!

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