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$36,344 pledged of $107,000 goal
By Jason Lehel and John Gordon
$36,344 pledged of $107,000 goal

Can we raise $25,000 this week? Of Course WE can :)

So, I've attached a video below I made on Friday night. Since then, I've decided to set a goal for our campaign: I am shooting to raise another $25,000 by this coming Friday! Crazy? Maybe. Possible? Anything is possible :) ... Will you help the campaign reach that goal? We have the $2 Film Revolution being shot out to many, many people this week, so a buzz will be occurring on the internet. If we couple that with you guys posting it out to the Three F's: Friends, Family, Facebook, then we can MOVE so many of those folks who have been sitting on the fence. Enjoy the vid, and let's get this week started right!

ps: there is a new teaser promoting the $2 Film Revolution. Here is the link:


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