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Based on a true story - your truth, our truth. Coyote Requiem: from the makers of the award winning film GAIA. Read more

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Funding Unsuccessful

This project's funding goal was not reached on November 10, 2011.

Based on a true story - your truth, our truth. Coyote Requiem: from the makers of the award winning film GAIA.

Thank YOU!

Thank you ALL for for participation in this campaign. We are so grateful for all of the support, and we hope that you are able to shift your pledge over to our website where we are continuing the campaign since we had such a great boost last week! You can get there by clicking this link:

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BIG BOOST Going into the Home Stretch!

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We DOUBLED our Total Yesterday! and POM Voting ends Friday

Wow, we doubled the amount of pledges yesterday!! How did that happen? One person pledged a whole bunch of money :), and has given this campaign another nice boost! The word is spreading and the $50 and $100 contributions are coming through the door. We still have a ways to go, but we are keeping the faith and working the phones.


Because we won Project of the week on indieWire, we are now in the running for Project of the Month. This is great because the prize is a consultation with Sundance Institute, which is a major deal for a film like ours. Please, Please, Please, if you can go and vote yourself, AND post the below on your Facebook pages as much as you can without annoying your friends, that would be a HUGE help! You can post the following:

Please Vote COYOTE for Project of the Month. Prize is a sit down with Sundance Institute (sweet!), and we need a lot of votes to make it happen, but we can do it! Voting ends Friday, 10:00am, Eastern Standard time:

Thank you all for your support as we head down the home stretch, remember: Miracles Do Happen!

Jason, John & The Entire COYOTE Team

We WON! ...and the Home Stretch is upon us.

Hello backers, check out the attached video for the quick update as we head into the home stretch. How are we gonna raise $100,000 in 9 days?! Watch the vid, all will be revealed. Here is the link for voting for Project of the Month, which we are now up for:

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We are up for "Project of the Week" on and we need your VOTE TO WIN!! Voting ends Monday, so get in there and get counted! 

3 clicks does the trick. Click HERE to get to indieWire's page. Then click on their link to "vote here" Once you land on the voting page, click on COYOTE.