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Party over, poster up, and rewards shipping right away!

Posted by CoworkBuffalo (Creator)
Good afternoon, backers!
We are digging out from record March snowfall here in downtown Buffalo. You can tell it's late in the season, because the floors are remarkably clear of salt. Buffalo is either out of salt, or has just decided to put it off until the sun takes care of it.

In any case, we're back at the space today, and we're ready to start shipping you the gear and details you deserve. Let's get down to it.

The Goods Will Be Shipping

We have a few mugs, lots of posters, quite a few T-shirts, and lots of day passes to send out. Figuring out the best shipping vessels and packing schemes for these rewards has been one of those Something New Every Day challenges that, honestly, we like about CoworkBuffalo. But now it's time to start stamping and sending.

If all goes well, we should have everything shipped out to those backers who did not pick up their gear at the backer party by early next week (hopefully by end of the day Monday). Those getting posters are getting them in tubes. Those getting coffee mugs should look for a box or seriously stuffed envelope. And those with stickers and day passes can expect an envelope with our little pixel buffalo (Pixallo?) in the upper-left. 

Meanwhile, Nick Q. is really enjoying his time mail-merging and feeding sticky envelopes into a hot, beeping printer. Just addressing the moment as it washes over him. You should see his face right now. Very precious.

Speaking of Mugs

Quite a few folks have remarked that they really like our coffee mugs, with their screenprint-style white-on-black logos and sturdy build. Good thing, too, because we ordered quite a few of them to get down to a reasonable price.

We'll be offering those mugs for sale through our website very soon. In the meantime, we hope those of you getting them have some great coffee or tea to put into them.

The Backer Party Was Quite a Shindig

 Thank you to the backers who spent their early Friday evening with us at the space last week. We shared in Community Beer Works' Frank, tacos from Lloyd, and a Wegmans Ultimate White Cake with Pixallo on it (that might really be his name now). To those of you living out of town: buy yourself a cookie today, because you should have tried that cake.

We put up a poster with our backers' names, and your names shall always have a place here. Honestly, though? The paper version was the result of a slight communication issue. We hope to replace it with a more sturdy version at some point this year.


The next update will tell you when everything is out the door, and we'll also share the status of our space upgrades: meeting space, furniture, a big ol' fridge, and maybe even a little coffee magic. In the meantime, we have some packing to do.


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