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Window Buffalo, Fake Fireplaces, and Lots More

Posted by CoworkBuffalo (Creator)

Good morning, CoworkBuffalo backers!

It is technically 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside CoworkBuffalo as I write this, but it "feels like" zero degrees.

Ever wonder how they determine that "feels like"/"Real feel" temperature? Do they hire someone who has previously lived at McMurdo Station to stand outside for five minutes every hour and text over his thoughts?

On to the point: it's four coworkers and two co-founders in the space this morning, on a day when many people would choose not to go anywhere at all. We've had three potential new members tour the space this week. The majority of that interest and word-spreading is due to you folks, who have helped us add some professional amenities and much greater visibility.

Before we take you on a brief tour, let me remind the backers at the $50 and above level that if you haven't yet reserved your ticket for our backer party on March 7, please do so! The link is in a message we sent out previously—check your spam, "Promotion," and other catch-all folders if you did not see it.

And! And! If you are a backer who lives around Buffalo (or is attending the party), your rewards will be ready for pick-up at or after that March 7 party. We have your posters, T-shirts, stickers, and day pass names in place, with coffee mugs to come very soon. Contact us at if you have any questions about rewards, or if you want to arrange a time to pick up locally.


What's new around the space

As you saw up top, we have some signage up facing Main Street. It is a huge relief to have people walk past and look at something on the window and know our name. Previously, they would stop, peer in the window at all those people on their laptops, and wonder, presumably, what kind of government grant funded this strange psychological workplace study.

Along with our name and a whole bunch of pixellated Buffalo on Main Street, we also added a sizable foam core Buffalo logo to the wall in our "bullpen," both for branding (branding!) and so that our space was intriguing to those walking down Main Street.

We recently made a big upgrade to the conference/meeting area, with an 8-10 person table with built-in power ports, a wall-mounted TV (with a Chromecast attached for easy page/video beaming, and soon an Apple TV, too), and upgraded chairs.

Here's one use of that table and TV on a snowed-in day:

We have upgraded some of the "Solo Warrior" desks to glass-topped units with elevated monitor stands. We have two decent Apple monitors for people to plug into and get down with their two-screen selves; we expect to add more.

Finally, while we wait for some other pieces of our upgrades to come together (and find time to finish painting and sound-proofing the phone booths), we are experimenting with some new coffee tricks. We're rotating coffee from Public Espresso and small bags from Hayes Home Roast into the mix, and slowly teaching more members to make both Chemex and individual V60 pour-over cups.

More things to file under Coming Soon: a portable divider to make the meeting space a bit more private, a full-size fridge, and some upgraded storage for items shipped here.

We can't wait to see you here at CoworkBuffalo, whether for a party, a day visit, or when schools are closed and your kids are home and they are driving you absolutely nuts and you need to get some work done (which has been a thing lately!

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds


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