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Last 24 Hours! Can You Share Us and Get Yourself a Poster?

Posted by CoworkBuffalo (Creator)
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Around this time tomorrow, the books will be closed on CoworkBuffalo's first Kickstarter campaign. It is, as the most underrated magician in The OC might put it, The Final Countdown.

But you've already pledged, right? RIGHT. Even if you did, you can do something free to get more for your pledge by spreading the word about our final drive. Share this deal right here on Facebook, maybe tweet about it, or iMessage a friend and tell them, "Hey, why don't you want me to have a cool letterpress poster? Why are you so down on posters, Peter?"

Together, we can beat Peter Poster-Hater Posluszniak! As you might have seen, if we hit $5,000 before the books close, everybody who backed at $25 or more gets a letterpress-printed poster. You can also upgrade your pledge now to get into that $25-and-up category.

The main reason we have stretch goals is to give the people who visit CoworkBuffalo (including you, with your day pass!) better chairs, tables, and, well, neon signage. We are just $1,400 short of that goal as I write this. That's one person naming a phone booth, and a few others getting some awesome coffee mugs, posters, and stickers.

We're really excited about this campaign and its outcome. If it were not for people like our awesome members, early supporters, and our Kickstarter backers, CoworkBuffalo would not be here, I would have never met Nick or Kevin C., and Magnachef, Fending, and I would probably have started some terrible business instead. Something involving RFID wallets or whatever. Ugh.

Anyways! Make what happens after tomorrow better for yourself by sharing the campaign on Facebook or tweeting. Even if we don't get all the way there, we will likely be able to do something neat for all of you.

While you're doing that, open a new tab and check out our refreshed home page for CoworkBuffalo. It's no longer dark and cryptic, like an X-COM forum from 1995, but light and quirky, like us, after this campaign.

Thank you again for giving us a chance to work on something that isn't work, and build something great in Buffalo, NY.

~ Kevin P., one of the CoworkBuffalo Nerds

Oh, and P.S. -- Nick said it wouldn't be a proper update without an animated GIF. So here's how we feel with just 24 hours to go. Don't be like David Spade and Christina Applegate, folks. COMMIT.

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